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This is going to be a wild weekend filled with Warrior Wishes coming true! 

Thanks to many generous supporters, we have been receiving more and more donations as our mission continues to grow.  Those donations include cash, meals, tickets and volunteered time.  We are very thankful to everyone for their support & proud to say that 98% of what we bring in goes directly towards making wishes come true for our nation’s heroes.

This weekend some generous donors helped us treat some amazing Warriors to some unforgettable experiences!  Last night our friends at VACO in Nashville made Warrior Wishes come true in a “Suite” way at the Predators game for the 3rd straight year!  


Thankfully, Warrior Wishes Director Mark Toppel, was able to host the large group of warriors along with our friend Keith in Nashville.  

My dad would have been there, but he was headed to the east coast for the weekend to host Warriors at the Ravens game on Sunday & Giants game Monday night.  


While he was on the road, we also had the opportunity to make a few wishes come true back here in Chicago thanks to Vern Tempe.  Vern donated 4 Packers vs. Bears 4th row tickets!  


With -20 degree wind chills in the forecast we thought it may be tough to find Warriors who would want to attend the game.  

But warriors don’t care how cold it is, they are tough, so of course we found a few brave Warriors who were willing to “bear” the cold weather to see their team take on the division rival Green Bay Packers.  

It was an honor to host Army Sgt William Cree & the Gold Star family of Army SGT Damian Bushart at the game.  

My dad and I had met SGT Cree & his service dog Nixon the NFL Draft in Chicago.  William mentioned he was a Bears fan.  His Friend nominated him for the experience.  He was beyond excited to watch the Bears from the 4th row!  


Army Sgt Damian Bushart made the Ultimate sacrifice while serving our country in Iraq in 2003.  It was a true honor to provide this experience to SGT Bushart’s wife & son in his honor.  


As you can see, everyone was dressed for the extreme weather conditions.  Thankfully temperatures never dropped as low as they were expected to go, but it was still in the single digits all game long. 

The Bears did their best to play spoiler & tried to crush the Packers hopes of making the playoffs.  Unfortunately, Aaron Rodgers & the Packers did what they do best & were able to beat the Bears 30-27 and keep their playoff chances alive.  

Despite the loss, everyone still had a great time & nobody got frostbite!  Haha.

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Vern Tempe for donating the incredible 4th row seats to make these wishes come true. 


But MOST importantly we want to thank Sgt Cree and to the Bushart family for their service and ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  It is appreciated, it has not gone unnoticed & will never be forgotten.




My name is William Cree I join the Marine Corps at the age of 18 straight out of high school I was shipped off to boot camp the day after my 18th birthday on July 7 I went to basic training then chose to be come motor tea went to motor transport school and completed it after that I was shipped off to camp Penelton California within two weeks I was shipped off to Iraq for my first tour to Iraq. I did two more tours on my third tour I reenlisted I enjoyed being a leader of Marines and teaching them what I knew and what I’ve been taught. About a year after I reenlisted I was in a severe motorcycle accident and paralyzed my arm because I paralyzed my arm I was no longer able to stay in active duty so I was medically separated from the Marines.


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