Game 43 – Warrior Wishes Come True At The Dolphins Game!

December 12, 2017

My dad has had a crazy 2 weeks of making Wishes come true.  It all started last Thursday when he hosted warriors at the Cowboys game.

Since then, he has been to Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Charlotte Jacksonville & finally he arrived in Miami early this morning to make wishes come true at the Dolphins game!

We always try to schedule our Florida games in December in hopes that the weather will be nice.  Unfortunately for my dad, it was an unseasonably cool 50 degrees in Jacksonville yesterday & only 40 when my dad arrived in Miami, but at least he wasn’t in Buffalo… they had a crazy blizzard!

Upon arrival in Miami, my dad made his way to the Bayside harbor to get some rest & tie up some lose ends before meeting up with the warriors at the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.

Today we had the honor of hosting Army SGT Tim Beaver, Marine CPL Kyle Bethel and his friend Rony Lambert, a Florida state trooper, at the Dolphins game.

We have made some unforgettable memories making Wishes come true in Miami.  Here our some of our favorite moments!
After working hard all morning and an afternoon nap on the dock…  it was time to meet the warriors at the Hard Rock Cafe for our pregame meal.

The Hard Rock Cafe in Miami is filled with unique memorabilia from some of rocks biggest legends.  Their food is delicious too!  We cannot thank them enough for their support throughout the years.

Kyle & Rony enjoyed touring the restaurant & seeing all the priceless memorabilia, especially the Jimi Hendrix guitar. Kyle made sure to send picture to his dad who was also Hendrix fan!

Immediately following dinner, the group made their way from the “Hard Rock Cafe” to the “Hard Rock Stadium.”  Home of the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins super fans invited us to tailgate with them.  They also offered us a front row ticket for warrior!  Sgt Tim Beaver drove more than 4 hours to take advantage of the front row seat!  He is a die hard Phins fan!

Air Force Veteran Rick Brown, our friend from Chicago, had just got back from a cruise with his girlfriend and was in town going to game as well.  He also stopped by to meet the warriors and tailgate with the “Phin-addicts” before the game.

Our ultimate Dolphins fan friends at the tailgate once again went above and beyond to help us make wishes come true in Miami.  The warriors enjoyed some great food, drinks & games before watching the patriots & Dolphins kickoff Monday night football!

Unfortunately due to the 4 hour drive, Tim did not make the tailgate at all.  In fact, he didn’t get to his seat until midway thru the first quarter.  But he truly enjoyed Every moment of sitting up close in the front row cheering on his Dolphins!

Everyone expected the Patriots to blow out the Dolphins.  However, the Dolphins had other ideas.  They dominated time of possession, but only had 6 points to show for it after the first quarter.  The Dolphins ended up taking a 13-10 lead into the half.

The warriors really enjoyed watching two impressive touchdown drives by the Dolphins and Jay Cutler put them up 27-10!
The Patriots made a 4th quarter push and cut the lead down to 27-20, but ultimately fell short giving the Dolphins & their fans a big victory over one of the best teams in the NFL!

All of the warriors had a great time. Tim said it would have been worth the 8 hours of driving either way, but to be there sitting in the Front Row watching his Dolphins beat up on the Patriots made it even more worth it!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Jen, Jeff and the entire “Phin-Addicts” tailgate for their generosity & incredible hospitality!  We also want to thank New Era for providing Dolphins caps to the warriors (Unfortunately, they were left in an uber in Philly, but we will be sending them out).


Most importantly, we want to thank Marine Kyle Bethel, Air Force Veterans Tim Beaver and Rick Brown as well as Florida State Trooper Rony Lambert for their service & sacrifices!

My dad will be spending the night at the Miami airport before hopping on a flight home in the morning.  My dad gets a relatively easy week next week making wishes come true in Indianapolis, Detroit & Cleveland.  Stay tuned for more details!