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Over the past 81 days, my dad has traveled the country making Warrior Wishes come true at 31 different NFL stadiums!  Today, my dad was back in New York to break a world record and more importantly to make wishes come true at the Jets game.  


He spent the night at our friend, Erick’s house, last night after hosting warriors at yesterdays Jaguars game.


This is “Part 2” of Avery Williamson/Warrior Wishes honoring of our 9/11 Ground Zero First Responders.  If you recall, back on Nov 14 at Giants game, we hosted veterans & 9/11 First Responders, thanks to a generous donation from the auction of Avery ‘s 9/11 Tribute Cleats.

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We want to be fair so today we are hosting and honoring those 9/11 First Responders who are Jet fans –  FDNY Firemen Bobby Boldi, Jay Byrne, Matt Cody, Chris Vesey and Don Hoffman.  We were also honored to host Army Sgt Chris Levi.  


After the game tonight we will have made warrior wishes come true at all 32 NFL stadiums in 1 season for 5 straight years!  And this year, when the final seconds tick off the scoreboard, my dad will have the new Guinness Book of World Record for “Fastest Time To Attend a game at every NFL Stadium!”  82 days!

The record is cool, but not the reason we do what we do.  Having the opportunity to show the brave men & women who serve our country that their service & sacrifices are appreciated and never forgotten is why we continue our mission.  It’s so much more than just a game.  

Here are some of our favorite memories of making warrior wishes come true at the Jets games over the years.

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My dad arrived at MetLife stadium early went to help set up the L7 Tailgate crew set up. When the Warriors arrived, My dad gave them all their New Era Jets caps & everyone had fun tailgating in the L7 lot.   Everyone really enjoyed the awesome chicken roll sandwiches that nobody could get enough of!  

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After a couple hours of fun tailgating everyone headed inside MetLife stadium to watch the the Jets take on the Colts. 


Unfortunately for our guests, the Jets were really never in it.  The Boo Birds were our out early and did not stop until they finally put in backup QB, Bryce Petty. Petty did throw a long touchdown pass to rookie Robbie Anderson, which was the only bright spot of the day in a 41-10 drubbing by the Indianapolis Colts.


Despite the loss, everyone still had a great time.  

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Joe & the L7 tailgate crew for hosting us again this year.  We also want to thank New Era Cap for the Jets caps for all the warriors and Chive Charities for providing KCCO t-shirts.  

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Most importantly We invite you to join us in thanking Army Sgt Chris Levi & all the  9/11 First Responders for their service & sacrifices! It’s appreciated, does not go unnoticed & will never be forgotten.  

Even though the “official ‘All32in17’ mission” is over, we still have a couple more full weekends of events.  We cannot thank everyone who has been there to help us make our 2016 mission a big success!  We truly couldn’t do it without all of your support!

Next week we will be back in Baltimore to make warrior wishes come true at the 2016 Army – Navy game!  Stay tuned for more details.  


Don’t forget to nominate your hero for an upcoming game on our 2016 “All32in17” Mission!

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