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My dad kicked off week 3 of our 2017 All32in17 mission on Thursday in San Francisco where he made wishes come true at the 49ers game.  


He then made his way down the California coast on an overnight bus to Los Angeles to make Wishes come true at our first ever “Los Angeles” Chargers game.


For the 2nd night in a row he slept on an overnight bus & arrived in Phoenix Monday morning to host warriors at the Arizona Cardinals game!


Upon arrival in Phoenix at 6:30am, my dad hopped on another bus to Glendale to meet up with a few past guests & surprise our warrior for the day.  He spent most of the morning planning future missions and making sure today’s “Surprise” went without a hitch. 


All week long, my dad has been working with Army SPC Evan Rahm’s wife, Kayla, to set up her husband & surprise him with the opportunity to see his Dallas Cowboys play the Cardinals!  

We have made some unforgettable memories making Wishes come true at the Cardinals games over the years.

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Army SPC Evan Rahm arrived at Buffalo Wild Wings thinking he was meeting some friends for the game.  Little did he know… 

my dad walked in acted as if Evan was a long lost friend.  Evan was clueless to what was going on & finally my dad fessed up & told him who he was.  He thanked him for his service & surprised him with 2 tickets to the game.  Fox 10 news captured the whole surprise & shared a little bit about our mission.


This was an extra special surprise for SPC Rahm because he is actually a Cowboys fan.  Kayla, Evan’s wife, said it was a lifelong dream for Evan to see the Cowboys play in Arizona. It was an honor show our appreciation to Evan for his service & help make his dream come true!

My dad also invited some former guest warriors to join us for dinner before the game.  We always do our best to keep in touch with the warriors.  

IMG_7486 IMG_7487

My dad loves to catch up & keep in contact with everyone he hosts. He really enjoyed lunch at B Dubs with Army Sgt Michael Schwartz (Cardinals guest 2015) Marine John Lewandowski (D’Backs guest 2017) & the Rahm’s. During lunch he also passed out a few letters thankeing the warriors for their service and brand new New Era caps for the guys (thanks to “Just sports for hooking up Evan with the Cowboys cap since my dad forgot he was not a cards fan)

IMG_7485 IMG_7484

As game time approached, My dad thanked John and Michael for coming to dinner, said their goodbyes before walking over to University of Phoenix stadium to host SPC Rahm at his first ever NFL game!  


Typically we always root for the home team, but this was one of those rare occasions that we were hoping the Cowboys would win for SPC Rahm!  It always makes for a better experience for the warriors when their teams win!


In the end, the Cowboys defeated the Cardinals 28-17 & sent Evan home happy!  


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Fox 10 for covering the surprise & sharing our story, Buffalo Wild Wings for helping us pull off this big surprise and for some delicious pregame wings.  We also want to thank New Era for their continued support & Our friends Ralph & Klaudia for providing my dad a place to stay!

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Most importantly, we want to thank Army SPC Evan Rahm,Army SGT Michael Schwartz and Marine John Lewandoski For their service and sacrifice to our country!

Week 3 is officially in he books!  My dad will be spending the night at a fellow board members house who lives in Arizona.  He is flying back to Chicago first thing Tuesday morning to prepare for week 4!  We kickoff week 4 in Green Bay Thursday night!  Stay tuned for more details!


It was an honor to host SPC Evan Rahm and make his Warrior Wish come true. If you know a deserving warrior who would love to attend a game on our “All32in17” mission please nominate them today!

2017 All32in17 Mission Schedule (2)

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