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Warrior Wishes Come True At Fenway Park!

My dad has been on the road all week making Warrior Wishes come true on the east coast.  Last night he hosted warriors in New York at the Yankees game.


After the game, he made his way to Boston on another overnight bus.  He arrived early in the morning, but unfortunately was unable to get much done because his phone was not working…


Boston is one of my dad’s favorite places to travel to.  We have made some unforgettable memories there & look forward to many more memorable experiences in the future.  


My dad spent a majority of his morning hanging out at the Apple Store trying to get his phone fixed.  Unfortunately they were unable to figure out the problem & my dad couldn’t leave it there overnight because he had to be back in New York tomorrow for the Mets game.  

But as they say, “the show must go on!”  So my dad made his way over to Fenway Park and met up with Marine, John Morley & his girlfriend, Eva.  


I was pretty impressed that my dad still coordinated everything without having access to his phone.  But he made it happen!

John was nominated by our 3rd guest ever, BJ Ganem.  We had the honor of hosting John back in 2013 at a Boston Celtics game & we have been trying to get him to another event over the last couple of years, but he has been very busy starting up his own business. 

My dad met up with John at Boston Beer works for lunch before the game & enjoyed the opportunity catch up with Him and meet his new girlfriend Eva. They also reminisced about the Celtics Experience and how much fun it was.


They snapped a few pictures outside the stadium before John & Eva headed inside to the famous Fenway Park.  


Meanwhile, my dad attempted to find a cheap ticket to go inside & eventually decided it was more important for him to try to get his phone fixed.  Because he had a few loose ends to tie over the next few days.  

John made sure to take a few pictures inside the stadium & sent them to us.  He & Eva enjoyed a beautiful day at the ballpark & got to see an exciting 6-5 Walk off win by the Red Sox!


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Boston Beer Works for providing a delicious pregame meal & New Era for providing Red Sox Caps!

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Most importantly, we want to thank Marine SGT John Morley for your service & sacrifices to our country.  It was an honor & a pleasure to host you again.  We truly hope you had a great time at the game.

My dad will be back on the overnight Megabus tonight.  He will be back in New York hosting warriors at tomorrows Mets game.  Stay tuned for more details!


Retired US Navy Chief John Morley is the founder and President of Shellback Industries, a CVE certified service disabled veteran owned small business. Shellback Industries provides construction management services, a project delivery system that facilitates demolition and site preparation by organizing people, materials and equipment.

John Morley began a career serving his country when he enlisted in the Navy in October of 1996. After boot camp, attending “A” School and a deployment to the Persian Gulf onboard the USS Princeton CG-59, John was inspired to become a US Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Diver. Following an extensive EOD training program and graduation in May of 2001, he reported to Explosive Ordinance Disposal Mobile Unit THREE in Coronado, California.

After the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, John’s team was deployed to Afghanistan in support of the Global War on Terror. Over the next five years, he served three additional tours in support of OEF/OIF in Iraq, supporting various groups including U.S. Marines, Navy Special Warfare, and Task Force Troy.

In May of 2006 three months into a deployment to Iraq, John was in the process of gathering intelligence from a previously disarmed improvised explosive device. While reaching down to collect the explosive component of the device it detonated, resulting in the loss of his right hand. His next two years were filled with surgeries and rehabilitation before he medically retired from active duty in April of 2008.

After his retirement, John continued to work in the EOD field as a security contractor for the State Department, as well as for a private security company before working directly for the federal government as a Transportation Security Specialist (TSS-E) in the Explosives Operations Branch of the Department of Homeland Security. John left the federal government in October of 2016 to pursue full time Shellback Industries, a company he founded in October of 2015.

John is a native of Reading, Massachusetts where he attended Reading Memorial High School (Class of 1989) before going on to Plymouth State College where he graduated in 1995. John now resides in Waltham, Massachusetts with his service dog Nio, a 4 year old Doberman Pinscher.

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Our “PALS” & The Red Sox Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

 While Warrior Wishes were coming true in Chicago at the Iconic Wrigley Field to see the World Champion, Chicago Cubs…


Warrior Wishes were coming true in Boston at the 2nd game of today’s Quadruple-header, Warriors we’re getting treated to an unforgettable day In Boston at another iconic stadium, Fenway Park, thanks to our “PALS” at Patient Air Lift Services.  


Patient Air Lift Services, AKA “PALS” has been making wishes come true since last year.  We want to thank them for their partnership & for continuing to provide once in a lifetime experiences to the brave men & women of our country!


The day started early in the morning when Army Sgt Arthur Bonjour, Marine Cpl Chris Levi, Marine LCpl Michael Snyder & Army SPC Thomas Snyder met up their Pilot, Joe Howley, at the airport in White Plains, NY to take a private Jet to Boston!

IMG_2943 IMG_2945

Once in Boston, the Warriors got to do  a little sight seeing around the city & around the stadium.  

IMG_2457 IMG_2483

Before the game, the guys enjoyed pregame field passes, got to hang out in the dugout & met a few players!  

IMG_2936 IMG_2934 IMG_2482

The Warriors were all honored on the field for their service & sacrifices during the game!  They received a standing ovation from the Boston Red Sox and their fans!



To put the icing on the cake at an unforgettable experience at Fenway Park, The Red Sox edged the Tampa Rays by the score of 2-1 to win the game!  


After the game, the warriors made their way back to the airport and headed home to spend Easter Sunday with their families.  


All of the Warriors had an awesome experience.  From the Private Jet to the Red Sox win & getting to hang out with each other all day long, it was a day they will never forget.  Lcpl Snyder told us “I can’t stop telling people about it.  I had an Awesome time!”

The day after the game we received the following email from His mom. 

“I just wanted to thank you very much to offer my son the experience of a lifetime.  He was so excited about the trip and could not stop talking about it when he arrived home.  He was very appreciative of the offer and so was his wife and myself.  He has not been so happy in such a very long time and this was so uplifting for him and his brother. He also met Christopher Levi and Arthur Bonjour and hopes that they will become lifelong friends. Everyone involved all the way to the end of the evening treated my son’s to a great day they will never forget.”

Comments like that keep is going. It’s so much more than just a game. It’s an experience!  it’s an opportunity for us to show these warriors that their service & sacrifices are appreciated & will never forgotten. 

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Joe, Karen & Eileen from PALS (Patient Air Lift Services) as well as the Boston Red Sox for their continued support to help make Warrior Wishes Come True! You guys continue to knock it out of the park!  



Most importantly we want to thank Marine Cpl Chris Levi, Army Sgt Arthur Bonjour, Marine LCpl Michael Snyder and Army SPC Thomas Snyder for their service & sacrifices!  

The Predators & Blackhawks are about to face off for game 3 of our quadruple header! 


Stay tuned for more details!

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The Red Sox Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

After another successful mission at the Yankees game & another “Megabus Hotel,” Yes if you’re keeping track thats my dad’s 3rd straight night sleeping on overnight busses,  My dad arrived in Boston to make Warrior Wishes come true at the iconic Fenway Park. 


The good thing about taking overnight busses is….  well there isn’t anything good about taking them other than you get into the city early and  it gives my dad all day to network with companies and potential sponsors to help us continue our mission and make more Warrior Wishes come true for future events.  He spent a successful morning doing just that, before heading over to his hotel …what ? …yes, hotel – for the first time in 4 days he will get some real sleep in an actual bed and they even let him check in early!  But before he was able to rest up, he met up with Army Sgt Matthew Pennington from Bangor, Maine and local NYC Army Warriors John McGuiness and Max Spahn for dinner and hosted them at Fenway, thanks to the Boston Red Sox.

Red Sox (3)

Max and John are officers on the Student Veteran Council of Northeastern University.  Matthew works for nonprofit StandUp For Heroes and also plays on Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team.


Everyone met for dinner to get some good old Chicago style deep dish pizza thanks to Uno Pizzeria across from the stadium.   Our guests took very different paths to get there. SGT Pennington drove 6 hours from Bangor, Maine with his cousin Kassey.  While Warriors Max and John walked 15 minutes up the street after they got out of class. All enjoyed the delicious pizza thanks to Elsie and Uno Pizzeria – whose first location was in Chicago.


After dinner it was game time!  Everyone walked over to the stadium and took a few photos outside before heading in to this unbelievably iconic stadium. Only Wrigley Field compares to this 100 plus year old nostalgic piece of history.  If you’re a true sports fan, Fenway park must be on your bucket list!  


The game itself was much like last night in New York – a good game until the visiting team again hit back to back homers to pull and win easily 8-2.  Despite the Red Sox loss, the warriors had a great time at the game! 

IMG_3462 IMG_3461

Max and John walked home, while my dad walked with Kassey and Matt back to there hotel, which was provided for them thanks to the Boston Sheraton.  Eventually my dad made his way back to his hotel to finally get a well deserved good night sleep in an actual bed.  

Another Mission Accomplished!!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank to New Era Cap for outfitting the Warriors with new Red Sox Caps, The Sheraton Boston Hotel for providing accommodations for the warriors, Uno Pizzeria for the delicious deep dish pizza and the Boston Red Sox for making Warrior Wishes come true at Fenway Park!  

1425045928_uno-logo 206cdc46-9289-49fb-8234-fe717b330606 New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0


Most importantly, we want to thank the Warriors for their service & sacrifices.  Never unnoticed, Never Forgotten.

Over the past 5 days, my dad has made Warrior Wishes come true in Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York & Boston.  He will be up at the crack of dawn to catch his 6 am bus back to New York City to host heroes at tomorrows Mets game before making his way to Washington DC for Memorial Day Weekend to host Gold Star Families & keep legacies alive!  Stay tuned for more details.

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Teaming Up With “PALS” To Make Warrior Wishes Come True In Boston!

Just a few days ago we received a phone call from an organization called Patient Air Lift Services (PALS).  They were looking to team up with us on a mission to host and honor Warriors at Fenway Park in Boston.  


Patient AirLift Services arranges volunteer medical flights and free air transportation for needy individuals throughout the greater Northeast region, from Virginia to Maine, Ohio to Massachusetts.

Every year, PALS organizes short private jet Baseball excursions for Warriors on the east coast as well.  PALS gave us the opportunity to nominate a handful of Warriors to fly on a private jet from White Plains, NY to Boston for the Red Sox game on April 16th.


USMC Gunnery SGT Christopher Claude (one of our first guests ever), Marine SGT Johnny Lopez, Army SGT Alex Rodriguez & Warrior Ryan Brandisano had an experience of a lifetime on the trip.  

The Warriors were treated to field passes before the game and got to take pictures in the Red Sox dugout.


They sat in the best seats in the house to watch the Red Sox take on the Blue Jays & got to sit in the most coveted seats at Fenway Park.  They sat on top of the “Green Monster!”


We would like to thank PALS for this opportunity & for helping provide these unforgettable memories to the Warriors. We look forward to partnering up with them again on future missions!


Just 3 days after these warrior wishes came true at Fenway Park, many of our past guests competed in the Boston Marathon.  

From Boston bombing survivors to Wounded warriors we cheered them on from Chicago as they continued to inspire and never give up.  We are extremely proud of all of them for showing us that nothing is impossible!  

My dad will be back on the road next week Making Warrior Wishes come true in Detroit.

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The Red Sox Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

After a good night sleep thanks to the Constitution Inn, my dad was back at Fenway Park this morning to honor the legacy of Army Warrior Ryan McDermott & host surviving family members at the Red sox game in his honor.


Ryan enlisted in the United States Army in 2010, where he proudly served honorably for the next 3 and half years in Charlie Company 2nd Battalion 227th Aviation Regiment, Fort Hood, TX. During this time he bravely served one tour in Afghanistan.

Ryan was an avid Patriot and Red Sox fan who enjoyed snowboarding and the outdoors. He was also an accomplished scuba diver, who was very proud to serve our country in the United States Army. Most of all Ryan loved spending time with his family and friends, where he always had this uncanny way with words and one liners that would leave you in tears from laughing.

Ryan’s passion for life and to be the best soldier he could be was what he strived for.

Operation Warrior Wishes is proud to honor the legacy of Army Warrior Ryan Mcdermott and host his family at the Red Sox game today.

We would like to thank New Era Cap for providing Red Sox Caps for the Warriors & the Boston Red Sox for providing tickets for the game and helping us make these Warrior Wishes come true!  Ryan’s family had the had the opportunity to sit front row behind home plate!  It was an incredible experience that will never be forgotten!

Today marked the 2nd year anniversary since the Boston Marathon Bombing.  It was pretty awesome to meet up with some of the survivors at the game and watch them throw out first pitch!  As you may recall, we hosted many of the survivors last year at the Patriots game.  Its incredible to see how far they have come since the attack.

My Dad will be back on the Bus tonight and make his way to DC to make Warrior Wishes come true at the Nationals game tomorrow!

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