Game 6 – Warrior Wishes Come True At the Jets Game!

September 17, 2019

Since kicking off our mission on September 5th in Chicago…

My dad has made stops in Boston, New Orleans, Carolina & Atlanta to make Warrior Wishes come true.


Immediately following the Falcons game, he made his way to the airport to get a couple hours of sleep before catching his 7am flight to Newark, NJ.

He landed around noon and jumped in an uber to MetLife stadium, home of the New York Jets.

We have shared some unforgettable moments making Warrior Wishes come true at Jets games throughout the years.  My favorite memory of all was watching Fireman Ed sincerely thank our guests in 2012.  We have also enjoyed hanging out with the L7 tailgate crew and even made wishes come true with front row seats at last years game!

Today we had the honor of hosting Army Sgt Wilfredo Martinez and Army Sgt Jose Sanchez at the Jets Monday night game!

Army Sgt Wilfredo Martinez joined the Army in December 1999 at the age of 17 and served our country for 13 years. While deployed in Afghanistan, Sgt Martinez was involved in two explosions leaving him with a TBI, PTSD, back problems, night terrors, and many other lasting injuries.

Today Wilfredo, his wife and 6 children live in upstate New York on a Chicken farm and “Loves his Jets.” According to his wife, he begs her every year to go to a game. It’s an honor to make his wish come true!

Sgt Jose Sanchez joined the Army National Guard in 1985. On 9/11, Jose was called to action. He spent 4 years at ground zero and worked on search and recovery. He later volunteered to go to Afghanistan. Sgt Sanchez served on 154 missions outside the wire!

On Jan 3 2006 he was medivaced out of Afghanistan and sent to Germany before being sent to Walter Reed hospital to recover. Sgt sanchez was medically retired and now struggles with PTSD, a TBI, along with lumbar, and pulmonary issues. But he continues to serve his community and opened EL Barrio boxing and wellness center. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to host Sgt Sanchez at the Jets game!

My dad met up with Sgt Sanchez and Sgt Martinez at Redd’s restaurant and bar. They let the warriors park for free and shuttle them over to and from the stadium! We cannot thank Redd’s enough for their support throughout the years!

Sgt Martinez was accompanied by his wife and 3 month old son, who is our youngest guest ever!

As the group got to know each other, they hopped on the shuttle and made their way to the stadium to tailgate before the game.

“Tailgate Joe” offered to host our group before the game. His tailgate Is the biggest and best New York Jets tailgate party and gameday experience!

Today’s menu included BBQ Pulled Pork, Sabrosa Burgers, award winning Chili Dogs, BBQ baked beans, homemade macaroni salad and fresh filled cannoli. It was top notch and delicious! We cannot thank Tailgate Joe enough for hosting us! Make sure to check out next time you go to a Jets game!

As game time approached the group made their way into the stadium to watch the Cleveland Browns take on the New York Jets.

Unfortunately, the Jets failed to score a touchdown and fell to the Browns 23-3.

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Sgt Wilfredo Martinez and Army Sgt Jose Sanchez for their service and sacrifices! You are appreciated and will never be forgotten!

After the game my dad did his best to figure out the New York subway system and made his way to JFK airport to catch his 7am flight home. He’s on G-Pa duty Wednesday and will be back in Action in Jacksonville on Thursday! Stay tuned for more details!