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Operation Warrior Wishes celebrates veterans all year round, not just on Veterans Day, but as Veterans Day approaches we always try to go above and beyond and do more to give back to those who serve.  That’s why we jumped at an opportunity to make Warrior wishes come true in a suite at the Chicago Blackhawks game on the Marines birthday, the day before Veterans Day!

To celebrate the Marine’s birthday, we hosted 7 Marines in the suite! Chad Watson, Michael Abragan, Chad Dumont, Diego Armendariz, Ramon Whittar, Gene Keyser and fellow board member Mark Toppel enjoyed connecting with eachother and watching the Hawks in the penthouse suite!

It was the perfect game to make Warrior wishes come true at because the Blackhawks were celebrating Military Appreciation night!  The National Anthem was amazing! Nineteen Purple Heart recipients lined up on the ice as Jim Cornelison belted the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner!

The Blackhawks gave us a lot to celebrate as they scored 4 goals in the 1st period!

We had a surprise guest visit our suite during the 2nd intermission. Blackhawks defenseman, Connor Murphy stopped by to thank the guys for their service and sacrifices! Unfortunately Connor is on injured reserve recovering from an Injury, but hopes to back in the lineup next week.

We met him last year at Brent Seabrook’s bowling event where the warriors and Connor won the title!

Connor brought the warriors Blackhawks military themed shirts, signed autographs, took pictures and sincerely thanked everyone of our guests in attendance!

We also invited a Korean War Purple Heart veteran who was out on the ice during the National Anthem to join us when Connor stopped by.

We cannot thank Connor Murphy enough for going above and beyond to make this a very special night for our guests!  To show him our appreciation, we presented him with a Marines print designed by Jason Bullard ( and had all the Marines sign it for him.

Everyone lined up to get dessert and really enjoyed the delicious treats from the sweet cart during the 3rd period!

In the end, the Blackhawks went on to beat the Maple Leafs by the score of 5-4!  Another mission accomplished!

Operation Warrior wishes would like to thank Marines; Chad Watson, Michael Abragan, Chad Dumont, Diego Armendariz, Ramon Whittar, Gene Keyser and Mark Toppel for your service and sacrifices! And we want to wish all the veterans out there a very Happy Veterans Day!

My dad will be back in action Monday night at the 49ers game, our 38th NFL game this season! Stay tuned for more details.