While my dad was on the road making Getting ready to make Warrior Wishes come true in Kansas City…

Wishes were coming true in the Windy City thanks to our friends at Grandview Capital and Sebern custom homes.

Grandview and Sebern gave us the opportunity to make Warrior Wishes come true all season long at every 2019 Bears home game at Soldier Field!

Today we had the honor of hosting Vietnam veteran Marine Cpl Robert Alicea and Army veterans Danny Eggensammer & Colton Zumach at the Bears game!

Marine Cpl Robert Alicea was nominated for this experience by his daughter. In her words, “He volunteered to join the Marine Corps at a time when others were trying to avoid the draft. He knew he wasn’t college material and went against his father’s wishes and joined the Marines. He was a “Hollywood Marine” and was known as “Chicago” while in boot camp. He served in Viet Nam from 68-69.”

Cpl Alicea now works for Pace as a bus driver in Chicago. He has not been to a Bears game in over 35 years! Over the past few seasons he has transported Bears fans to and from soldier field & it was an absolute honor to finally show this warrior some appreciation and get him inside the stadium to watch his Bears take on the LA Chargers!

Army SPC Colton Zumach was nominated by his mom. SPC Zumach joined the Army in 2010 at the age of 19. He injured his knee while serving in Afghanistan and was medically discharged from the Army in 2016.  It have been a lifelong dream to attend a Bears game and today we had the honor of making his dream come true!  Colton invited fellow Army veteran Danny Eggensammer to be his guest at the game

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Robert, Colton and Danny for their selfless service and sacrifices! Bear Down!