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Game 40 – Warrior Wishes Come True in Miami!

We kicked off week 11 of our 2019 mission Thursday night in Cleveland at our 39th NFL game this year!

My dad has travelled thousands of miles since kicking off our 2019 mission and thankfully he has avoided any travel issues until last night…

You see, my dad was flying to Ft. Lauderdale Saturday night, but had to catch a connecting flight in Orlando before reaching his final destination. Upon landing in Orlando, he had 20 minutes to catch his connection. My dad rushed off the plane ran thru the terminal jumped on multiple shuttles only to find himself at the gate 2 minutes after they had closed to cabin door. I’m not sure why the airline decided to cut things so close, but he missed his flight.

I offered to get my dad an overnight bus, but he assured me that he was guaranteed to be on the first flight out in the morning and he got a good night sleep at the Orlando Airport.

At 7 am he was in the air and on his way to Ft Lauderdale. Upon arrival, he hopped in an uber and made his way directly to Hard Rock stadium to meet up with today’s guests at the tailgate. Today we had the honor of hosting Army 1SG Jimmy Wrisper, Army 1SG Danita Wrisper, Marine Adam Wimmer and Army Sgt Anthony Johnson in Miami.

Husband and wife, Jimmy and Danita Wrisper have a combined 55 years of service! Jimmy joined the Army in 1991 and served 22 years of active service on multiple Combat tours to the Middle East and South and Central America.

Danita served a combined 33 years of active and reserve time. She retired as a 1SG and also Served on multiple combat tours in the Middle East.

Adam Wimmer joined the Marine Corps in 2002 as a Motor Transport Wrecker Operator. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC and deployed to Iraq in 2003, and 2004-2005. He was medically retired in 2010. He and his wife, Tina, enjoy spending time with their two daughters 10 and 8 years old. Adam also enjoys being active in local veteran service organizations.

Anthony Johnson was born in Buffalo, New York. He joined the Army just 3 days after graduating high school and served 8 years before becoming a military contractor for Northrop Grumman. He joined the Navy in 2000 and served until 2013!  Anthony was nominated for a Bills game by his daughter who says “My dad is our Hero because he’s always been there for us and has fought and overcome many obstacles. He taught us the value of a great education and led by example by receiving his Bachelors in Organizational Management and then his Masters in Educational Leadership.” Anthony currently lives in Orlando so when we realized our Dolphins game was against the Bills we had to make this wish come true! He even made a custom shirt for the experience!

My dad met up with the group at the “Dol-Phans” tailgate. The Dol-Phans have been helping make wishes come true in Miami since 2013 and we appreciate their continued support!

Here are some of our favorite memories of making wishes come true at the Dolphins games!

The group enjoyed getting to know one another at the tailgate over great food and good company. Former NFL player, Chris Draft even stopped by!

As game time approached, the group headed inside Hard Rock Stadium down to their awesome seats! We had 2 seats in the front row, second row and 3rd row!

Anthony’s 3rd row seats were located right next to the Bills tunnel. He enjoyed cheering them on as they made their way on and off the field.

The Bills gave Anthony a lot to cheer about on the field too. They jumped out to an early 16 point lead and never looked back. They went on to beat the Dolphins 37-20.

Obviously Anthony went home happy, but despite the Dolphins loss, our other guests still had a great experience!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Jimmy, Danita, Adam and Anthony for their service and sacrifices!

Thanks to the Monday night game in Mexico, my dad will get a rare day off. However, we have warriors going to the Houston Rockets game Monday night and my dad will be back in action Thursday night at the Texans game! Stay tuned…

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Game 43 – Warrior Wishes Come True At The Dolphins Game!

My dad has had a crazy 2 weeks of making Wishes come true.  It all started last Thursday when he hosted warriors at the Cowboys game.

Since then, he has been to Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Charlotte Jacksonville & finally he arrived in Miami early this morning to make wishes come true at the Dolphins game!

We always try to schedule our Florida games in December in hopes that the weather will be nice.  Unfortunately for my dad, it was an unseasonably cool 50 degrees in Jacksonville yesterday & only 40 when my dad arrived in Miami, but at least he wasn’t in Buffalo… they had a crazy blizzard!

Upon arrival in Miami, my dad made his way to the Bayside harbor to get some rest & tie up some lose ends before meeting up with the warriors at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.

Today we had the honor of hosting Army SGT Tim Beaver, Marine CPL Kyle Bethel and his friend Rony Lambert, a Florida state trooper, at the Dolphins game.

We have made some unforgettable memories making Wishes come true in Miami.  Here our some of our favorite moments!
After working hard all morning and an afternoon nap on the dock…  it was time to meet the warriors at the Hard Rock Cafe for our pregame meal.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Miami is filled with unique memorabilia from some of rocks biggest legends.  Their food is delicious too!  We cannot thank them enough for their support throughout the years.

Kyle & Rony enjoyed touring the restaurant & seeing all the priceless memorabilia, especially the Jimi Hendrix guitar. Kyle made sure to send picture to his dad who was also Hendrix fan!

Immediately following dinner, the group made their way from the “Hard Rock Cafe” to the “Hard Rock Stadium.”  Home of the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins super fans invited us to tailgate with them.  They also offered us a front row ticket for warrior!  Sgt Tim Beaver drove more than 4 hours to take advantage of the front row seat!  He is a die hard Phins fan!

Air Force Veteran Rick Brown, our friend from Chicago, had just got back from a cruise with his girlfriend and was in town going to game as well.  He also stopped by to meet the warriors and tailgate with the “Phin-addicts” before the game.

Our ultimate Dolphins fan friends at the tailgate once again went above and beyond to help us make wishes come true in Miami.  The warriors enjoyed some great food, drinks & games before watching the patriots & Dolphins kickoff Monday night football!

Unfortunately due to the 4 hour drive, Tim did not make the tailgate at all.  In fact, he didn’t get to his seat until midway thru the first quarter.  But he truly enjoyed Every moment of sitting up close in the front row cheering on his Dolphins!

Everyone expected the Patriots to blow out the Dolphins.  However, the Dolphins had other ideas.  They dominated time of possession, but only had 6 points to show for it after the first quarter.  The Dolphins ended up taking a 13-10 lead into the half.

The warriors really enjoyed watching two impressive touchdown drives by the Dolphins and Jay Cutler put them up 27-10!
The Patriots made a 4th quarter push and cut the lead down to 27-20, but ultimately fell short giving the Dolphins & their fans a big victory over one of the best teams in the NFL!

All of the warriors had a great time. Tim said it would have been worth the 8 hours of driving either way, but to be there sitting in the Front Row watching his Dolphins beat up on the Patriots made it even more worth it!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Jen, Jeff and the entire “Phin-Addicts” tailgate for their generosity & incredible hospitality!  We also want to thank New Era for providing Dolphins caps to the warriors (Unfortunately, they were left in an uber in Philly, but we will be sending them out).


Most importantly, we want to thank Marine Kyle Bethel, Air Force Veterans Tim Beaver and Rick Brown as well as Florida State Trooper Rony Lambert for their service & sacrifices!

My dad will be spending the night at the Miami airport before hopping on a flight home in the morning.  My dad gets a relatively easy week next week making wishes come true in Indianapolis, Detroit & Cleveland.  Stay tuned for more details!


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Game 25 – The Miami Dolphins Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

After making Warrior Wishes come true in Tampa on Thursday night, my dad spent the night at the airport and boarded the overnight $1 megabus to Miami.

img_8528 miami

My dad has been spoiled this season and has had the luxury of flying a little more thanks to his awesome travel coordinator (me) who set up flight alerts & was able to book travel to all 44 NFL games on our schedule for less than $2000!  


As you can see, there are a few bus rides still on his itinerary and this was one of them.  Thankfully the megabus stop in Miami is right at the airport.  So upon arrival, my dad found the most “comfortable” spot around the airport and got a few extra hours of sleep before catching an early morning bus to the newly renovated Hard Rock stadium!


Here are some of our favorite unforgettable memories we have made making Warrior Wishes come true in Miami.  

577761_342380979193500_1613541829_n 1485090_518837074881222_1511542399_n 10277845_681333508631577_9124893164853767864_n 10411297_681333158631612_5630154005853900561_n img_0053-1-300x225

It was important to find an easy and convenient meeting place for today’s game, as my dad was hosting a total of 16 guests in 7 different groups.  Fortunately, the tailgate was located directly next to the Orange Lot Pole “East 22” , which was the perfect spot to meet as everyone arrived.


My dad also walked around the whole stadium, to check out where Will Call & Media Entrance was.  We had a little bigger crowd today thanks to Eric from the Phin-atics, Linebackers Coach Matt Burke and the Miami Dolphins, who each provided tickets to help us make these warrior wishes come true!  

The Dolphins donated a total of 11 tickets!  I had the pleasure of meeting one of the Dolphins executives at Jim Brown’s 80th Birthday party in San Francisco during Super Bowl week when we were hosting Master Sgt Cedric King. He told us to reach out to him when we had our regularly scheduled Dolphins game and they would do their best to take care of some warriors – they came thru in a big way & we cannot thank them enough!!!


First to arrive was Army SSG Mike Williams who has been our guest previously but per our “Rule”, he brought along other veterans when asked a second time. Army Sgt Gary Watford and Army Sgt Joshua Wills accompanied him. Army Sgt Duane Pereira and his fiancé Kacie were the next to arrive, followed by 12 year old Max McClimans who came with his cousin Omar.  Max is a Gold Star kid who lost his dad, Army Capt Josh McClimans, a few years ago.  We had the honor of hosting him and his mom at Marlins game last year. She could not make it this time, so she had her cousin accompany him.  Max wanted to go right into the stadium upon arrival to watch the team warm up so my dad walked them & made his way back to “Orange Lot East 22” to meet rest of group that had now also arrived.

img_8590 img_1849 img_1840

Marines Mike Larson and his wife Jennifer, and  Marine Michael Allison arrived next . They were followed closely by Army Sgt Tim Beaver and his wife Chrissy , along with  Army Spc Ian Vaquero and the Gold Star Family of his brother Larry Vaquero – Lorraine and Paul Pino. That completed our roster of our 16 warrior guests that we were truly honored to host at today’s Dolphins game.  


Typically when we host more than 6 warriors we like to try to have at least 2 board members helping coordinate everyone & make sure everyone is having a great time.  Unfortunately, my dad was on his own at this game, but did a great job!  

There were a lot of  “moving parts ” but everything flowed together very nicely as the day progressed. The group spent a lot of time tailgating with the Phin-attics SuperFans  outside the stadium before the game.  The Phin-attics are a great group of ultimate Dolphins fans who truly have a deep appreciation for all who serve our country!  We have enjoyed tailgating with them the past few years.  


While everyone was having fun tailgating, my dad spent a lot of time running back and forth to the stadium picking up tickets and making sure each group got in the right seats. 

The Warriors enjoyed pregame field passes & got to watch the Dolphins warm up from the sidelines!  


And One of the highlights of the day came when Jamie from the Dolphins asked all 9 of the warriors we were hosting to hold the flag for National Anthem!!! 


While the guys were having fun on the field, my dad hung out with all the girlfriends & wives, taking pictures from the stands and waiting for the National Anthem to start.  The ushers let all of the wives and family members go out by the field in the front row as the National Anthem and flag unfurling began , so they could get some good pictures.  

img_8596 img_8597 img_1890

After a very impressive and emotional National Anthem, my dad made sure all 16 of our guests got to their seats and spent the rest of the game hanging out with each of the 3 different groups of seats, he said he “Rotated” every half hour or so.  

img_8602 img_8601 img_8604 img_1914

The Dolphins gave the Warriors and the crowd plenty to cheer about as the went on to beat the last place Jets by the score of 27-23.  



Operation warrior wishes would like to extend a huge thank you to the Miami Dolphins for donating 11 tickets, 6 Field Passes and for providing all 9 warriors with a once in a lifetime experience holding the flag on the field during the National Anthem.   We also want to Thank “Major Offense ” (Eric Carrier) and Dolphins Coach Matt Burke for also donating tickets for this amazing group of warriors!  Last but not least, we can’t forget our friends at  the Phin-addicts tailgate for the hospitality, New Era for providing Dolphins caps to the Warriors & our friends at the Chive for the shirts! 

14956514_10154202479889611_8606225334352926301_n 12088330_1239633796051943_4791537688698281831_n keep-calm-chive-on_full newera-marcofox-mini dolphins


After the game my dad headed straight to the airport.  If you thought his travel schedule was crazy before, check this out, he was about to take the longest possible flight in the Continental US – from Miami to Seattle!  Stay tuned for more details!





Michael W. Allison, born in St. Catharine, Jamaica and raised in Miami, FL. During his childhood, Michael excelled in art, several sports and worked at Papa John’s Pizza Corporation throughout high school. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps , where he completed his basic training at Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Beaufort, SC. Michael completed eight (8) years of honorable service with tours at Camp Lejeune, NC, Okinawa, Japan, Camp Pendleton, CA, Al Fallujah, Iraq and Quantico, VA. In 2004, he served in combat zone of the Iraq War in Anbar Province cities of Fallujah and Ramadi; through selfless acts and moments of courage, Michael became a recipient of numerous awards to include two Navy Achievement Medals and the Purple Heart Medal. Michael is an active alumnus of the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), Team Semper Fi, Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA), Fairways for Warriors, No Barriers Warriors, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), Disabled Sports USA, Purple Heart Military Order (PHMO), Project Management Institute (PMI) and a volunteer with the American Heart Association.

Once honorably and bravely serving his country, Michael worked for Norfolk Southern Railroad Corporation as a Trainmaster Manager of Operations for 5 years in Atlanta, GA. He was assigned additional duties as both the Vice President of the District Safety Committee and a member of the Safety Performance Innovation Respect Integrity and Teamwork (SPIRIT) committee. He also collaboratively worked on several successful Train Performance, Fuel Efficiency and Personnel Management Projects saving his assigned district over $5 million, where he later was recognized for his efforts and received the Train Performance SPIRIT Award for the 2010 1st quarter with Norfolk Southern Railroad Corporation Georgia Division.

Currently, Michael works for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Information Technology (OI&T) as an IT Project Manager in Miami, FL. Michael is a single father to one son named Omar.

Michael is a continuous scholar, as he has attained his Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM), Federal Acquisition Certification Contracting Officer’s Representatives (FAC-COR) certification and completed the Information Technology Program from the Information Technology Academy of South Florida. Additionally, he has achieved his Applied Associate of Science (AA) in Homeland Security and Emergency Management from Central Texas College, Bachelors of Science (BS) in Business Information Security from Indiana Wesleyan University (Cum Laude) and attained his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Applied Management from Indiana Wesleyan University summer 2015. Michael, is currently in pursuit of earning his Six Sigma Green & Black Belt Certification and Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.






First Sergeant Watford is from Florence, South Carolina. He entered the Army in September 1997 and completed One Station Unit Training with A CO, 787th Military Police Battalion at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

First Sergeant Watford’s assignments include the 401st MP Company, Fort Hood, Texas; 188th MP Company, Taegu, South Korea; LEA MP Company, Fort McPherson, Georgia; 230th MP Company, Kaiserslautern, Germany; 17th MP Detachment, Fort Jackson, South Carolina; 92d MP Company, Baumholder, Germany, HHC, 14th Military Police Brigade with duty at Directorate of Training & Education, United States Army Military Police School, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and 546th MP Company, Fort Stewart, Georgia. His deployments include Camp Dobol, Bosnia-Herzegovina in support of SFOR and KFOR Operations, Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 04-05, Kabul, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 06-7, and Gardez/Chamkani, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 09-10.

First Sergeant Watford has served as a Military Police Soldier, Team Leader, Desk Sergeant, Assistant Squad Leader, Squad Leader, Traffic Accident Investigations NCOIC, Company Operations Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, and Writer/Instructor. He currently serves as the First Sergeant, 546th MP Company, Fort Stewart, Georgia.

First Sergeant Watford has a Bachelor’s Degree in History from UMUC, and a Master’s Degree in Business and Organizational Security Management from Webster University. His military education includes the Basic Leader Course, Advance Leader Course, Senior Leader Course, Company Commander/First Sergeant Course, Combat Lifesaver Course, Equal Opportunity Leaders Course, Combatives Level I Training, NBC Defense Course, Conventional Physical Security/Crime Prevention Course, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Train the Trainer Course, Army Basic Instructor Course, and Systems Approach to Training Course.

First Sergeant Watford’s awards and decorations include the Bronze Star Medal (Second Award), Meritorious Service Medal (Third Award); Army Commendation Medal (Fourth Award); Joint Service Achievement Medal; Army Achievement Medal (Fourth Award); Joint Meritorious Unit Award; Valorous Unit Award; Meritorious Unit Citation; Army Good Conduct Medal (Fifth Award); National Defense Service Medal with Service Star; Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal; Kosovo Campaign Medal with One Campaign Star; Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Three Campaign Stars; Iraqi Campaign Medal with One Campaign Star; Global War on Terrorism Service Medal; Korean Defense Service Medal; NCO Professional Development Ribbon with Numeral 3; Army Service Ribbon; Overseas Service Ribbon with Numeral 5; NATO Medal (Second Award); Combat Action Badge; Driver Badge.

First Sergeant Watford has received special recognition by earning induction into the prestigious Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, and as a recipient of the Military Police Corps Regiment’s Order of the Marechausee in bronze and the Military Police Corps Regiment Commandant’s 100.



In Lorraine’s words ” (Larry was) The typical “big” brother. (He) watched and took care of all us. He was the oldest of all of us. I am number 6 of 7 and I remember that he was always in the army. I used to think he was born into the army. He was always on your or just on the move. Larry was a Persian gulf vet. He was married and had 2 beautiful kids! He had a love for retiring old Volkswagens. We really miss him dearly.



Born 16 Dec 1987.  He Enlisted in the US Army in 2006 and separated in 2011. MOS 25B/F Attached to an Air Defence Battery. Served 2 overseas rotations out of Camp Carroll, Korea. Engaged to his Fiancee Kacie, with their wedding set to take place next October.  Duane has Been a Dolphins Fan his entire life.  He works for the local sheriff’s office in IT and enjoys going on cruises with his fiancee.



I was born 31 Mar 1975 in Budigen, Germany; my mother is German and my father was an American Soldier. I grew up traveling between Europe and the United States; my father retired at Ft.Rucker, AL in the early ’90s. I then signed up on the delaid entry program in Oct ’94, and finally shipped out to Ft. McClellan, AL. After completing my one station training I was assigned to the 57th Military Police Company at Camp Carroll, South Korea from ’95-’96; I then went to Ft.Bliss, TX to the 978th and Center Military Police Companies from ’96-’99, I also deployed to Saudi Arabia with a small group from 978th MP Company. I then was assigned to the 230th MP Co in Kiaserslauretn, Germany from ’99-’06 while assigned there the unit was award the J.P. Holland award for best Military Police Company in the US Army twice. I was deployed to Kosovo with the 239th in ’02, and to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom from Mar ’04-’05; I was awarded the Army Comendation Medal with Valor for one of the engagements I was in. I was then reassigned to the 17th Military Police Detachment at Ft.Jackson, SC from ’06-’08. From there I was sent back to Germany, to the 92nd MP Co in Baumholder, Germany from ’08-’10, while there I deployed to Afghanista from ’09-’10. After this tour Inwas sent to West Point, NY to serve with the Honor Guard Military Police Company at the United States Military Academy at West Point, served this unit from ’10-’14. I was then assigned back to Korea, back to Camp Carroll, but this time I would belong to 1st Platoon “Highlander’s”, 188th MP Co. from Aug ’14-’15. I then went on to Ft.Stewart, GA; home of the 3rd Infantry Division, and assigned to the 385th Military Police Battalion, 293rd MP Co. ’15-Oct’16, and I am currently assigned to the 197th Military Police Detachment here at Ft.Stewart, Ga where I plan to retire at.



My husband is not only my best friend, but he’s also my hero. Timothy Beaver was a Senior Airman, United States Air Force Special Ops. He injured his back repairing heavy equipment on his C-130 Gunship. He was in the Air Force from 1994-1998 and went on to have a successful career at AT&T. In 2008 is when he noticed numbness and tingling in his legs and feet. Upon going to the doctor, Tim found out that he had worsening herniated and bulging discs in his back which has caused the cartilage to push down on his nerves going down his legs. Tim has Axonal Neuropathy from his knees down to his feet. The pain Tim went through during this time period caused him to be immobile, he developed 4 blood clots, 2 in each leg. Due to these injuries, he was forced to resign from his job and became very depressed. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to provide for myself and our daughter, Allissa, like he always had. I’m a special needs teacher and have taken on the role of providing the income for our family. Tim has also had 2 mini-strokes and there was a time where doctors told me that my husband would never walk again, however Tim fought these last few years and is able to walk small distances. As the wife of a disabled veteran, I want my husband to know how honored I am to be his wife, how proud I am of him for serving our country and that he is my biggest hero. Something that recently has brought his spirits up is that we have just become Grandparent’s to a beautiful little girl named Sofia! She has her Papa and Gigi wrapped around her little finger. He loves to fish as well is a huge Miami Dolphins fans and we used to go to games all the time, but ever since Tim became injured, it’s been difficult to attend a game. Go Dolphins!

Don’t forget to nominate your hero for an upcoming game on our 2016 “All32in17” Mission!

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Game 38 – Warrior Wishes Come True In Miami!

After making warrior wishes come true in Tampa at the Bucs game on Sunday afternoon, my dad hopped on an evening $1 bus ride to Miami.  


The bus dropped him off right at the Miami airport and instead of wasting money on a hotel for only a couple of hours he curled up on a comfy airport lounge chair to get a few hours of rest before making warrior wishes come true at the Dolphins game.  

He made his way over to the stadium first thing in the morning in hopes of getting last minute tickets from the box office to avoid paying 4x face value from ticket brokers.  But as expected they were sold out…


Thankfully, we were able to secure tickets from stubhub for a reasonable price.  I purchased the tickets on my break at work in IL & walked my dad through how to print them off from a hotel in Miami.  

With tickets secured, it was time to meet SSG Mike Williams & his family.  Mike proudly served our country for over 20 years! It was an honor to host him & his family & make his warrior wish come true at the Dolphins game.  (Read more about his story below)

We would like to thank the Jen & the entire “Phin Addicts” tailgate crew for hosting SSG Williams & his family for pre game food and drinks.  


Mike & his family also enjoyed playing games outside the stadium before making their way inside to watch the Dolphins take on the Giants!


My dad did not plan to go to the game because of ticket prices being so expensive.  So he walked the Williams family inside and headed back towards the tailgate.  Once the game started he walked around the stadium and stumbled upon an unused $450 face value ticket stub, outside the gates.  He used the ticket to get inside and made his way up to find Mike & his family.


My dad text me to confirm the seat location and was told by multiple people that those seats did not exist, when he eventually found the seats they were supposed to be in, the Williams family was no where to be found.  I guess they had multiple people with the same seats.  So they had to be re ticketed and missed a portion of the game.  


Thankfully everything worked out in the end, except the Dolphins extended our losing streak to 7 consecutive games…

Despite the loss, SSG Williams said this was “An experience of a lifetime!” And then went on to tell us “Words can not express my gratitude and they aren’t enough ways to say thank you for what you guys do.”  

SSG Williams, it was an honor to host you & your family.  It’s not about what we do, it’s about what you and your military brothers & sisters do for us.  We’re just doing our best to say thank you and show you all that your service and sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.  


 Mike’s friends and family were all happy to see the well deserved smile on his face when his warrior wish came true at the Dolphins game!  

We would like to thank The Phin Addicts for hosting us at your “Phin-tastic” Tailgate & New Era for providing New Dolphins Caps for SSG Williams & his family.

After the game SSG Williams & his family dropped my dad off at the Miami airport to catch his early morning flight back to Chicago.  But then my dad realized that he was flying out of Fort Lauderdale airport…  He slept outside the airport waiting for public transportation, which started at 4am, to Fort Lauderdale Airport and made it just in time to catch his flight.  

He said he slept from wheels up in Florida to wheels down in Chicago.  Xander was super excited to have his G-PA back home!


My dad will be in St. Louis wrapping up the last scheduled game of our 2015 “All32in17” mission.  But don’t worry, we are in the process of working on logistics to continue the mission all the way to the Super Bowl!   Stay tuned….


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Army SSG Mike H. Williams is currently stationed at Ft. Stewart, GA with the 293rd Military Police Company, 385th Military Police Battalion. He has served over 20 years with the United States Army!
Wiliams has been married to his wife, Maishay, for over 19 years & has two sons Kevin (17), and Chase (8).
SSG Williams military assignments include Camp Carroll, Korea; Ft.Bliss, TX; Kaiserslautern (K-town), Germany; Ft.Jackson, SC; Baumholder, Germany; United States Military Academy West Point, NY; Camp Carroll, Korea; and Ft.Stewart, Ga. He has held positions of patrolmen, team leader, squad leader, platoon sergeant, and operations sergeant. He has served on deployments to Saudi Arabia, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. His awards include the Joint Service Achievement Award, Army Commendation medal (6 awards, one with “V” device for Valor), Army Achievement medal (4 awards), Iraq campaign medal, Afghanistan campaign medal, Global War on Terrorism medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary medal, Korea Defense medal, National Defense service ribbon 2nd award, and the Overseas ribbon 5th award.