Game 3 – Making Warrior Wishes Come True At The Redskins Game!

September 13, 2016

After the Ravens & their “Posse” helped make Warrior Wishes come true in Baltimore, my dad took a bus to Washington DC to host a hero at the Monday Night Redskins game.


He arrived in DC at around 10:30pm. After grabbing bite to eat, he walked over to the Hyatt by the Capitol building to get some work done and eventually ended up at “Union Station” to get a few hours of rest at 3am.


After a couple hours of sleep, he hopped on the Metro and headed up toward FedEx Field to prepare for the day’s events.  He set up dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Ironically it was right next to Jasper’s , where we hosted our first Washington DC Experience dinner with Marine Caleb Getscher and his dad Bill in 2012. We hav emade some incredible memories in DC since kicking off our mission in 2012!

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Since he was already by the stadium, he walked around FedEx field taking pictures, including some really cool ones of flags hanging from fire trucks at each of the entrances, to commemorate 9-11 observances.


Then my dad walked back down to the McDonalds about a mile down the hill to work on some future games and contact today’s warrior Army Sgt Drew Inman, his wife Erin and service dog Harley. They are originally from DC, but have moved to the Tampa area now and have flown in to see friends the past couple days, and go on this Redskins Warrior Wishes experience.


The Inman’s picked up my dad on their way to the restaurant for dinner & they had a great Pre Game Meal at Outback.  


One of my dad’s favorite parts of our mission is presenting our warriors with handwritten letters from school kids, who deliver the letters to us every Veterans Day.  The Warriors love getting them , and reading them, as much as we like giving the letters to them. 


My dad also really enjoys giving the Warriors their New Era caps. Drew loved picking out his new Redskins cap!  

They arrived at the stadium after dinner plenty early because my dad had forgotten about the game being hour later on East Coast – but better early than late . So we had plenty of time to take some photos in front of, and around the stadium. My dad escorted the Inmans into the stadium – they had great seats on the 40 yard line.  While the Inman’s were inside, my dad went out to find a cheap nosebleed seat and met back up with them inside a few minutes later.


Drew is a lifelong Redskins fan & was super excited for the game! The Redskins dominated early and he had a big smile on his face as he waved his rally towel and cheered the Skins to a 6-0  lead. 


However, not getting the ball into the end zone during that early domination proved to be their demise, and the Steelers got touchdowns instead of Field Goals.  Antonio Brown & the Steelers went on to dominate the Redskins & won 38-16. Unfortunately, Sgt Inmans  smile wasn’t quite as big as it was In the first quarter, but he and his wife, Erin had a great time and it was a pleasure and an honor to have hosted them . 


Since they were flying out first thing in the morning, my dad got them a hotel near BWI Airport in Baltimore – Microtel by Wyndham . And since I was also flying out of BWI , they gave me a ride to the hotel after the game . My dad got them all checked in, said their goodbyes and took the hotel shuttle to the airport for a good night sleep.  

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Terry at Outback Steakhouse for the delicious Pre Game meal , Eric at Microtel by Wyndham for Providing the Inman’s with accommodations and New Era Cap for the Redskins caps!  

outback_steakhouse  new_era_sticker microtel-logo-1


As Always & MOST IMPORTANTLY – THANK YOU to Army Sgt Drew Inman for your service and sacrifice to our country , as well had his wife Erin , who is very involved in the Caregiver side of things for her husband and other military wives.

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