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fter a crazy 10 days on the road making Warrior Wishes come true in Arizona, Miami, Atlanta & Houston…


My dad made his way back home for a couple of days. He spent all day Saturday watching the grandkids and got to enjoy our neighborhood Halloween Parade.

After the kids went to bed Saturday night, my dad & I had a meeting to discuss our upcoming plans for Veterans Day. We are hoping to host warriors at every Salute to service game this season! The logistics will be tough, but nothing’s impossible!  We planned out some of the some details & I drove my dad to the bus station to catch his 11:59pm Megabus to Minneapolis.

He arrived in the “Twin Cities” at around 9am. He settled in at the hewing hotel lobby and wasted no time reaching out to warriors making plans for the upcoming cowboys game & our salute to service initiative.

Today we had the honor of hosting Navy Chief Dean Yourchuck at the Viking game. Dean proudly served our country for 27 years!!!  My dad met up with Chief Yourchuck at the Old Spaghetti Factory just a few blocks down the street form US Bank Stadium.  Dean brought his friend Ryan as his guest. Ryan’s son, Mason, is currently serving in the Army.

We also invited Army Sgt Larry Maurer, who was already going to the game, to also join the group for dinner. We had the honor of hosting Larry last year at the Vikings game & my dad enjoyed catching up with him!

Thanks to our friends at Old Spaghetti Factory, the warriors were treated to a delicious pregame meal. Before heading over to the stadium, My dad presented the New Era Viking Hats and thank you written by students at Clinton and RanchView School.

As game time approached, the group made their way over to the stadium to watch the Saints take on the Viking in a prime time Sunday night matchup! A rematch of last year’s wild Playoff game game.

Unfortunately for the warriors, the Saints led most of the game and the Viking did their best to play catch-up. But unlike last year, the Vikings didn’t have a miracle play and fell short to the Saints losing 30-20.

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Erin at the Old Spaghetti factory for providing he pregame meal & New Era for providing new Vikings caps to the warriors.


Most importantly, we want to thank Navy Chief Dean Yourchuck, Mason McInnes & Larry Maurer for your service and sacrifices!

Once the game ended, my dad jumped on a train to the airport to get a couple of hours of sleep before his early morning flight to Buffalo to make Warrior Wishes come true at the Monday Night Bills game! Stay Tuned…