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Da Bulls Continue to Make Wishes Come True!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank the Chicago Bulls for their continued generosity!  This week they made more wishes come true!

On Thusday January 2nd we had the honor of hosting Marines Otis Hooper and Sonny Coronado along with Army veteran Saul Tafolla at the game.

On Saturday January 4th we had the honor of hosting Army veterans Abe Callaham and Doralia “Dory” Rivera at the game!

Thank you for you service and sacrifices!

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Warrior Wishes Come True on Military Monday at Da Bulls Game!

Operation Warrior Wishes was honored to host Army Veterans; Jose Cisneroos, Kevin Lonkar, Cassandra Taylor, and Brittni Martinez along with Marines; Freddy Vargas, Hercules Gordillo, Andrew Rubio, George Pena, Alfredo Castro, Jay Campos, Beto Gutierrez, Adrian Teran and Navy veteran Amos Albert at the Chicago Bulls Military Monday!

We would like to once again thank the Chicago Bulls for their partnership and giving us the opportunity to make wishes come true at every bulls game this season!  Today’s group of warriors had the once in a lifetime experience of holding the American Flag with the players on the court during the National Anthem!

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Warrior Wishes Come True at the Rockets Game!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank our friend Erin for helping us make Warrior Wishes come true at the Rockets game!Thanks to her generosity, Marine Gunnery Sgt LaShonda Johnson, Marine Cpl Malishya Lott, Marine Cpl Jennifer Cannon and Navy Petty Officer Reginald Thompson had the opportunity to attend the game!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank LaShonda, Malishya, Jennifer and Reginald for their service and sacrifices!

My dad will be back in action Thursday night at the Texans game! Stay tuned…

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Warrior Wishes Come True at Da Bulls Game!

has been another wild week of making Warrior Wishes come true! We kicked things off on Thursday afternoon making wishes come true at Guys’s Grocery games In Santa Rosa, CA.

Then Thursday night we hosted warriors at the Raiders game…

On Sunday afternoon we made wishes come true at the Bears game…

Then Sunday night we had the honor of hosting 7 Marines on the Marines birthday in a suite at the Blackhawks game…

We celebrated Veterans Day in California hosting warriors at the unforgettable Seahawks vs 49ers game…

And today we are back at the United Center for the 2nd time this week making Warrior Wishes come true in a suite at the Bulls game!

Unfortunately I told my dad to go to the wrong airport after the 49ers game. He attempted to call me multiple times (10) to get more information about his flight, but I slept right thru all the calls…  Thankfully he figured out my mistake and was able to jump on the last train from San Francisco to Oakland to catch his Tuesday morning flight back to sweet home Chicago. Sorry dad…

Upon his arrival in Chicago, he froze his butt off and made his way directly to the United Center to meet up with our guests for the night.  Fellow board member, Bill Heaton fought his way thru rush hour traffic and met my dad and the warriors in front of the Michael Jordan statue before making their way inside the stadium and up to the penthouse Suite.

I had planned to meet up with them at 6pm myself, but I also got stuck in heavy traffic. Eventually I made it to the stadium around 6:30 after 2 hour drive…

Today we had the honor of hosting Marines Valerie Reynoso and Arlene Duncan, Navy Veteran Angela Hlavacek, Army veterans Gary Hlavacek, Solomon Duncan, and Lisa Artis and Air Force veterans Raimondi Ross, Jim Vales and Jonathan Vales in a Bulls Suite thanks to a friend who donated the tickets!

By the time I got there, the group was enjoying some delicious food and getting to know each other.  Throughout the night we shared some unforgettable moments. Former Chicago Bulls Mickey Johnson and Cliff Livingston stopped by the suite to show their appreciation to the warriors and the Luvabulls also made an appearance!

Operation Warrior wishes would like to thank the Bulls for going above and beyond for helping us provide these memorable experiences and for providing gift bags to each of the veterans complete with a stocking cap which came in handy considering the record cold temperatures outside…

Of course one of the highlights of the night came when the “Suite Sweet cart” rolled by. The warriors lined up to treat themselves. The Bulls cookies were a big hit!

In the end, Bulls rookie, Coby White stole the show and drained a record breaking 7 three pointers in 1 quarter! Everyone went wild when the Knicks missed 5 total free throws scoring us all a free Portillo’s hot dog and the Bulls went on to win to beat the Knicks by the final score of 120-102.

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Valerie, Arlene, Angela, Gary, Solomon, Lisa, Raimondi, Jim and Jonathan for their dedicated service to our country. It was an honor to have had the opportunity to host you all at the Bulls game!

After the game my dad made his way home with me to get a much needed good night sleep. He will be hanging out with the grandkids tomorrow before heading back out on the road to make Warrior Wishes come true in Cleveland Thursday night. Stay Tuned…

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Warrior Wishes Come True at the Final Four Championship Game!

Operation Warrior Wishes was honored to host Army Spc Jack Zimmerman at the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship game!

SPC (Ret.) Jack Zimmerman grew up in the small town of Cleveland, MN. He played football, basketball, baseball, hunted, archery, trained dogs, fished, rode snowmobiles, worked on his truck, and spent time with his friends and family. He went to college to be an electrician, and then worked for a company wiring a hospital, school, and justice center.

Jack decided to join the military because it has been something he always wanted to do. He saw the difference his grandfather made by fighting, and he didn’t want that work to go to waste.

Jack joined the army on September 2, 2009 and reported to Fort Benning, GA where he completed basic training and Airborne School. He joined his unit (2/502 101st Airborne Division) in Fort Campbell, KY in February 2010. In March, he did his JRTC training at Fort Polk before deploying on June 6 to Afghanistan. His unit pushed hard, fought hard, and accomplished all their objectives, plus some.

On February 6, 2010, he took his mid-tour leave and flew home to Minnesota. His fiancé dropped him off at the airport on February 23rd to return back to Afghanistan.

On March 9th, at 10:30 am, he was on his way back to his COP after a dismounted patrol. As they began to take fire, he was running for cover and stepped on an IED.  He was rushed to Kandahar Airfield where his legs were amputated. He then went to Belgram and Landstuhl before arriving at Brooke Army Medical Center. He spent eight weeks in the hospital before being discharged.  He worked out daily at the San Antonio Center for the Intrepid during his recovery.

He is a bilateral-above-the-knee amputee. His right hand is nonfunctional, and three fingers are amputated. Nonetheless, Jack is very positive and has worked hard to get better and achieve his goals.

His wife Megan was by his side every day when he was at BAMC. She was in school when he was injured and put her classes on hold, and has since graduated. Megan’s encouragement gives Jack the confidence he can accomplish anything. His parents and parents-in-law have also been huge in his recovery, along with his brother and brother-in-law.

Jack looks forward to resuming a normal life  — working, raising a family, and enjoying hunting, sled hockey, basketball, and archery. He, also wants to share his story with others so he is able to motivate and inspire others to dream again.

It was an honor to have the opportunity to show our appreciation to Jack for his service, sacrifices and inspirational attitude!

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The Detroit Pistons Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Wayne Ellington and the Detroit Pistons for giving us the opportunity to make these Warrior Wishes come true!

It was an honor to host Army Sgt Davin Dumar, Army SFC Terrence Hall & Army Sgt Daniel O’Connor along with their guests at the game!