Game 8 – The Jaguars Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

September 20, 2019

Week 1 we made Warrior Wishes come true in Chicago, New England & New Orleans.

Week 2 we made Wishes come true in Carolina, Atlanta & New York!

To kickoff week 3, my dad is heading back down south to the sunshine state to make Wishes come true at the Jaguars game in Jacksonville!

Throughout the years we have shared some memorable moments making Wishes come true in Jacksonville. I will never forget watching the Jaguars kicker surprise Ricky with a ball on the sidelines before the game. Warriors have held the flag during the National Anthem and we even met the team owner before a game!

After spending a day back home with the grandkids, my dad & I hit the road Wednesday morning at 6am and made our way to O’Hare airport to catch his early morning flight. Unfortunately, my dad forgot his phone, so we had to turn around and go back home to get it halfway there. But thankfully he still made his flight, but had to run thru the airport to make it on time…

After landing in Jacksonville he immediately made his way over to the stadium to meet up with the warriors.

Today we had the honor of hosting Coast Guard veteran Gabriella Scrudato, Army veterans Max Reyna, Rob Atkinson, Joe Mellon and Travis Maynard along with Marines Jeramy Quinn, Vivian Harris and her husband Master Sgt. Palace Harris at the Jaguars game.

Max Reyna Served on 2 deployments to Iraq as a Tank Gunner and Loader.

Rob Atkinson Joined the Army straight out of high school and served on 2 deployments in Iraq. Today he works in federal lee enforcement.

Joseph Mellon is a US Army Veteran with over Seven years of successful deployments Overseas and in Combat zones. Joseph specialized in Bradley Fighting Vehicles and became a Tank Master Gunner in 2010, training deploying Soldiers on tank skills for over 5 years. Joe is strong believer in the power of positive thinking in the workplace. He regularly developed training campaigns to assist Soldiers with maneuverability on the battlefield. Joseph currently is a Home Inspector with House Authority Inspection Service and enjoys his time diving in the springs of central Florida.

Army SFC Travis Maynard joined the Army at the age of 17 and has been serving as an active duty Infantryman in the U.S. Army for the last 13 and a half years. He has been on two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and has recently finished a 3 year assignment as a Drill Sergeant at Fort Benning, Georgia where he selflessly and wholeheartedly trained the future soldiers of our great nation.

Master Sgt. Palace Harris enlisted in the Marines in 1997. He was promoted to Master Sgt in 2015 and retired after 20 years of honorable and faithful service!

All of the warriors were big Jaguars fans and excited for the opportunity to go to the game.  We were just as excited to host them and show our appreciation to them for their service and sacrifices!

My dad met the warriors in front of the stadium in front of the Jaguars statue.

We would like to send a special thank you to the Jaguars organization for going above and beyond to provide an unforgettable experience for the warriors at the game.  The Jaguars invited the warriors to hold the flag on the field during the National Anthem and provided club level seats (which came in handy) for the group!

It was awesome to watch the warriors take the field with the huge flag before the game!

After the National Anthem they all made their way to the club, which was inside out of the pouring down rain, to watch the Titans take on the Jaguars in the Thursday Night matchup.

The Jaguars dominated the Titans all night long on both offense and defense.  The warriors all went home happy after the 20-7 win!

We cannot thank the warriors enough for their service and sacrifices!  You are appreciated and will never be forgotten!

After the game my dad made his way to the greyhound station to get a couple of hours of sleep before catching his early morning bus to Tampa.  He will be making Warrior Wishes come true at both Rays and Bucs games over the next few days.  Stay tuned for more details!