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Game 35 – Warrior Wishes Come True at the Giants Game!

So far this season we have made Warrior Wishes come true at 34 NFL games!

After hosting warriors at the Steelers game Sunday afternoon…

My dad did some sightseeing around Pittsburgh before jumping on an overnight bus to New York.

We have made some unforgettable memories in New York throughout the years. In fact, it’s where our mission began in 2012. I’ll never forget hanging out in Times Square with my dad until 1am the night before we kicked off our original mission. We really had no clue what we were getting ourselves in to.  Here are some of the amazing memories we shared with Chris and Damien in 2012.

We never imagined that we would have ever had the opportunity to host nearly 5000 veterans at over 1000 events 7 years later….

My dad arrived in New York Monday morning and immediately made his way out to the Meadowlands.

Here are some more of our favorite memories from making Warrior Wishes come true in New York at Giants games throughout the years.

Today we had the honor of hosting Army Sgt James Weikel, Marine Cpl David Noblit and Army SSG Doug Rossetti.

Sgt Weikel served as an infantryman stationed out of Ft. Lewis, WA.

Marine Corporal David Noblit, Jr. was on his second deployment when he lost both of his legs above the knees, and sustained severe damage to his left arm in an improvised explosive device (IED) blast while serving in Afghanistan on Oct. 21, 2010.

What started as a normal day found Cpl Noblit on a morning patrol. A local told the squad’s interpreter that insurgents had been placing IEDs in a compound nearby. Working with a team, Cpl Noblit began clearing the compound. While completing the task, an unidentified IED was triggered, throwing Cpl Noblit through the air. The blast traumatically amputating both of his legs. Cpl Noblit also sustained severe damage to his left arm.

Lifesaving measures at the scene readied Cpl Noblit for transport as more than a dozen insurgents’ waited to ambush the group while en route to the landing zone. Following a firefight, and safely onboard the helicopter, Cpl Noblit was evacuated to Camp Leatherneck Hospital in Afghanistan.

Later airlifted to Landstuhl, Germany, David used a satellite phone to call his wife Amanda while on the medical transport plane airlifting him to Walter Reed Medical Center.

Today Cpl Noblit enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and anything to do with the outdoors. He also enjoys football, baseball, and spending time with his family. His wife, Amanda, and young son, Cayden have been by his side through his recovery. He is the recipient of a home provided by Homes for our Troops.

Army SSG Doug Rossetti proudly served our country for more than 15 years! He was nominated by his wife who wanted to show him how much she appreciates him for all he has done as a soldier and as a family man. It was an honor to make these wishes come true!

The group met up at Redd’s before making their way over to the tailgate.  Our friend Ed Salomeh and his tailgate crew have been by our side supporting our mission and making wishes come true with us in New York since day 1!

They didn’t have the big fancy wrapped RV back then like they do now, But every year they have gone above and beyond to provide an unforgettable experience. They treat the warriors to a top notch tailgate experience, provide them gifts, and even provide tickets for the warriors to attend the game! Even though James and David were rooting for the Cowboys… This year was no different.

We are forever grateful to call Ed and his crew friends and thankful for all of their continued support!

The warriors enjoyed hanging at before heading inside MetLife stadium to take the field.  The New York Giants also went above and beyond by providing field passes to the warriors. As they were making their way out the tunnel, they met former Giants Running Back Ahmad Bradshaw!

Once on the sidelines they watched their favorite players getting ready for the Monday night matchup up close and personal!

Cowboys Linebacker, Leighton Vander Esch stopped over to thank David and James for their service.

And Giants hall of fame Linebacker, Lawrence Taylor showed his appreciation to Doug!  What an incredible experience!

As game time approached everyone made their way up to their seats to kick things off.

The Giants intercepted Dak Prescott on his first pass attempt of the game! It seemed as if they dominated the first half, until the Cowboys scored twice in less than 2 minutes to take a 13-12 lead into the halftime break.

My dad took the break to meet up with our old friend Alex Rodriguez. Alex was one of our guests a few years back and happened to be at the game. He is on the verge of graduating college and we are so proud to see how great he is doing since we met him! Congrats Alex! Keep up the good work!

The Cowboys picked right back up where they left off in the 2nd half. They went on to beat the giants 37-18.

Thankfully we had warriors rooting for both teams, so we couldn’t lose… unfortunately Doug and his wife were sad while James & David celebrated the Cowboys victory.

Operation Warrior wishes would Link’s to thank Army Sgt James Weikel, Marine Cpl David Noblit and Army SSG Doug Rossetti for their service and sacrifices! If was an honor to host you at today’s game!

After the game ended, my dad made his way over to LaGuardia airport. I assume he found a spot on the ledge by the food court where he slept in this picture a few years ago before catching his Tuesday morning flight back home.

My dad will be heading back to the West Coast Wednesday evening to make Warrior wishes come true this week in Oakland and San Francisco! Stay tuned…

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Game 38 – Warrior Wishes Come True At The Cowboys Game!

My dad headed south to Dallas to kick off week 13 in Dallas on Thursday night for our 38th game this season!

It’s been another year filled with amazing new friendships & unforgettable memories!  We cannot thank everyone who has helped us all season long enough!  We couldn’t have made these wishes come true without your support!

Over the years we have made some unforgettable memories making Warrior Wishes come true in the “Big D.”  Here are some of our favorite moments.

We receive more nominations for cowboys games than any other team in the NFL.  For all of you who submitted nominations for the cowboys, we have not forgotten about you & will keep you on our list for future games.  We hope to work with the Cowboys next season to make wishes come true at every game throughout the 2018 season.  So we will be in touch.

This week’s Cowboys Experience actually started last Sunday.  Sgt Jeffrey Merrick’s wife pulled off a very well planned surprise at their Sunday church services in New Braunfel Texas. His wife had informed him that he had to travel to Dallas for a “Leadership Conference” and for the last month that is what he planned for. However this Sunday his pastor called him and his wife up to the front of the church & he was surprised to find out instead of the conference, he would be seeing conference rivals face off against each other at AT&T Stadium!

Joining Sgt Merrick & his wife at he game was Air Force Veterans Jason Wakefield &  30 year veteran Chief Master Sgt Ken Williams.  Jason & Jeffrey were both big Cowboys fans.  Ken on the other hand was a die hard Redskins fan.

Unfortunately our friends in Dallas were not tailgating at the Thursday night game, so we went back to our roots and met up with the warriors at Whole Foods for a quick meal before the game.

Sgt Merrick and his wife Dawn were first to arrive.  My dad enjoyed getting to know them & they shared a good laugh about the church surprise.  Next to arrive was Jason with his mother in law,  Followed by Ken with 11 year old son KJ (Ken Jr) decked out in their Redskins gear.

Everyone enjoyed getting to know each other over dinner at Whole Foods.  My dad presented the warriors with thank you letters from the kids at Clinton elementary & New Cowboys caps courtesy of New Era.

After dinner, the group made their way across the street to the Fire Station.  Our friends at the Arlington fire department surprised the warriors & offered to take them to the game in style.  For the 4th straight year, they drove everyone to the stadium in a fire truck!  We can’t thank Captain Eddie & Captain Mark enough for providing that unforgettable experience!

Funny story, While walking into Whole Foods, Jason saw them washing the fire truck next door & joked they were cleaning it up to escort him to game. Little did he know, he really was riding on the fire truck to the game.

As always, my dad made sure to get a great group picture in front of the stadium before heading inside to see the Redskins & Cowboys kick off week 13 of the NFL season!

He warriors enjoyed front row seats in the upper deck & had a great unobstructed view of the field & massive Jumbotron!

Jeff & Jason had a lot to be excited about.  They cheered their team to victory.  Meanwhile Ken & KJ watched their team fall to the Cowboys 38-17.  Despite their team losing, they still enjoyed he father & son experience!

Although the game had ended, the experience wasn’t over.  Thanks to the Cowboys, Zack Martin & Brett Bech, the warriors were invited to meet some of the players after the game in the exclusive “Landry Room.”

AT&T stadium is one of the most amazing stadiums in the NFL.  It’s a billion dollar venue with some amazing characteristics.  One of the most amazing parts of the stadium is the Landry Room.  It’s an ultra lavish post game hangout for friends and families of the Cowboys players and coaches.  There is delicious food available,  top shelf drinks & a relaxed atmosphere.

Morgan Martin, Zack Martin’s wife, was an awesome host.  She made sure the warriors were well taken care of & introduced them to Zack & other Cowboys players & coaches.  They even got to take selfies with future Hall of Fame Tight End, Jason Witten!  Jason is one of the best to ever play he game.  On top of that, he does amazing things off the field as well!

After an incredible night to remember, the warriors were escorted back to their cars by the fire department just before the clock struck midnight & the calendars turned to December.

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Morgan and Zack Martin, Coach Beck and the entire Dallas Cowboys Organization for their incredible hospitality!  We also want to thank New Era Cap for outfitting the guys with new  Cowboys caps, Whole Foods for providing the delicious pregame meal & the Arlington fire department for providing an awesome ride to the stadium.



Most importantly we want to thank the warriors for their service & sacrifices!

The next 2 weeks will be my dad’s craziest stretch of the year…  after the game in Dallas, he made his way to the bus station where he hopped on an overnight bus to Houston.  From there he will catch a connecting bus to New Orleans.  He’s making Wishes come true at the Saints game Sunday, then flying to Cleveland Sunday evening, catching an overnight bus from Cleveland to Cincinnati and will be hosting heroes at the Bengals game on Monday!

The following week doesn’t get any easier.  He will be making stops in Atlanta, Washington DC, Philly, Charlotte, Jacksonville & Miami!  It’s pretty amazing what my dad will do to show his appreciation to the brave men & women who have selflessly served our country.  But it’s nothing compared to what they have done for us.


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Game 34 – Thanksgiving Warrior Wishes Come True In Dallas!

We receive hundreds of nominations throughout the year & do our best to try to make every wish come true.  

Over the past 4 years it’s become a Warrior Wishes tradition to host warriors on thanksgiving day.  


This year we received a nomination specifically for the Thanksgiving game in Dallas.  With my dad already committed to make warrior wishes come true at the Lions game, we had to make a decision.  


We typically don’t like just sending tickets to warriors and sending them to a game on their own for a couple of reasons.  The biggest reason being that our mission is about creating an experience.  It’s more than just a game, we want to help create memories that will last a lifetime.  Another reason is that for warriors who have never been to a game before, it can sometimes be overwhelming so we like to have a representative there hosting to make sure everything goes smoothly. We also think it’s important to meet the Warriors in person.  We want to show them that they are appreciated through our actions.  Every board member on our team is passionate about about supporting our nation’s veterans & we think it’s important to show that passion in person to create a friendship.  Going to a game with Operation warrior wishes is so much more than just a game.  


In the end, we made the decision to make this thanksgiving wish come true.  It was an opportunity for us to get a warrior off his couch and out to a game.  Plus it was Thanksgiving!  So we had to show we were thankful for SGT Robert Armstrong’s service!

SGT Armstrong was born in El Paso, Texas in 1965. His dad worked for the Defense Missile Program at White Sands. Eventually he moved to New Jersey, where he saw his first football game on TV. (which is when he became a Redskins fan.) The only games they got were the Giants or the Jets. One day, the Redskins were playing the Giants and his mother said He took to the team right away. From that point on, he has been a Redskins fan. (through the good times and the bad.)   He says “Just about everyone in my family is a Cowboys fan so I was always stuck watching the Redskins on the tiny black and white tv in the back room.”

After graduating from high school in Cedar Hill, Texas Robert joined in the Marine Corps and was stationed out in California. It was during this time that he got to see his first in person Redskins game. SGT Armstrong had saved up a lot of money for the Super Bowl game between Washington and Denver down in San Diego. He was in the nose bleed section, but He loved it. 


After the Marine Corps He worked in the civilian sector for about ten years but by 1999 the desire to return to military service was too great and He enlisted in the Army in May of that year. 

Armstrong spent that summer in Georgia at Fort Benning, relearning military stuff. His first permanent party duty station was in S. Korea. He later deployed to Iraq with 4ID for OIF 1 and 2. 


In 2003 while serving in OIF 2 Sgt Armstrong was wounded while guarding a Women’s and Children’s hospital. He was medevaced to Lansthul, Germany.  Once they had him stabilized enough to fly, Robert was sent to Walter Reed in Washington, DC. When he finally woke from his coma, he learned that he had lost his right foot (above the ankle) and was losing the sight in his left eye. (Shrapnel had traveled through his eye and in to his brain.) He would later lose the eye completely and had his right leg amputated above the knee. 


SGT Armstrong returned to active duty and served for 18 more months after his catastrophic injury before finally retiring in January of 2005.

As you can see, he is a big time Redskins fan.  He currently lives in Texas & when he saw the Redskins were coming to town on Thanksgiving, He hoped to get tickets.

However with the Cowboys playing great, this was a tough ticket to get…  

I called SGT Armstrong’s wife about a week before the game & introduced myself.  She immediately broke into tears and thanked us for the opportunity to go to the game.  She also told me that we were truly making a dream come true.  

Thanks to our friends, Julio “Prime” Marin & other Dallas PFUFA super fans, the Armstrong’s were welcomed (even though SGT Armstrong was a redskins fan) to a fun pregame tailgate filled with delicious food & drinks.


Robert & his wife said they all became quick friends & had a great time tailgating with the whole group.

gdfy5656 img_9172

I was able to score front row tickets on an aisle in the upper deck for a reasonable price on stubhub.  I told them they could switch them out for ADA seating when they arrived at the stadium if they were not accessible enough for Robert.  But he chose not to pass up the front row tickets.  


Unfortunately for him, the first place Cowboys beat the Redskins by the score of 31-26.  

Despite the loss, SGT Armstrong & his wife had an unforgettable day and “Really enjoyed every second of the day.”  


We are thankful to have had the opportunity to send him to the game to show our appreciation for his service & sacrifices!  

Operation Warrior Wishes would also like to thank Julio & the Cowboys PFUFA super fans for helping us make this a special experience!



Happy thanksgiving!  

My dad will be back in action this Sunday in Atlanta!  Stay tuned for more details.  


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Game 8 – Warrior Wishes Come True In Dallas!

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Warrior Wishes Come True In The Big D!


After taking about a month “off” to coordinate our 3rd Annual Warrior Wishes Scramble, regroup and plan our 2016 “All32in17” Mission, my dad said “It was sure nice to get Back in Action and make more Warrior Wishes Come True.”  However, he was not too excited to take a 22 hour bus ride from Chicago to Dallas but it only cost us $15… 

IMG_5580 IMG_6229

Although our official mission doesnt “Kickoff” until Next Thursday, my dad planned a preseason mission to make warrior wishes come true at the Cowboys game on Thursday & coordinated a Rangers game on Friday thanks to our friends at Globe Life. 


So after spending 22 hours on a bus, my dad took a 2nd bus from Dallas to Arlington to meet up with  Army SSG Patrick Rogers, who served for 20 years! And Army Sgt Juan Reyes, who served 7 years with 2 deployments. SGT Reyes is one of the biggest Cowboys fans my dad had ever seen, but SGT Rogers wife, Shelby, nominated her husband specifically for this game because they are Texans fans.  


The path to their Warrior Wishes Experience was  a little different even though they started at same place.  Sgt Reyes knew he was going to the game, but with the help of his family, we were surprising SSG Rogers – he had no clue what was about to happen.

Thanks to Mike at Saltgrass Steakhouse for letting us set up the surprise at their restaurant,  We try to ask the family what their favorite local restaurant is so that husbands don’t get suspicious . This was his choice . What was funny is that both families arrived about the same time and it was tricky greeting one family while “ignoring” the other , so not to spoil surprise .

IMG_6275 IMG_6281

It all worked out, and instead of him “going to his physical therapist” , he and his family were going to the Cowboys/Texans game  – he was pretty happy about that. We introduced both families, now that the cat was out of the bag and enjoyed an awesome PreGame meal!


For the third straight year, the Arlington Fire Dept escorted the warriors to the stadium on a fire truck. The escort always adds to the experience and was a big hit especially with 4 kids from age 10 to 18.


Outside the stadium, My dad handed everyone their New Era caps (told Patrick I would get him a Texans one) and they snapped a few photos outside the stadium.


The game itself was actually very entertaining and a good game considering it was the 4th preseason game.  The teams went back and forth until the Texans pulled away for good in 4th quarter and won 28-17.


Unfortunately the Fire  Dept had a call and could not come back and pick us up, so we said our goodbyes and got everyone a cab back to their cars at the Fire Station.

 We want to thank Mike & Saltgrass Steakhouse for the delicious pregame meal.  And Eddie,Robert and Damny at the Arlington Fire Dept for enhancing our heroes’ experience by providing an unforgettable ride to the stadium.

Arlington-Fire-Department-Logo  saltgrass-steak-house


Most importantly, THANK YOU to SSG Patrick Rogers, Sgt Juan Reyes, and their families for your service and sacrifices to our great country. (Meet the Warriors Below)

After the game, my dad made his way to an actual hotel thanks to Globe Life & will get a good night sleep in a bed thanks to our friends at Globe Life.  He will be back in action tomorrow Making Warrior Wishes come true in a “Suite Way” at the Rangers game!  Stay tuned for more details.  


Dont forget to nominate your hero for an upcoming game on our ALL32IN17 mission!

Click here for more information.

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Warrior Wishes Come True Thanks To The Stars!

After making Warrior Wishes come true in Denver for Army SGT Nicholas Dighans at the AFC championship game, my dad made his way back to the Denver airport for the 2nd night in a row.  


He took a 7am flight to Dallas for $36 to make warrior wishes come true at the Dallas Stars game.  


As soon as his flight landed in Dallas he jumped on a bus to Arlington to meet up with a few Warriors at AT&T stadium for a VIP tour of “Jerry’s house”.  


Army Warrior Marchus Burleson & his father along with Marine Jared Deruby joined my dad touring the most amazing stadium in the world. From the press box, to the luxury suites to the locker room & the field, it was incredible!

DSC02001 DSC02008 DSC02003

The best part of the tour is the last stop where everyone got to take a picture on the Star at the 50 yard line!  


Once the tour wrapped up, everyone made their way downtown Dallas to eat & meet up with the rest of the warriors.  Joining the group was Marines Chris Rowe & Julio Marin, Army Warriors, Amber & Mike Wells, Navy Warrior Jeremy McConnell & Air Force Warrior JR Boddy.  We would like to thank the worlds largest Hooters restaurantfor filling everyone up on wings & giving us a place to get to know each other before the game.


Amber Wells & The Dallas Stars went above & beyond to help us make Warrior Wishes come true in a “suite” way!  Amber helped us organize this event & the Stars provided a luxurious suite for the Warriors to watch the game in.  


The Warriors went wild watching their Stars beat the Flames 2-1!

IMG_0821 IMG_0816 IMG_0819 IMG_0796 IMG_0818

We would like to thank the Dallas Stars & Amber Wells for the opportunity to Make these warrior wishes come true!  We also would like to thank AT&T stadium & the Cowboys for providing the VIP tour & Hooters for providing lunch!  


After the game, my dad thanked the Warriors one last time for their service & sacrifices before making his way back to the airport for his 3rd straight night. Luckily he found a comfortable chair to sleep on & woke up in time to catch his 5am flight back home.


We will be spending all week to plan for Super Bowl events.  If you or anyone you know has tickets to the big game that would be willing to sell them at face value or donate them, please let us know ASAP so we can make more warrior wishes come true at the big game!

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Game 40 – Warrior Wishes Come True In Dallas!


After a fantastic year in 2015 hosting and honoring about 500 warriors at over 100 events, we are kicking off 2016 with a bang!!!

Not wasting any time, we teamed up with the Ohio State alumni to send retired Veteran and MLB hopeful
“Doc” Jacobs to this years Fiesta Bowl to watch his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes dominate Notre Dame 44-28.


Daniel “Doc” Jacobs said he always had two dreams: One, to fight for freedom in a war like his ancestors have done. And two, to play in the big leagues one day.  Doc accomplished his first goal by serving in the Navy for over 8 years.  In September of 2005, while serving in Iraq, Doc’s truck was hit by an IED.  He lost his left leg below the knee as well as 2 toes on his right foot & 3 fingers on his left hand.  Doc spent 2 full years recovering from the blast, but never gave up on his country or his second dream.  in fact, Doc returned to the fleet Marine force & became the first amputee ever to be assigned to an infantry unit & today he continues to tryout with major league baseball teams with the dream of one day signing a big league contract.  Doc Even has his own Upper Deck Baseball card!


Doc is one of the biggest Ohio State fans we have ever met.  Earlier this year he was one of our guests to the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles.  Doc’s face lit up when he got to meet up with some of Ohio States Current players & try on Cardale Jones National Championship ring!  It was an amazing experience!

DSC09137 DSC09136 DSC09134

We would like to thank the to Ohio State Alumni for giving us the opportunity to make warrior wishes come true for the 2nd straight year at the Ohio State’s Bowl game – last year we sent Sgt Drew Mullee & his wife to the BCS Championship Game.

That was just Day 1 of 2016!  My dad certainly enjoyed his 10 straight days of being home for the holidays – and so did X-man – but it was time to get back in action.  Xander and I dropped off G-Pa at the airport for a 3 day Texas tour, hosting warriors at Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavs games, as well as Cowboy Stadium Tour.


We chose to do an extra Cowboys game due to the large number of nominations we had to see “America’s team.”  My dad & I do our best every year to accomodate every request that we get, but its not always easy.  and for those of you that we did not get to this year, we have not forgotten about you, we have you on our list for future events.

Today we had the opportunity to host Navy Warrior Chris Bradley, Air Force Warrior Nicholas Navarro, SFC Rocky Johnson & his wife Karisa, who is the Gold Star sister of fallern hero SSG Michael Murphrey at the Dallas Cowboys game.

We met 2 of our families at Whole Foods Arlington for breakfast at 8:00 AM due to the noon kickoff . Navy warrior Chris Bradley, his wife Kayla, their 3 year old son Robert and Chris’ service dog Sadie arrived early.  They had just met our other guest SFC Rocky Johnson and his wife Krisa.  We would like to thank Eric and Melinda at Whole Foods for providing a nice relaxing introductory breakfast, before we headed down the street a few blocks to the stadium .


As we always do in Dallas, we tailgated with Julio”Prime”Marin, a member of the PFUFA.  He & his awesome tailgate group have always welcomed us with open arms. Today was no different.  Great food and good fun was had by all.  We are thankful to call Julio & his crew friends. Before making their way into the stadium, my dad grabbed a microphone from the next tailgate over to recognize the warriors for their service and had a moment of silence to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Sgt Murphrey made for our country.

IMG_0169 DSC01724 DSC01726

Air Force active duty Nick Navarro , who has been following our mission for awhile & his fellow Air Force warrior Luis Covarrubias were unable to make it in time to tailgate with us, but enjoyed the game in their camo uniforms from the party deck.


Unfortunately for the warriors, the Cowboys didnt give them much to cheer about as the Redskins took a commanding  24-0 lead to start the game.  After Washington had benched a majority of their starting players, the Cowboys made a little come back, but fell short 34-23.


The loss certainly didn’t keep our guests from having a great time.  It was an honor to host these heroes and give them an experience that they will never forget at their first Cowboys game ever!

Again we want to thank Whole Foods for breakfast , Julio for tailgate and transportation and New Era for the awesome Cowboys caps. But most importantly our warriors for their service and sacrifice to our country .


After the game, my dad slept at the Airport for his 2nd night in a row… I offered to get him a hotel, but he said he would rather save the money and make more warrior wishes come true.  So thats what he did.  On Tuesday morning he woke up, jumped on a bus to Arlington & made his way back to AT&T stadium to do just that.


For anyone who has not been to Dallas and toured AT&T Stadium, it should be on your bucket list, it was amazing!

 We had the honor of hosting, 8 year Marine Corporal Johnny Turner & kept the legacy of Kimi Agar alive by hosting her mom & brother in her honor.


The tour began rather routine by making a stop in the team pro shop and browsing the main concourse, but as it progressed it became better & better.  Stops on the Cowboys  Stadium tour included visits to Jerry Jones suite, the cheerleaders locker room, the players locker room and the best part of all, the warriors got to make their way out of the tunnel & onto the field to take pictures & do their own Romo to Bryant touchdown impersonation.

IMG_0244 IMG_0239 IMG_0233

Chris and Johnny played a little 2 on 2 with a couple others on the tour , while Margy kicked a couple punts.


Of course, my dad had to catch a couple passes on the field too, but he eventually took a nap on the star.


Everyone made unforgettable once in a lifetime memories on the tour & our day was just getting started! After about an hour on the field, we headed downtown to American Airlines Arena for our 3rd leg of our Dallas Warrior Wishes Experience – Dallas Mavs game.

 THANK YOU to the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Stadium for donating tickets to their awesome tour.




Christopher Bradley joined the Navy Reserves on August 6th, 2003.  Among his duties, he assisted with the clean up with Hurricane Katrina.

In September of 2006, Chris was deployed to Kuwait as part of the Navy batallion Romeo.  He also flew several missions into Iraq.  While on deployment, his unit came under attack & Chris was knocked unconscious.

Bradley married his wife Kayla on September 21st 2007.  Chris was medboarded at 100% disabled in 2009 due to health issues.  He & his family now live in Amarillo Texas with their 3 kids.



SSG Michael Murphrey, joined the Army out of high school. He served 6 years and three tours of duty before giving his life on September 6 2009. Michael was trying to help a humvee up a steep hill when he stepped on an PPIED triggering the IED. Michael was stationed with the 82nd airborne out of Bragg and his final deployment was with the 501st airborne out of ft. Richardson, Alaska.

He was born a hero in his family. He played football, baseball, and ran track in high school and excelled at everything he did. There was no mediocracy with michael. His hobbies included fishing and hunting and with thanks to our dad he could fix anything with a motor on it (or at least was supposed to have a motor). Michael adored family.

He and his wife Ashley had two children a son, jaden and a daughter, Cameron. He had an especially tight bond with his dad and used that to create the same bond with his son, Jaden and his daughter, Cameron. He is missed and loved dearly every single day.


krisa and rocky uniform and dress

SFC Rocky Johnson has served 12 years in the United States Army he has completed 3 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. Right now he is stationed at Camp Shelby at the first  Army Academy as an OC/T instructor. His original job is in field artillery as a 13 bravo. He joined the military to make a difference in the world. His biggest challenge is raising his three daughters. There isn’t a regulation on guiding teenagers on the right path, he says. He enjoys being with family, fishing, dove hunting, and woodworking. He is huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns.



Johnny honorably served in the US Marine Corps from 2000-2008.  He was deployed to Iraq in 2005 & was medically retired from the Marine Corps with service connected disability rating of 100% due to PTSD and TBI.

Today Johnny is a licensed Minister in Fort Worth, Texas and enjoys spending time with family, going to church and attending sporting events.

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Game 13 – Warrior Wishes Come True in Dallas!

After hosting warriors at the 12th NFL game of our 2015 “All32in17” mission in Houston & spending a few days Chiving on in Austin, it was time to get back to work & make Warrior Wishes come true in Dallas!

I had dropped my dad off at the bus station in Houston to catch his $1 overnight bus to Dallas before heading back to Chicago with the family.
My dad arrived around 1am and stayed up all night getting everything ready to host warriors at the Dallas Cowboys game for our 13th game this season!
Here are some of our favorite memories from making Warrior Wishes come true in Dallas over the past 3 years.
DSCN1937 DSCN5988 DSC05800
We had the honor of hosting Army SPC Michael Wells, Army SPC Amber Wells & Army SGT Bobby Henline at today’s game.  (meet the warriors below).
We kicked off the day & met up with the warriors at the Cowboys PFUFA Ultimate Tailgate.  Over the past few years our friends at this tailgate have hosted us & truly helped us make each warriors experience special.  Plus this year they went above and beyond by raising $400 to make more Warrior Wishes come true!  We are thankful for their hospitality & generosity!
As I mentioned in our Seattle post, a lot of people ask us what stadium is the best in the NFL? The answer is simple.  AT&T stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, is in a league of its own.
With Tony Romo & Dez Bryant sidelined due to injuries, the Cowboys had a difficult matchup ahead of them.  The undefeated New England Patriots were in town & hungry for another win.
The Cowboys were able to keep Rob Gronkowski contained for much of the game, but Tom Brady & his high powered offense were too much for the Cowboys to handle.  The Patriots went on to win by the score of 30-6.
Despite the loss, the warriors had a great time & we were just getting started.  A friend of ours works for the Cowboys & was able to get us 6 Landry Room passes. On top of the warriors we had hosted at the game, we also met up with Marines Omar Milan & Harry Duffy as well as Army Warrior Julio Marin to host them in the Landry room as well.
The Landry Room is one of the most unique characteristics of AT&T stadium.  It’s a luxurious room with couches, a full service bar & lots of delicious food.  Most of the players meet up with their family members after the game in the Landry room.
Cowboys Jason Witten, Terrence Williams, Cole Beasley, Tyler Clutts, Nick Hayden, Lucky Whitehead, Demarcus Lawrence, Jason Garrett & Hall of Famer Charles Haley all took the time to take pictures, sign autographs & show these warriors their appreciation for their service & sacrifices!  It was an unforgettable experience!
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We would like to thank the PFUFA Cowboys Ultimate fans for hosting us at your tailgate & raising money to continue our mission, New Era Caps for providing Cowboys Caps for all the warriors & our friend Brett from the Cowboys for helping us secure tickets to the game & providing the Landry room passes.
So far this season my dad has been spoiled & only taken a handful of busses, but things are about to change.  We do everything we can to keep travel costs down so we can make more warrior wishes come true.    Over the next few weeks my dad will be riding the bus a lot!  Staring with a 18 hour bus ride from Dallas to Chicago.
IMG_0357 - Copy
He will have a few days to hang out with us back here in Chicago before heading out to Atlanta to catch a bus to New Orleans for the Thursday night game later this week




A veteran of Desert Storm by age 19, Bobby was inspired to re-enlist in the Army after the attacks on September 11th, 2001. He deployed to Iraq three times with the 82nd Airborne Division and the 3rd Armored Calvary regiment. On April 7th, 2007, tragedy struck when Bobby’s Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb just north of Bagdad. Of five men in the vehicle, Bobby was the only survivor. More than 38 percent of his body was burned and his head was burned to the skull; he spent six months in the hospital fighting for his life, and within two years Bobby’s left hand was amputated. To date, he has had more than 40 surgeries.

In August, 2009 Bobby pinky swore with his occupational therapist that he would try stand-up comedy in Los Angeles while he was in town for a doctor’s visit. Shortly thereafter, during an open mic night at the Comedy Store, the “Well-Done Comedian” was born. Bobby believes that God kept him alive for a reason. He believes his mission is to help create awareness for burn survivors, to inspire people to live life to the fullest, and to heal others through his story and laughter. Bobby’s self-deprecating comedic style will leave you in stitches and will burn in your heart forever.


Bobby has also proved to be a gifted motivational speaker, using his own experiences as a way to add perspective and bring inspiration to people’s lives. Bobby has been asked to speak with companies, individuals and non-profit organizations. Testimonials from those who have heard Bobby provide a sense of the lasting aura he projects.

Bobby lives in San Antonio, TX
He performs regularly at the Laugh Out Loud and River Center Comedy Clubs in San Antonio, and has also performed at Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale, CA. The Comedy Zone in Fayetteville, NC. and in Las Vegas at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club.

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Watch his story below



Michael joined the Army right out of high school. His MOS was 19K, M1A1 Abrams Tanker. He was stationed in Baumholder, Germany and Friedberg, Germany. Wells was injured by a mortar blast during his second deployment to Iraq, in Ramadi. He also suffers from PTSD.  He currently works with a local rescue to train service dogs for other Veterans as a form of therapy.
Amber is Michael’s wife.  She actually nominated her husband for the Cowboys game and we learned that she too had served in the Army.  Amber joined the Army in 2009 as a 68W, Medic. She was stationed at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio and then PCS’d to Ft. Gordon, Georgia, where she met her husband, Mike.
It truly was an honor to host these warriors at the Cowboys game to thank them for their service & sacrifices.  We will see you in New Orleans Thursday!