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Game 46 – Todd Gurley Makes Warrior Wishes Come True in LA!

We kicked off week 12 of our 2019 All32in17 mission making wishes come true in Houston at the Texans game…

Then yesterday our friend Tyler Eifert, his father and the Bengal Bomb Squad helped us make Warrior wishes come true at the Bengals game.

And today we had another NFL superstar help make wishes come true in LA!

Throughout the years we have made some unforgettable memories at Rams games dating back to when they played in St. Louis.

Today we were honored to be hosting Army veterans Geoffrey Quevedo and Mike Rivera at the Rams game. We were also honoring the legacy of Army Sgt Myles David Penix and hosted his wife and son at the game in his honor.

This past summer we had the pleasure of meeting Rams running back, Todd Gurley and his manager, Co, at the ESPYs. They run an organization called M.A.D.E. Which stands for Make A Difference Everyday. And today they were making a difference for our guests!

We want to thank Co and Erica (From the Rams) for helping us make these Warrior wishes come true.  Before the game, Geoffrey and Sgt Penix’s wife and son enjoyed watching pregame warmups from the sidelines and Todd Gurley stopped by to show his appreciation!

As game time approached everyone made their way up to their seats to watch the Ravens and Rams kick things off on Monday night football!

Mike was rooting for the Ravens, and he had a whole lot to cheer about as they scored a touchdown on every offensive drive in the first half! They went into halftime leading 28-6.

Unfortunately for our Rams fans, Todd Gurley and the Rams offense never got going and Lamar Jackson seemed unstoppable. He threw 5 touchdown passes on the night and led the Ravens to a 45-6 win over the Rams.

Todd Gurley May not have had the best game on the field, but he did some amazing things off the field and that makes a difference! We cannot thank him enough for helping us make Warrior Wishes come true at tonight’s game!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Geoffrey, Mike and The family of Myles David Penix. We are forever grateful for your service and sacrifices and they will never be forgotten!

We will be back in action on Thanksgiving Fay in Detroit making wishes come true with the Tubgaters at the Lions game! Stay tuned…

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Game 32 – The LA Chargers Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

After making wishes come true at the Rams game last Sunday, my dad had his phone stolen right out of his hands! 


This made for a challenging week since my dad was left without a phone for a few days and worked off of a defective replacement phone while he hosted warriors in Pittsburgh on Thursday.  But despite the challenge, he made it work & the guys had an awesome experience sitting close to the action at Heinz field. 


He arrived back home on Friday and had limited time to get a new phone to replace the replaced phone before heading back to LA Saturday afternoon to host warriors at the Chargers game.

This was our 2nd Chargers game of the season.  Here are some of our favorite memories from making wishes come true at chargers games over the years. 

224451_325763194188612_1412526676_n 1452199_505582836206646_2003137621_n 1798830_702342679863993_4165377634610129280_n 535953_325763067521958_688195159_n dsc00038-300x225 img_7779IMG_7446

My dad landed in LA at around 9:00pm.  He stayed the night at the airport & got a couple of hours of sleep before making his way to the StubHub Center at 6am Sunday morning.  


Today we had the honor of hosting Army SGT Miguel Ruiz-Lopez (served 42 years!), Marine SGT Jason Hunter & Navy Veterans Jose Tovar & Lance Toguchi 

Our friends at Chilis located right row the street from the stadium offered to host the warriors for lunch for the second time this season.  My dad enjoyed getting to know Navy veterans Jose Tovar and Lance Toguchi as well as Army Sgt Miguel Ruiz-Lopez over a delicious meal before making their way over to the stadium.  


While they enjoyed lunch, Marine Jason Hunter was over at Stubhub Center competing in friendly competition of arm wrestling, tug of war, and cask holding with Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Andre Reed!  


Thanks to Shannon Jordan of “After the Impact Foundation,” Theresa Villano and Justina Rapala for providing SGT Hunter with this unforgettable opportunity!   He definitely enjoyed himself, especially considering he won 2 of the 3 events against the NFL Hall of Famer!

Before heading inside the stadium, the group enjoyed tailgating in he “Thunder Alley” with our friends at “Bolt Pride!”  As he always does, our friend Rafael welcomed the warriors with open arms and treated everyone to some amazing hospitality.  


Rafael introduced our guests to his tailgating crew.  They received a big round of applause & were shown a lot of appreciation for their years of service & sacrifices.  

My dad presented the guys with thank you notes from students at Clinton Elementary school & new Chargers caps courtesy of New Era just before everyone made their way inside the stadium to see the Bills & Chargers kick things off. 


The Chargers provided a lot of entertainment throughout the game.  Especially early on when they picked off the Bills new QB 5 times!  The turnovers helped give the Chargers a 34-7 lead after the first half.  The Bills changed QB’s in the second half, but it was to little to late & the Chargers won the game 54-24.


For the 2nd straight week, the warriors got to see 50points scored in LA!  Last week the Rams scored 51 & this week the Chargers put up 54!

Operation would like to thank Clayton & Cristina from LA Chargers, along with Rams Offensive Tackle, Russell Okung for donating tickets.  We also want to thank Chilis for the delicious pregame meal, Bolt pride for hosting everyone at the tailgate, the Paralyzed Veterans of America organization for nominating some incredible warriors, New Era for providing Chargers caps & Theresa, Justina and Shannon for setting up event with Hall of Fame Buffalo Bills WR Andre Reed before the game.  

Chilis_Logo Logo26 10581353_9FIFTY_BAYCIKSNAP_SADCHA_TEAM_3QL newera-marcofox-mini


Most importantly, we want to thank Navy Vets Jose Tovar & Lance Toguchi, Marine Jason Hunter and 42 year Army Veteran Miguel Ruiz-Lopez for their service to our country! We salute you!  

My dad seriously considered hosting warriors at the Lakers Game or The American Music Awards in LA, but unfortunately ran out of time…  He plans on spending another night at the airport & hopes to not have his phone stolen again…   He’ll be back in action tomorrow night in Seattle! Stay tuned for more details.


It was an honor to host these brave warriors and make their Warrior Wishes come true. If you know a deserving warrior who would love to attend a game on our “All32in17” mission please nominate them today!

2017 All32in17 Mission Schedule (2)

Make sure to follow our mission live on Facebook Twitter & Instagram @WarriorWishes.

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Game 9 – Warrior Wishes Come True At The Chargers Game!

My dad kicked off week 3 in San Francisco Thursday night to make Warrior Wishes come true at our 7th NFL game this season!

IMG_7317 IMG_7318 IMG_7304

He made a stop in Oakland to host warriors at the A’s game Friday & stayed with some friends in the Bay Area before catching his Saturday night bus to Los Angeles.  


We have made a lot of wishes come true in Los Angeles, Angels, Dodgers, Rams & the ESPYs, but never for a Chargers game…

IMG_4905 10434007_616607878437474_7866937015768560061_n IMG_4491 img_0725

This mission was a bit of a challenge for my dad for a couple of reasons.  One Because it’s our first ever time in LA making wishes come true at a Chargers game.  Secondly, he got scammed & bought fake tickets….

It always amazes me how my dad always seems to figure out how to get where he needs to be using public transportation. If you have ever traveled to an unfamiliar location & attempted to use their transportation system, it’s like learning a foreign language!  Somehow my dad learns them all!


Once he figured out how to get to the stadium, which is actually located in Carson, he had to then figure out how to get new tickets because the ones he originally purchased never arrived in his email…


Both the StubHub Center box office & the LA Chargers did everything they could to resolve the issue & help track down the tickets for us, to no avail.  My dad had to meet up with the warriors, so he headed off to dinner without tickets, but was confident he would find some before game time.

Today we are honored to be hosting Marine SSGT Frank Dominguez & his wife at the Chargers game.  


SSGT Dominguez served in the Marine Corps for 20 years. He’s a Vietnam veteran and a Purple Heart recipient. he also worked at Camp Pendleton for the next 17 years until he had to retire because of Agent Orange.  My dad couldn’t wait to meet him!

Although we have never made Warrior Wishes come true at an LA Chargers game  before, we have made a lot of memories at Chargers games in San Diego over the years. Here are some of our favorite memories.

224451_325763194188612_1412526676_n 535953_325763067521958_688195159_n 1452199_505582836206646_2003137621_n 1798830_702342679863993_4165377634610129280_n img_6194-300x225 img_7779

My dad met up with SSGT Dominguez & his wife for lunch before the game at Chilis just down the street from the stadium. The Chilis GM, Patrick, was there waiting for them when they arrived at 10am.  Patrick & his staff went above and beyond to provide great food & great service!  Everyone enjoyed getting to know each other over lunch.  My dad said he really enjoyed some of the stories both he and his wife shared.

IMG_7442 IMG_7460

After lunch, the gang headed outside to take a picture & a gentleman with his family approached them asking if they needed tickets.  It was meant to be!  He sold the tickets to us for half of face value.  I guess everything happens for a reason!


This worked out perfectly, because instead of my dad running around the stadium looking for tickets while SSGT Dominguez enjoyed the tailgate, it allowed my dad to hang out with him & his wife at the tailgate!

   When they arrived at the Stub Hub Center, the temporary home of the Chargers, my dad asked Frank if he wanted to go in the stadium or if he wanted to go over and tailgate a little bit before the game.  Initially, he said “Lets just go in”, but then my dad explained that we would be tailgating with Bolt Pride, a group of some of the Chargers ultimate fans.  That’s when my dad realized just how big a fan Frank was & he became excited to go tailgate!

The entire Bolt Pride SuperFan crew “migrated” north from San Diego to keep Thunder Alley and the Chargers legacy alive and well in Los Angeles. Frank definitely wanted to meet these guys.  SSGT Dominguez was recognized for his service in front of the large group of super fans.  They took this awesome group photo together!


Many people individually came up to thank Frank personally. One of those people was “Boltman”  

IMG_7456 IMG_7452

After the interaction, Frank told my dad “meeting Boltman can be checked off bucket list.”  It was an unforgettable tailgating experience for frank & his wife.  They told my dad “they were having a blast.”  And the game hadn’t even started yet!

Unfortunately, Phillip Rivers & the Chargers dug themselves into a big hole early in the game due to a few turnovers. The Chargers had many opportunities throughout the game, but couldn’t capitalize & get the ball in the end zone.  In the end, they fell short to their AFC West Rivals, the Kansas City Chiefs.


Despite the loss, SSGT Dominguez & his wife enjoyed the experience & we couldn’t have made it all possible without Patrick from Chilis who donated the pregame meals, the Bolt Pride tailgate & New Era for providing Chargers caps! 

fullsizerender-9   New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0  Chilis_Logo


We also want to thank both Stub Hub and Kris at the Chargers for trying to help resolve our unfortunate ticket situation. Your time was greatly appreciated!  

Most importantly, we want to thank Marine SSGT Frank Dominguez for your 20+ years of dedicated service to our great country!

My dad will be taking his 2nd straight overnight bus “hotel” to Phoenix, Arizona later tonight.  He will be back in action tomorrow for tomorrow making Warrio Wishes come true at the Monday night Cowboys vs Cardinals game!  Stay tuned for more details.


It was an honor to host these brave warriors and make their Warrior Wishes come true. If you know a deserving warrior who would love to attend a game on our “All32in17” mission please nominate them today!

2017 All32in17 Mission Schedule (2)

Make sure to follow our mission live on Facebook Twitter & Instagram @WarriorWishes.

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Game 14 – Warrior Wishes Come True At Our 1st Ever LA Rams Game!


2016 ALL32IN17 Schedule

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Warrior Wishes Come True In Los Angeles!


IMG_4444 IMG_4456

After a second straight successful mission in San Francisco, it was time to head south to make Warrior Wishes come true in Los Angeles!


As usual, My dad did not remember much of the overnight bus ride, as he passed out as soon as his butt hit the seat. He woke up refreshed as his bus arrived at Union Station in LA at the crack of dawn.

He grabbed breakfast from a local hotel and then hopped on the Dodger Stadium Express Bus to go down the street to Chavez Ravine, the site of Dodger Stadium

Today we were honored to be hosting SGT Jessie Cervantes & Marine Moises Guzman as well as their families at the Dodgers game.

IMG_4490 IMG_4492

My dad met up with Sgt Cervantes and his wife Julie first , as they were there right at 11:30. The Guzmans called and said they were running late so My dad sent SGT Cervantes & his wife go inside the stadium while he waited for the Guzman’s outside.


While he waited, my dad put together little gift bags for The kids and a toy company that has set up for kids day, donated a bubble machine. Unfortunately when My dad went to meet them, and gave mom and dad their New Era caps, he turned back around and someone had stolen all their toys and even the bubble machine! My dad felt really bad because he didn’t have anything for the kids. He told all the kids That he would send them all some stuff.

Despite this little snafu, everyone had a great time. Jessie and his wife were huge Dodger fans. Moises was nominated to us by his wife & This was his & his family’s first ever game! They all had a great time watching the Dodgers beat the Padres from the 2nd row!

IMG_4495 IMG_4493

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank New Era Cap for the Caps. Most importantly, we would like to thank Marine Moises Guzman And Army Sgt Jessie Cervantes for their selfless service to our country.



New Era

My dad will be on a morning bus to San Diego to hopefully make Warrior Wishes come true at the MLB Home Run Derby! Stay tuned for more details!

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The Dodgers Help Us Honor The Legacy Of A Fallen Army Warrior

My Dad has now been on the road honoring heroes since April 2nd, 2015.  He began our Battlefields To Ballfields mission in Chicago & has hosted over 150 warriors at 45 professional sporting events in the past 44 days!

Needless to say, he is exhausted, but nothing will stop him from continuing our mission in the city of Angels honoring the legacy of one at the Dodgers game today.

We are honored to be hosting surviving family members of Army Sgt Dwight Burn today at the Dodgers game in his honor.  Dwight made the ultimate sacrifice when a helicopter crashed during a training mission.


 Dwight lived in his native Belize before his family moved to Barstow, CA when he was four years old. He graduated from Barstow High School in 2005 and began taking business courses at Barstow Community College. He enlisted in the Army in May 2010 as a CH-47 helicopter mechanic.

After graduating Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC, in July of 2010, Dwight attended Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Eustis, Virginia. He graduated AIT in December 2010 as a CH-47 Repairer and Maintainer, and received the coveted Aviator Basic Crewman Badge. He quickly progressed to a fully qualified crew chief and deployed to Afghanistan from September 2011 to September 2012. During that time, he accumulated over 600 combat flight hours. After redeployment, Dwight rapidly achieved his goal of becoming a CH-47 Flight Engineer and was promoted to Sergeant on November 1, 2013.

Dwight’s former wife, Cintia Vasquez, remembers that Dwight liked to make people smile and he could light up a room with how funny he was. Dwight and Cintia have two daughters, Violet and Vivian. “He was a great father,” Cintia said. “Anyone who came in, he showed them the pictures of his two daughters in his wallet. They were his pride and joy. Dwight was a great man and the best father my daughters could have asked for.”

Dwight’s awards and decorations include the Meritorious Unit Citation, Air Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Campaign Star, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Ribbon, NATO Medal, and the Certificate of Achievement.

He always seemed to like the military. The first thing he did when he got his green card was join the military. He was fascinated with the Army. Dwight made the ultimate sacrifice when a helicopter that he was aboard, serving as crew chief, crashed while on a training exercise near Orogrande, NM in May of 2014. He was assigned to the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank the Los Angeles Dodgers for providing tickets to the game and helping us make the experience special by honoring SGT Burn on the jumbotron between innings.  We would also like to thank New Era for Providing Dodgers Caps for the family.

My Dad will be on an overnight bus from LA to San Francisco where he will immediately jump on the “BART” Train to Oakland to make Warrior Wishes come true at the A’s game tomorrow