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Since kicking off our 2019 All32in17 mission on September 5th, we have been honored to make Warrior Wishes come true at 35 NFL Games! And we are only 9 weeks into the season…

Although my dad had a couple of “days off” in between missions, it doesn’t mean he’s not working hard. He was busy planning our upcoming missions and even took time to speak in front of a large group of veterans in Elgin!

He flew out to Las Vegas Wednesday night and spent the night playing slots (he won $10) and got some rest at the Vegas airport during his 8 hour layover.

He was back in the air first thing in the morning en route to Oakland for the Thursday night game.  Throughout the years we have made some unforgettable memories making Warrior Wishes come true in Oakland. Here are some of our favorites!

Before making our way to the stadium for the game, my dad made his way out to Santa Rosa to meet up with warriors at the filming of Guy’s Grocery Games!

Guy Fieri has been helping make Warrior Wishes come true since 2014 when we met him at the Super Bowl in New York City. Guy always takes his time to thank the warriors for their service and sacrifices. He has invited us to bring 30 plus veterans to the taping of his Veterans Day show the last 2 years and my dad just so happened to be in town this year.  I can’t say to much about the show or share to many pictures, but Guy Fieri was awesome as usual and the warriors had an unforgettable time on the set!

Marine Timothy Bruce And Army veterans Elizabeth and Ricky Ray we’re our guests for the Raiders game. They joined the group of warriors at Guy’s games. So when they wrapped up filming, the group made their way to Oakland to watch the Chargers and Raiders kick things off! We also had the opportunity of reconnecting with our friend Army SGT Danny O’Neel.

The Raiders went on to win a thrilling game & the warriors had a great time!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Tim, Elizabeth, Ricky, Danny and all the veterans who joined us at Guys Grocery Games! It was an honor to host you all!

My dad is going to get a few days off and will be spending the next couple of days on the west coast.  We will be making Warrior Wishes come true at the Bears game on Sunday and he will be back in action making wishes come true at Monday’s 49ers game! Stay tuned…