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“Suite” Warrior Wishes Come True at the Blackahawks Game Again!

On a day where my dad was in Miami hosting warriors at the Dolphins game…

And Warrior wishes were coming true at the Redskins game…

We also had the opportunity for the second straight Sunday to make Warrior Wishes come true in a suite at the Chicago Blackhawks game!

Our friend, Dave, donated his suite to make wishes come true at the last minute.  Dave also donate a suite to “Da Bulls” game this past Tuesday. We cannot thank him enough for these opportunities. Because of his generosity we have been able to make over 20 warrior wishes come true at the United Center in the last week!


We met the warriors in front of the Michael Jordan statue about 45 minutes before game time and made our way up to the suite.

Today we had the honor of hosting Air Force Cpt Kyle Radke, Marine CPL Valerie Reynoso, Air Force Airman Annette Roberts , Navy Petty officer 1st Class Derek Bugbee, Navy petty Officer Kevin Finizio, Navy petty Officer 2nd Class Larry Taing and Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Guadalupe Miranda in the suite!  Dave’s son stopped by to thank the warriors for their service before the game.

Just like last week, the Hawks jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. We all danced to “Chelsea Dagger” all night long.  The warriors enjoyed chicken fingers, a nacho bar & the sweet cart throughout the game.

The Hawks went on to beat the Sabres by the score of 4-1.

And if you recall, last week Blackhawks defenseman Connor Murphy stopped up in the suite to personally thank warriors, deliver gifts, signed autographs and took pictures…

Thankfully, he was not able to do that again. Because he’s off injured reserve and back on the ice. But that did not stop him from making wishes come true! He invited the group to come down by the ice after the game and took his time to meet the warriors! Unfortunately Connor took a puck to the knee and was walking with a limp, but not even that could stop him from showing his appreciation.

Connor also brought a gift for one lucky Warrior. He grabbed the game winning puck after the game had ended and gave it away to one of our warriors. Navy veteran Derek Bugbee, who plays goalie for the Blackhawks warriors hockey team, guessed the lucky number and won the puck!

Connor stayed to take pictures and sign autographs before making his way back into the trainers room. We hope his knee feels better soon and are thankful for all he has done to make wishes come true!

Another mission accomplished!

We want to thank Kyle, Valerie, Annette, Derek, Kevin, Larry & Guadalupe for your service and sacrifices. We hope you all made some memories you will never forget!

While we were at the Hawks game, Warrior wishes were also coming true at the Bears game in LA! Stay tuned…

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Game 9 – Warrior Wishes Come True At The Chargers Game!

My dad kicked off week 3 in San Francisco Thursday night to make Warrior Wishes come true at our 7th NFL game this season!

IMG_7317 IMG_7318 IMG_7304

He made a stop in Oakland to host warriors at the A’s game Friday & stayed with some friends in the Bay Area before catching his Saturday night bus to Los Angeles.  


We have made a lot of wishes come true in Los Angeles, Angels, Dodgers, Rams & the ESPYs, but never for a Chargers game…

IMG_4905 10434007_616607878437474_7866937015768560061_n IMG_4491 img_0725

This mission was a bit of a challenge for my dad for a couple of reasons.  One Because it’s our first ever time in LA making wishes come true at a Chargers game.  Secondly, he got scammed & bought fake tickets….

It always amazes me how my dad always seems to figure out how to get where he needs to be using public transportation. If you have ever traveled to an unfamiliar location & attempted to use their transportation system, it’s like learning a foreign language!  Somehow my dad learns them all!


Once he figured out how to get to the stadium, which is actually located in Carson, he had to then figure out how to get new tickets because the ones he originally purchased never arrived in his email…


Both the StubHub Center box office & the LA Chargers did everything they could to resolve the issue & help track down the tickets for us, to no avail.  My dad had to meet up with the warriors, so he headed off to dinner without tickets, but was confident he would find some before game time.

Today we are honored to be hosting Marine SSGT Frank Dominguez & his wife at the Chargers game.  


SSGT Dominguez served in the Marine Corps for 20 years. He’s a Vietnam veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. he also worked at Camp Pendleton for the next 17 years until he had to retire because of Agent Orange.  My dad couldn’t wait to meet him!

Although we have never made Warrior Wishes come true at an LA Chargers game  before, we have made a lot of memories at Chargers games in San Diego over the years. Here are some of our favorite memories.

224451_325763194188612_1412526676_n 535953_325763067521958_688195159_n 1452199_505582836206646_2003137621_n 1798830_702342679863993_4165377634610129280_n img_6194-300x225 img_7779

My dad met up with SSGT Dominguez & his wife for lunch before the game at Chilis just down the street from the stadium. The Chilis GM, Patrick, was there waiting for them when they arrived at 10am.  Patrick & his staff went above and beyond to provide great food & great service!  Everyone enjoyed getting to know each other over lunch.  My dad said he really enjoyed some of the stories both he and his wife shared.

IMG_7442 IMG_7460

After lunch, the gang headed outside to take a picture & a gentleman with his family approached them asking if they needed tickets.  It was meant to be!  He sold the tickets to us for half of face value.  I guess everything happens for a reason!


This worked out perfectly, because instead of my dad running around the stadium looking for tickets while SSGT Dominguez enjoyed the tailgate, it allowed my dad to hang out with him & his wife at the tailgate!

   When they arrived at the Stub Hub Center, the temporary home of the Chargers, my dad asked Frank if he wanted to go in the stadium or if he wanted to go over and tailgate a little bit before the game.  Initially, he said “Lets just go in”, but then my dad explained that we would be tailgating with Bolt Pride, a group of some of the Chargers ultimate fans.  That’s when my dad realized just how big a fan Frank was & he became excited to go tailgate!

The entire Bolt Pride SuperFan crew “migrated” north from San Diego to keep Thunder Alley and the Chargers legacy alive and well in Los Angeles. Frank definitely wanted to meet these guys.  SSGT Dominguez was recognized for his service in front of the large group of super fans.  They took this awesome group photo together!


Many people individually came up to thank Frank personally. One of those people was “Boltman”  

IMG_7456 IMG_7452

After the interaction, Frank told my dad “meeting Boltman can be checked off bucket list.”  It was an unforgettable tailgating experience for frank & his wife.  They told my dad “they were having a blast.”  And the game hadn’t even started yet!

Unfortunately, Phillip Rivers & the Chargers dug themselves into a big hole early in the game due to a few turnovers. The Chargers had many opportunities throughout the game, but couldn’t capitalize & get the ball in the end zone.  In the end, they fell short to their AFC West Rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs.


Despite the loss, SSGT Dominguez & his wife enjoyed the experience & we couldn’t have made it all possible without Patrick from Chilis who donated the pregame meals, the Bolt Pride tailgate & New Era for providing Chargers caps! 

fullsizerender-9   New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0  Chilis_Logo


We also want to thank both Stub Hub and Kris at the Chargers for trying to help resolve our unfortunate ticket situation. Your time was greatly appreciated!  

Most importantly, we want to thank Marine SSGT Frank Dominguez for your 20+ years of dedicated service to our great country!

My dad will be taking his 2nd straight overnight bus “hotel” to Phoenix, Arizona later tonight.  He will be back in action tomorrow for tomorrow making Warrio Wishes come true at the Monday night Cowboys vs Cardinals game!  Stay tuned for more details.


It was an honor to host these brave warriors and make their Warrior Wishes come true. If you know a deserving warrior who would love to attend a game on our “All32in17” mission please nominate them today!

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