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14 Heroes attend Hawks game in comfort of Corporate Suite

We were able to fill our donated Blackhawks Suite with 14 heroes and family members!!
First of all, THANK YOU to Dave and his son Austin of Landscaping Material and Firewood for donating the Suite.
MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU to our Warrior Guests for dropping everything and heading to the United Center in a couple hours notice …LOL. It was our honor and pleasure to host and thank the following for their service to our country.
Army Veterans Chris Buscher, Air Force Kyle Radke and their sons. Air Force Mike Bazzoni, and his son, Air Force David Mercer & his wife, Army Veteran Jason Vaughn and his girlfriend & Active-Duty Navy Brandon McPhan, along with Alexis Brown who works for the VA.

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Hero Rivalry at Chiefs Bengals Championship Game.

Welcome to Championship Sunday!! Who are you rooting for? Rams or 49ers? Chiefs or Bengals? We have a friendly rivalry going on in Kansas City today!!!Our Warrior Guest TSgt Billy O’Brien will be teamed up with his Army buddy JB Artley rooting for the Bengals … but sitting right next to him is our other Warrior Guest Hero Army Major Oliver
“Dan” Gibson and his 18-year-old son Jackson rooting for the Chiefs. The trash talking has already begun and hoping the fighting is at a minimum…LOL …and no matter who wins, they will both treasure today’s special Operation Warrior Wishes Experience.
THANK YOU Don and Robyn Munce for hosting our heroes at tailgate today and all season long(Thanks Jeff and Jeremy too) and MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU Billy and Dan for service to our country.

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Greatest Playoff Game in History Played Witnessed by Heroes at their first NFL game?

For anyone that watched, or even heard about, the Chiefs-Bills Playoff Game, it is pretty unanimous that it was the best game of the 2022 NFL season. Many have said it may have been the best Playoff game in NFL History!!
Well, what if that was the first game you ever went to … that is what happened to our guest 27-year Army Veteran Tracy Henderson. He was there along with his son, Dominique (who has served our country for 18 years himself and is still serving) cheering on his hometown Chiefs to victory …and I
have no doubt the crowd had a part in that victory!!How can he ever go to another game again? Will he think all games are like last night’s Chiefs 42-36 overtime thriller over the Bills?
Our other warrior guest, Army PFC Dustin Lloyd decided to bring his sister, Amber to her first game as well
and they also got to be a part of this historic game!! Dustin was actually nominated for last week’s Chief’s game against Pittsburgh – I’m guessing he is glad he went to this one instead!! And I’m sure his sister is also glad he did!!
Wait I think both teams just scored again.
THANK YOU to Don & Robyn Munce for hosting our heroes at his tailgate last night and all season long!!
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU to Army Veterans Dominique and Tracy Henderson, and Dustin Lloyd for their dedicated service to our country!!

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Great Day to be a Hockey fan in Nashville for 14 Heroes.

What a great Saturday in Nashville to be a Hockey fan.
14 of our countries military heroes enjoyed a Limo Tour of a couple cool breweries, the hoopla of NFL Playoff game in town and Nashville Predators hockey victory. Despite the City of Nashville’s very disappointing 19-16 last second Titan loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, a good time was had by all. Active-duty Army veterans Gordon Burton, Logan Allie, Kaitlyn Lear and Louise Farrell, along with retired Army MSGT Michelle Sandahl, CSM Michele Johnson, CW4 Kenny Chang and 1SGT Eddie Alvarran all came down from Fort Campbell for this experience. Local Nashville area Veterans Steve Moore of (Navy), Cory Willard (Air Force), Bruce Coots (Army) and Cliff Hinson (Army) joined Chicago Army Vet Andy Balafas & 27-year Navy Veteran Scott Dunlop, who both had arrived last night completed the roster.
THANK YOU to Joel & Flip at Barrique Brewing, At Yazoo Brewery new location and John at Honky Tonk Central for our 3 stop Limo Tour. THANK YOU to Mike at Signature Limousine for the VIP Limo Bus Transportation all night.
THANK YOU to Kevin from Vaco Nashville, for donating their company Vaco Predators Suite for this Special Event.
THANK YOU to Andrew at Four Points Sheraton Nashville Airport for hotel accommodations for our out-of-town guests.
MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU to all 14 of our Special Guests for their service to our great country!!

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Warrior Wishes Honoring Heroes in Dallas and Kansas City during Super Wild Card Weekend.

Super Wild Card Weekend continues today as Operation Warrior Wishes hosting and honoring heroes in Dallas and Kansas City.
In the Cowboys/Niners game, a crazy ending fell short for the Cowboys and our Army Sgt John Bentley & his wife, who flew in from Wisconsin to cheer on their favorite team?
Despite the loss, they did have a great time hanging out with a lot of Cowboy fans & new friends at a Tailgate across from ATT Stadium.
In the Nightcap, Army PFC Caleb Dye is spending some quality father-son time with his dad, David and meanwhile, Marine husband and wife Veronica and Thomas Manges, will hopefully still
be talking at the end of the night – she is a Chiefs fan & he is Steeler’s fan
Despite a slow start, the Kansas City Chiefs made most of our warriors happy in last night’s Super Wild Card game, as they defeated the Steelers 42-21. Army PFC Caleb Dye flew in from Florida to spend time with his dad and enjoy this special father-son experience. Local Kansas City Marines,
husband/wife Veronica and Thomas Manges had a little different dynamic – Thomas is a Steelers fan, while his wife is a Chiefs fan, and attended her FIRST EVER NFL GAME!! The irony of all this is that Veronica is at her first ever game, while her husband watched Ben Roethlisberger LAST EVER NFL GAME.
BIG THANK YOU to Jacob at Hilton KC Airport for hotel for Caleb and his dad,
as well as to Scott at Westin DFW airport for Sgt Bentley’s hotel in Dallas.
THANK YOU as always to John and Shawn at BengalBombSquad, Julio ”Prime”at America’s Tailgate and Don Munce at the Chiefs tailgate for their incredible hospitality.
MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU to all our heroes – Army Sgt Paul Mann at Bengals first playoff wins in 31 years yesterday, Army Sgt John Bentley at the Cowboys/49er thriller and Army PFC Caleb Dye and Marines Veronica and Thomas Manges at Chief-Steelers for their service to our country.

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Army Vet Honors Best Friend at Bengals game

Army Veteran Paul Mann was our guest at Bengals game in 2017, along with few other veterans & his friend Mike Dycus.
Unfortunately, his friend Mike passed away in December& his best memories of his friend revolves around Bengals games.
We told Paul “We have to get you to a Bengals game in honor of your friend Mike”-so he is enjoying today’s Bengal Raiders game, wishing he was there with his friend but dedicating it to him.
His nephew Brayden is there with him cheering on the Bengals …and we are pretty sure Mike is watching our hero and cheering for a big Bengals win from heaven!!! THANK YOU for your service, Sgt Mann!!

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Marine’s second wish Granted at second Vikings Stadium While Soldier’s wish granted at Browns

Marine John Hinz proposed to his then Fiance, Amber at the Final Viking Game ever played at the Metrodome!
Today, Sgt Hinz and his wife, were our guests at the Bears-Vikings final 2021 season game at US Bank Stadium.
In addition, we also sent Army Sgt John Whelpley and his wife, along with Army Sgt Richard Ader and a buddy to enjoy the Vikings 31-17 comeback win over the Bears after being down 14-0.
Meanwhile in Cleveland, Army Sgt Brian Cole’s daughter and cousins watched the Browns win their final game of the 2021 season over Cincinnati Bengals.
THANK YOU to Brian, Meg, Todd, and Brett for donating Viking tickets and to Ralph for donating Browns tickets!!
MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU to all our heroes who attended the games
for their service to our country.
Stay tuned for some great events over the next few weeks and months as we continue to host and honor heroes for our 10th Anniversary Season in 2022!

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Warrior Wishes Starts year 10 by honoring 20 Heros.

What a crazy way to start the New Year and to “Kickoff” our 10th Anniversary year of OperationWarriorWishes in 2022. Despite 7 Covid cancellations and 1 weather cancellation(due to cold & snowstorm in Chicago) in past 24 hours,we were still able to fill all 20 spots for our heroes in Dallas,Chicago
Washington DC and Boston.

This Week we “Kickoffed” our 10th Anniversary year of OperationWarriorWishes in 2022. Despite 7 Covid cancellations and 1 weather cancellation(due to cold & snowstorm in Chicago) in past 24 hours, we were still able to fill all 20 spots for our heroes in Dallas, Chicago,Washington DC and Boston

THANK YOU to Paul in Chicago, Phil and Patrick in Maryland, Jim in Boston and Tyler in DC for donating 14 extra tickets to Washington, Patriots, Bears and Cowboys games to add to our own 6 season tickets.

Marines David Hale and Alfredo Castro enjoyed a Bears win in the cold with their sons, while Army Sgt Serjio Alverio and Navy & AirForce Vet Michael Pickens also braved the cold with friends and family to see the victory.

In Washington DC, Navy Veteran Al Waters and his nephew, along with Navy Veteran Deborah White, Victor Gloria and their son Kingston, the Birthday Boy were all hoping for a Washington win, but the Eagles got the victory 20-16 to stay in playoff hunt.
Army veterans Vincent Kennedy and Army Major Clifton Cunningham also enjoyed the Eagles-Washington game in much milder weather than Chicago.

Meanwhile in Dallas, Army Veteran Benjamin Bell and his Police Officer wife Kerri are just getting ready to cheer on their Cowboys in a huge game against the Arizona Cardinals.

THANK YOU to Tailgate Ted in DC, Lorenzo and Tim in Chicago, Julio and Lloyd in Dallas and even Clayton in Boston for hosting our heroes all across the country at their tailgates.

As Always, MOST IMPORTANT THANK YOU to all of our heroes who were able to attend today’s games(and also those who were under the weather and could not attend ) for their service to our country !! See less

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Honoring 4 Vets in KC and Dallas

We are proud to be hosting & honoring 4 deserving Veterans today in Dallas and Kansas City. In KC, 23 Year Army Major Randy Livengood(who also was in Air Force),Army Sgt Chris Bennett and Army Sgt Shane Zavodny are all enjoying the Chiefs game with family members. Major Livengood and Sgt Bennett, who is also a police officer, are attending with their wives while Sgt Zavodny brought daughter Michaela to her first ever Chiefs game.
Meanwhile in Dallas, Army Veteran Todd O’Neal’s journey to the Cowboys game was a long one. The O’Neals are from St Louis and happened to be driving to Oklahoma for a family Christmas.
So after celebrating Christmas with the family on Saturday and a good night sleep, Todd & 12 year old son Ayden were back on the road Sunday morning for a 3 1/2 hour drive to Dallas to hopefully watch their Cowboys clinch the NFC East Title.
THANK YOU to Don Munce in Kansas City and Julio “Prime” Marin in Dallas for hosting our heroes at their tailgates.
THANK YOU also to Jeff Christiansen for donating 2 extra tickets to Chiefs game to add to our 4 season tickets.
AND AS ALWAYS,MOST IMPORTANT THANK YOU to our warriors ,Army Veterans Randy, Chris, Shane and Todd for their dedicated service to our great country!!

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Warrior Wishes Helps Fulfill Wishes for another WWII Vet, and 3 Other Heros

Operation Warrior Wishes is very proud to host yet another World War II Hero Navy Veteran Robert “Bob” Campo – along with 3 other heroes, at tonight’s Bears/Vikings Conference Matchup.
Bob’s Grandson Jeffrey nominated and attended with his grandfather, while Army Master Sgt Charles “Allen” Bankard and his wife, Navy & AirForce Veteran Mike Pickens & his wife and Army Sgt Joe Bessette and his 10 year old son also enjoyed a mild December night at Soldier Field. Unfortunately the Bears struggles continued and our deserving heroes were not rewarded with a Bears win, but fun was had by all despite a 17-9 loss, which kept the victorious Vikings in the playoff hunt.
Thank you to our friend & supporter Paul McEntee for donating 4 tickets.
Once again a huge Thank you to Lorenzo, Amos and Tim for hosting the tailgate as usual.
MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU to all of our guests for their dedicated service to our great country !!