Making a Difference

“All of the Veterans that you and your organization have helped (My brother was among them) are the real winners because of your generosity & forward thinking. Thank You for all you do for all of the very deserving patriots out there!”
~Sheila Fox Salisbury~

You guys ROCK! More than you will ever know….more than words can describe…. you help heal the broken & with that you are simply PRICELESS! Love you guys! ~Shelly Bell (Facebook Follower)

“This amazing father & son team gives so much of themselves
to honor wounded service members, fallen service members & their surviving family members!” ~Army One Source~

I am an active duty Marine… I just think it is awesome what you guys do for all of us and I can’t thank you all enough for your support. You make what I do for our country all that much more worth it and it really shows us how much we are appreciated for what we do. Thank You, Semper Fi! – Purple Heart Marine Bryan Hall

I want to deeply say thank you. Since I was hosted by Warrior Wishes & the Posse at the Ravens game doors have opened up for me. I have been dealing with my PTSD & depression when I got the call from Craig & Matt, it was an answer to a cry for help without knowing it. I am now paying it forward and attending charity events as an honorary member of the Posse. “Nevermore” was born. I now have purpose again, and am able to help others, in doing so its healing me. Matt & Craig, I am truly thankful, honored, humbled, and blessed to know you both. You guys have given to me & others more than you will ever realize. Again I thank you both, Salute! ~Ret. Army SGT Michael Cymek~

What a great year you had! I get emotional with every story you bring us. I am so proud to be an American! ~Marty Burnett (Warrior Wishes Supporter)

It was a great time, wonderful to meet you and hear about the work you are doing – Sandy Flynn (Pat Tillman Foundation)

“We had a great time at the game & Thanks… We were glad to be a part of it!” Tuskegee Airmen David Tolliver & Rudy Silas

“I Thank you & matt for all of your time & hard work
to make attending the games by our soldiers possible” – Rebecca Stanton (Aunt of PFC Cody Stanton)

“AWESOME!!! Thank you for going the extra mile… literally. Many people speak the words, but few put it into action because of the sacrifice that it takes. You Guys Are My Heroes!” – Army Sgt. Joey Bozik

Just wanted to thank you for another great time! The warriors were so appreciative and lovely to provide lunch for,
and Matt & Craig did a great job coordinating everything and kept a smile on their face even with travel hiccups! Mary Hernandez Whole Foods

You and your son are doing some pretty amazing things. You guys are such a force – very inspiring what you do!
Jen Boroff (Henson Consulting PR Firm)

I again want to thank you and your father for what you two gentleman have done and continue to do for our armed forces.
It warms my heart to see someone doing something purely out of the kindness of their hearts, not looking for praise, aknowlegement or fame.
Krista Harty (Wife of Major Jared Harty 101st airborne)

It’s always humbling to see organizations like yours continuing to keep our heroes’ memories alive
Army Warrior Meg Merrill