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It’s been another wild week of wishes coming true! It all started Thursday night in Massachusetts at the Patriots game…

From there my dad headed up to Maine to visit our friend Army SSG Travis Mills and tour his retreat.

He bussed back to Boston and then flew out to Kansas City to host warriors at the Chiefs game on Sunday…

And we also sent a Marine, who served 20 years) to watch his beloved cowboys take on the Jets in the Meadowlands!

After the game in Kansas City, my dad jumped on an overnight greyhound bus back to Chicago, that arrived Monday morning at 5:30 am.  I picked him up and brought him back home for a few hours, where he got his butt kicked in video games by his 5 year old grandson…

Before he and one of our other board members, Mark Toppel, hit the road to make wishes come true at the Monday night Packers game in Green Bay!  This will be our 22nd NFL game in 6 weeks! I still don’t know how my dad does it… (click the map to see details)

Mark and my dad arrived in Green Bay around 3pm to meet up with the warriors for the pregame meal thanks to our friends at Hinterland Brewery.

Hinterland is conveniently located in the Titletown district across the street from the historic Lambeau Field. With their Beer Hall Restaurant and High Gravity Test Kitchen, they have not only built a following, but are leading a movement of food and beer lovers who are tired of the expected and seek an experience that satisfies their curiosity. Make sure to check them out next time you’re in town! We appreciate their support!

Today we had the honor of hosting a father & son who both served in the Marines, Patrick & Kevin Hanrahan.  Navy Veteran Mike Albertson, fireman Andy Levy and the one and only Steve Tate AKA The Owner also joined us for dinner!

Marine CPL Kevin Hanrahan was on foot patrol in Afghanistan when he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) on June 24, 2011. The blast resulted in the loss of his left leg and the entire back of his right thigh. He also sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the blast.  Kevin spent three years post-injury at Walter Reed Medical Center undergoing more than 50 surgeries to save his right leg.

CPL Hanrahan currently lives in Black River Falls, Wisconsin with his family in a custom adaptive home built by Homes for Our Troops.

We have known Kevin since 2013. He was originally nominated to us by his wife for a Packers experience. It’s been an honor to host him at a couple of events throughout the years including our annual golf scramble. And I t was an honor to finally meet his dad, who served in the Marines from 1981-1987,  and host them at tonights Packers game.

After dinner, they group made their way across the street to Lambeau Field. On the way inside they ran into former Packers strong safety, Leroy Butler!  Leroy was the first player to ever jump into the Lambeau stands after scoring a touchdown, which started a Green Bay tradition known today as the Lambeau Leap!  Leroy took a minute to thank the Patrick and Kevin for their service.

As a bears fan, I hate to admit this, but Lambeau is one of my favorite stadiums in the NFL… I love their atrium, the Packers museum, and it’s just an awesome place to watch football. If you’re a football fan and have never been to a game in Green Bay, put this on your bucket list! You won’t be disappointed!

Speaking of disappointing, the Packers game out flat and the Lions were firing on all cylinders to start this game. The Lions quickly established a 13-0 lead and looked unstoppable early on.

But for anyone who knows Aaron Rodger’s and the Packers, you know the game isn’t over until every last second has ticked off the clock. And that’s what it took for the Packers to come back. After a couple of questionable defensive penalties, Mason Crosby hit a “walk off” 23 yard field goal to give the Packers a 23-22 win!

Lambeau Field was rocking! The win sent the Packers faithful into a frenzy! After the game Kevin sent us a message to let us know that getting to watch the Packers win with his dad by his side was “one of the best times of his life!” It was a true honor to make these wishes come true!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Patrick and Kevin for their service and sacrifices!

My dad will have the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep over the next few days. He will be back in action on Thursday to make Warrior Wishes come true in Denver! Stay tuned for more details…