Game 2 – The Ravens & Their Posse Make Warrior Wishes Come True Again!

September 10, 2018

What a wild start to our 7th Annual “All32in17” mission! It all began on Tuesday in Cleveland, Wednesday in Pittsburgh, Thursday in Philadelphia, Friday in Boston, last night in Washington DC & today my dad made Warrior Wishes come true in Baltimore!

My dad arrived in Baltimore around 3am after a short overnight bus from DC. Upon arrival, he got a couple of hours sleep at the bus station before meeting up with the warriors at 9am.  Unfortunately the east coast weather has not been very cooperative over the past 2 days. A gloomy & rainy day made for a long cold & wet day for my dad & the warriors.

Today we had the honor of hosting Warriors Jeremy Lake, John Reed, Adam Keys, Kevin Cordner, Mike Underhill, Thomas Moran & Eric Faya at the 2018 Ravens season opener!

As usual, the Ravens Posse hosted our group for an awesome pregame meal. These super fans have been making Warrior Wishes come true since 2013 & we cannot thank them enough for their support!  Thankfully their tailgate is also located under an overpass which provided a nice shelter from the rain.

The Ravens as they typically do, went above and beyond to once again provide an unforgettable experience for the warriors. Since 2012, they have been helping us make Warrior wishes come true. We truly appreciate their support!  The Ravens gave the warriors the opportunity to watch the pregame warm ups from the sidelines.

While on the sidelines my dad handed Army SGT Adam Keys a piece of paper and asked him to hold it up in the group picture. It was a check for $1000 to help support his goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! My dad said his reaction was priceless!

For those of you who don’t know, Mt Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano located In Tanzania. It’s the Tallest mountain in Africa & soars more than 19,000 feet above sea level! The climb would be tough for anyone, but did I mention that SGT Keys is a triple amputee?!

SGT Adam Keys is a true inspiration! Despite losing both legs & an arm in an attack that also took the lives of 3 of his battle buddies, Adam never gave up. We have been friends with Adam since 2013 & he has been inspiring us ever since! You can learn more about Adam & donate to his mission to climb Mt Kilimanjaro here

Unfortunately, the guys time on the field was cut short due to the bad weather, and the warriors headed up to their seats. A few of the guys got to sit in the front row, some got to sit in the Club section & others had great seats on the 30 yard line.

Adam ran into his friend Kara,who works for Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. They are following and supporting Adam’s climb, they invited Adam and his dad into the Governors Suite! They also gave some of the other guys a chance to get out of the rain and enjoy the suite as well!

The group enjoyed meeting Governor Hogan and his staff, and thoroughly enjoyed the “suite experience.”

The warriors also enjoyed watching he Ravens spank the Buffalo Bills! There Ravens won the game 47-3!!!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Lisa & the Baltimore Ravens for providing tickets and field passes to the warriors. We appreciate Jillian & Whitney for braving the nasty weather conditions to escort the guys on the field!  We also want to send a special thank you to Brian, Chip & their Ravens Posse for providing an awesome tailgate experience & the front row tickets!

Most importantly we want to thank the warriors, Marine Jeremy Lake, his dad Veteran John Lake, Air Force Veteran Mike Underhill, Navy Veterans Thomas Moranand Eric Faya & Army Sgt Adam Keys. We are forever grateful for your service & sacrifices!  Good luck climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro Adam! Keep Inspiring!!!

Immediately following the game, my dad went straight to the airport to catch a cross country flight to Oakland! He will be making Wishes come true for his 7th day in a row tomorrow at the Raiders game! Stay tuned for all of the details!!!

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