Game 34 – Happy Thanksgiving! Warrior Wishes Come True in Detroit!

November 23, 2018

After making Wishes come true at the colts game Sunday afternoon…

My dad enjoyed a few days off due to the Monday night game being originally scheduled in Mexico. Unfortunately, he missed an opportunity to host warriors at one of the most memorable offensive shootouts in NFL history!

My dad enjoyed sleeping in his own bed for 4 days in a row for the first time since August. Xander enjoyed having him home too!

On Wednesday night he was back on the road via bus to Detroit.

It has almost become tradition for my dad over the last 7 years to make Wishes come true at the Lions game on Thanksgiving!

My dad arrived in the Motor City via overnight bus at around 6am. Upon arrival, he made his way over to the “Tubgaters Tailgate” to meet the warriors.

The Tubgaters are a group of crazy tailgate fans who bring a hot tub to every game. And yes they actually go in no matter how cold the weather! They have been helping make Wishes come true in Detroit since we began our mission in 2012. And their Thanksgiving spread is AMAZING!!! My dad looks forward to his Thanksgiving trip to Detroit every year!

Today we had the honor of hosting Marines John Hamilton and Ray Pyle at the Lions game. John and Ray are battle buddies who are both big Lions fans! And in case you were wondering Ray will tell he is not related to Gomer…LOL

Despite the freezing 20 degree temperatures, the warriors and my dad enjoyed getting to know each other over a delicious thanksgiving feast!

They snapped a lot of photos with the Pilgrim, the Lions Superfans and of course, the signature Hot Tub that gives Tubgators it’s name. Unfortunately, they forgot their bathing suits…

After all the pregame tailgate fun the group made their way over to Ford Field, a few blocks away, to watch the division leading Chicago Bears take on the Detroit Lions!

Unfortunately for John & Ray, the Lions struggles to capitalize in the red zone on their final 2 drives of the game giving the Chicago Bears a 23-16 victory!

A great time was had by all thanks to the Tubgaters, New Era and all of our supporters who help us make each and every wish come true. Thank You!

Most importantly, we want to thank Marines John Hamilton and Ray Pyle for their service & sacrifices. Not just today, Thanksgiving, but every day you are appreciated!

After the game my dad jumped back on the bus back to Chicago to eat some leftover turkey! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!  We will be back in action this weekend making Wishes come true in Houston! Stay tuned!!!