Game 11 – Warrior Wishes Come True In Houston!

October 3, 2016


My dad got to enjoy a day back home between making warrior wishes come true in Cincinnati & heading out to Houston to host heroes at our 11th NFL game this season.

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This years Texans Experience was the “Maiden Voyage” for new Board Member Manny Gonzalez. The Retired Marine joined my dad as they hosted 2 families at the Houston Texans game.


Houston is always a fun place to make warrior wishes come true.  They have some of the best tailgate BBQ in the NFL!  Here are some of the memories we have made over the years.

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This year we had a big surprise in store for one unsuspecting warrior. Army Sgt Jodie Revils thought he was going out for a nice dinner with his wife and 2 daughters Saturday night at Texas Roadhouse – and they did.  But it was much more than just a dinner. His wife Nancy, who nominated him, and My dad had “set him up” for the surprise.  Jason and Cody at Texas Roadhouse were big help too, as they seated us a couple tables over from SGT Revils.


As we all ordered our meals,my dad waited for the right time to go over and say hi and “haven’t seen you in awhile Jodie”. Of course, he did not know who My dad was, but did get him thinking a bit.  Manny and Cody came over about 30 seconds later with New Era Texans Caps & told him that he & his family would be joining us at Sunday’s Texans game!  He was really surprised!  After the surprise, my dad & manny squeezed into their booth and had a fantastic meal & got to know SGT Revils & his family.  


Manny dropped my dad off at airport for a good night sleep after dinner and he went to surprise his niece & nephew, at his brothers house in the Houston area.

Manny picked my dad back up early Sunday morning and they headed to NRG Stadium to meet up with the Warriors & tailgate with Dave “the End zone King” Nagy.  Dave & his tailgate crew were great hosts as they always are & welcomed the warriors with open arms, delicious food & cold drinks.  


We were honored to be hosting Army SGT Jodie Revils & Army SGT Steve Ferguson along with their families.  This was the first tailgating experience for all of our guests and first game ever for the Ferguson family. A lot of the Texans super fans took photos with the warriors and showed their sincere appreciation for their service to our country.  And of course we had to get photo of the “End Zone King’s” awesome tailgate bus!!!


As game time approached everyone headed over to the stadium to get a few photos and check out the activities going on, before heading inside to watch the Texans take on the the Titans.  


Every one went home happy as the Texans went on to defeat the Tennessee Titans 27-20. 

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After the game, we said our goodbyes , texted both families a bunch of photos, and then Manny gave my dad a ride to a friends on way to his brothers where he was staying.  My dad enjoyed the rest of his night catching up with old friends.

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Dave “The End Zone King” Nagy for providing tickets & the amazing tailgate, New Era Cap for providing the Texans caps For the Warriors, Texas Roadhouse for helping us set up the surprise dinner & The Medchill family for giving my dad a bed to sleep in while he was in Houston!  

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Most importantly, we want to thank Army Sgt Steve Ferguson and Army Sgt Jodie Revils for their service & sacrifices to our country, as well as Marine Manny Gonzalez for both his help with our mission and his service to our country!

My dad is back on the road in the morning heading north for Minnesota to Make Warrior Wishes come True for the first time at the Vikings new stadium!  Stay tuned for more details!




Entered the army in 2000 deployed in 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009. Was wounded in Afghanistan on October 4th 2010. Was medevac to Germany than to Bethesda in Washington. Told I would have to retire due to injuries 2012. Since I was told I would no longer be able to work due to head trauma I now do volunteer work with my children’s PTA, I am a Cub Scout leader, a baseball coach and a youth group minister for our church.

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