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The Detroit Tigers Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

My dad enjoyed a “week off” before getting back in action on our 2017 Battlefields to Ballfields mission.

2017 Battlefields To Ballfields Schedule

He did spent some time with family, but he also spent all week planning upcoming missions.  This week he will be making wishes come true in Detroit, St Louis, Dallas, Houston, Kansas City & Minneapolis!  

IMG_2850 IMG_2778 IMG_2746 IMG_2799 IMG_2992

I’m sure this goes without saying, but as usual, he will be on the bus the entire week!  But as he always says “when I see the smiles on the warriors faces, it makes it all worth it!”  


My dad hopped on a 7:40am bus to Detroit this morning.  He arrived just in time to meet up with the warriors at Whole Foods, and enjoyed lunch at HockeyTown before the game.  

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank our friends at HockeyTown for helping us make warrior wishes come true in Detroit since 2013!


It the Ultimate Detroit sports bar located across the street from Comerica park & Ford Field.  It is the perfect place for great food and drinks for any sports fan, especially before and after Tigers, Lions & Red Wings games!

Today we had the honor of hosting Army Warriors Dennis Leppek, Michael Leshuk, Earl MacGlory, James Peterson, Donna Rowell-Davies, Army Joshua Van Drese, as well as Navy warriors Rob Van Brook, Michael Thiel,  Sharelle Owens & Air Force warrior Jason Ackley.  

Our friend, Army Veteran Dennis Leppek, is a Peer Mentor for veterans in Detroit.  He nominated many of these deserving warriors for today’s Tigers game.  We have met many great new friends over the years thanks to Dennis & appreciate his support! 

Only about half of our guests were able to make it early enough for lunch at Hockeytown, but they all had a great time getting to know each other. My dad made sure to snap a few pics at HockeyTown…


Before walking across the street to meet the rest of our guests and get some pics in front of the stadium. In our opinion, Comerica Park, with its big “Tigers & Bats” is one of the coolest looking stadiums from the outside!  


The Tigers provided tickets to make wishes come true at today’s game! Every year since 1992, the Tigers have donated 50,000 tickets annually to deserving non profit organizations!  Operation Warrior Wishes has been honored to be one of those recipients throughout the years.  We cannot thank the Tigers organization enough for their generosity!

Once inside, the warriors found their seats & were treated to an incredible slug fest between the Mariners & Tigers.  When I saw the score, I thought they were at a football game!  

IMG_2757 IMG_2761

My dad said it was probably one of the most fun games he has ever made wishes come true at!  The teams combined for a total of 28 runs, 40 hits and nonstop action the entire game!  Thankfully the Tigers won the game 19-9!  The warriors truly had a “blast” watching the offensive explosion!  

After the game, Navy Veteran Sharelle Owens posted on Facebook & said “Thanks to Warrior Wishes, I had the best day ever.  Had the opportunity to hang with fellow vets.  Saw an amazing Tigers game. (A) Day I will remember for a long time.  Thank you Craig Steichen for all that you and your son do for me and all my fellow veterans.”  

It’s humbling to get messages like that.  It’s a total group effort and we want to thank HockeyTown for the delicious Pre Game meal, Dennis Leppek for all of his nominations, New Era Cap for providing the Tigers caps to all the warriors & a big huge thank you to the Detroit Tigers for providing tickets & ultimate experience!  

thumb_hockeytown_cafe New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0 hwl 300_foundation_logo


Most importantly Thank you to all the warriors for your service and sacrifices.  We truly hope you all had a great experience!

My dad will be heading out to St Louis tomorrow night to make more wishes come true at the Cardinals game!  Check back soon for more details!


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Warrior Wishes Come True at The Tigers Game!

After the Reds rolled out the “Red Carpet” for the warriors in Cincinnati, My Dad & Bill jumped in the car for a “quick” 5 hour drive and made a couple stops along the way.  First, they stopped in Dayton, Ohio to actually get some sleep in a hotel, yes I said a hotel!  Their 2nd pit stop was in Ypsilanti for lunch at Haab’s.  Eventually my dad and Bill arrived in Detroit for Day 2 of this 11 Day Battlefields to Ballfields journey.


The Birmingham Michigan company, Belfor, and it’s CEO Sheldon Yellen, provided 4 tickets to tonight’s Tigers game to make Warrior Wishes come true for a few Vietnam and Desert Storm veterans. 


Before the game Hockeytown Cafe once again provided pre game meals for the Warriors. Hockeytown cafe is the best place to go before an after any sporting event in Detroit.  They have been helping us make Warrior Wishes come true since 2013!  


Desert Storm veterans Earl McGlory, Steve Suber, and Army Vietnam Veteran Dennis Leppek  were our honored guests for the evening.  Dennis runs a program called Vet To Vet in Detroit. Earl and Steve are 2 of the many veterans Dennis mentors and it was an honor to host them at the Tigers game.


Belfor provided incredible seats 7 rows behind dugout.  They were amazing! The Phillies and Tigers looked like they were playing in a home run derby early on as the Phillies blasted 2 solo shots & Miguel Cabrera hit one for the Tigers to cut their lead in half.  The Tigers pushed across 3 runs in the bottom of the 5th to take a 4-3 lead.  Both teams added another run but Tigers gave the warriors plenty to cheer about with their 5-4 victory to get to the .500 mark on the season. 


We want to thank Hockeytown Cafe for their continued support & the PreGame Meal , Belfor Corporation for providing some of the best seats in the house, New Era for providing new Tigers Caps for the warriors and to Bill Heaton ,our friend and newest board member, for providing transportation to Cincinnati and Detroit to help us make Warrior Wishes come true!

thumb_hockeytown_cafe  14550_belfor2  New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0


And As always , the biggest Thank You goes to Dennis Leppek, Earl McGlory and Steve Suber for their service & sacrifices to our country!!!

My Dad is currently on overnight bus to Pittsburgh to Make warrior wishes come true at the Pirates game tomorrow.  If you live in Pittsburgh, you may see him catching some ZZZ’z on the yellow bridge before the game…  Stay tuned for details.  


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Warrior Wishes Come True Thanks To The Detroit Tigers!

After a week long break my dad was back on the bus and heading north to Detroit.  


The bus arrived in The Motor City around 2am.  It  was too late to get a hotel, but my dad needed to kill a few hours & get some sleep before meeting up with the Warriors. He ended up walking a few blocks from the bus station to the Casino, which is open 24 hours.

He won 10 straight $2 hands of black jack before making his way into a booth at the closed restaurant in the casino to catch some ZZZ’s


As the sun was rising my dad walked 4 blocks to Whole Foods to meet the Warriors for breakfast.

Today we had the honor of making Warrior Wishes come true for Army Warriors Dennis Leppek, Earl McGlory, Will Gambill, Larry Turner & Eric Lund.  As Well as Navy Warrios Sharelle Owens, Michael Thiel & Marine Marcellus Darling. Thanks to the Detroit Tigers.  


My dad enjoyed catching up with old friends & a few new ones at breakfast thanks to Whole Foods before the game. One of his favorite parts of the warrior wishes experiences is getting to watch the Warriors pick out their new New Era Caps. New era has been providing caps for the Warriors since we began our mission in 2012, it’s a partnership we are very thankful for!


After breakfast the crew walked 6 blocks to Comerica field, home of the Detroit Tigers.  

image1 (3)

Once inside the stadium, everyone made their way down to the front row behind the dugout to watch batting practice.  

DSC02680 IMG_2951

Thanks to the Tigers, the Warriors got to enjoy a fun day of baseball from the left field bleachers.  

Trailing by 3 in the bottom of the 8th inning Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera stepped to the plate with the bases loaded & attempted to take the lead with one swing.  Unfortunately, he popped out to end the inning & the Tigers fell short losing 6-3 to the Indians.

Despite the loss, the Warriors all had a great time at the game, but our day wasn’t over.  Our friends at Hockeytown Cafe had post game pizzas waiting for us after the game.  


Hockeytown Cafe is the premier pub in Downtown Detroit.  Located walking distance from both Ford field & Comerica park, Hockeytown cafe is a must do before or after a game.  The high energy sports themed establishment is packed with big screen tv’s and memorabilia.  To top it off, their food is delicious!  Make sure to stop by next time you’re in town.

While the Warriors continued to hang out after the game & eat pizza, my dad said his goodbyes & thanked them all for their service before heading back to the bus station to come back home.  

We would like to thank Whole Foods Market Detroit for providing a delicious pre game meal, the Detroit Tigers for providing tickets for the Warriors, New Era Cap for outfitting the Warriors with new Tigers Caps & Hockeytown Cafe for post game pizzas!

 thumb_hockeytown_cafe WFM_Midtown_FB Logo_5  newera-marcofox-mini

My dad will be back home for about a week to network with contacts at the NFL draft in Chicago for our upcoming “All32in17” mission.  Then he will be back on the road May 3rd to make warrior wishes come true in Kansas City, St. Louis, Houston & Dallas.

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2016 “Battlefields to Ballfields” Schedule Released!

After a successful 2015 “All32in17” mission completed, we are proud to announce our upcoming schedule for our 2016 “Battlefields to Ballfields” Mission.   We are currently accepting nominations.


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank everyone for their support and look forward to seeing you all on the road this summer as we honor our Nations’ Heroes from the “Battlefields to the Ballfields”


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The Detroit Tigers Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

We were proud to have made Warrior Wishes come true at 3 games in 1 day today!  After the overnight bus ride to Detroit, my Dad started the day & met up with the warriors before the Tigers game for lunch thanks to Hockeytown!  Thanks to New Era, each of the warriors got a Tigers Cap to wear to the game!

Thanks to the Detroit Tigers, we had 10 tickets to host heroes & show them our appreciation for their service and Sacrifices.  It was an honor to host Tyrone Parker, Frank Washburn, Alexander Clabon, Michael Theil & Army Sgt Eric Lund at the game!

The Tigers wer the first Home MLB team to score runs for us this season as they beat the Twins by the score of 10-0!

After the game, Craig and the warriors headed over to Auburn Hills to host the warriors at the Pistons game!

Make sure to follow our journey as we honor heroes, Keep legacies alive & provide once in a lifetime experiences to warriors from the “Battlefields to the Ballfields”

Learn more about the Battlefields to Ballfields mission, get involved, make a donation & buy Warrior Wishes gear at  Thank you for your support!