Game 11 – Warrior Wishes Come True At The Packers Game!

September 28, 2019

After 3 amazing weeks of making Wishes come true in Chicago, New England, New Orleans, Carolina, Atlanta, New York, Jacksonville, Tampa & Washington DC…

Today we’re Kicking off week 4 of our mission making Warrior Wishes come true in Green Bay!

Green Bay is by far one of the most amazing football towns in America. As a Bears fan, this is hard to admit, but Lambeau Field was one of my favorite stadiums in the NFL…  We have had the opportunity to take the stadium tour, visit the Packers museum and be a part of a Lambeau leap (you will never be able to prove it)…

Throughout the years we have made some unforgettable memories making Warrior Wishes come true at Lambeau. Some of my favorites include watching Marine BJ Ganem being honored on the field for his service, having the opportunity to takeover the ESPN set, and tailgating with our friends at the “Tompa tailgate.”

I dropped my dad off at the train station at 4am. He took the train to Chicago to catch his Bus to Green Bay to meet up with Army PFC Joseph Putnam & Vietnam Veteran Bill Maurer.

Army PFC Joseph Putnam knew his whole life he wanted to join the military. He was a military brat. His father served in the Marines and Army and even deployed just a few years before him! Three months after his highschool graduation, Joseph went to Ft. Benning for basic training as a infantry solider. In 2007, he deployed with 1st infantry division to Baghdad Iraq. He was personal security detachment for the high ranking military personnel and civilians, guarding them while they traveled through Baghdad. Joe earned the combat infantry badge while engaging firefights. Joseph retuned home with mental and physical injuries from war. He was honorably discharge from the Army in 2009 due to these injuries.

Since leaving the Army, PFC Putnam continues to serve the veteran community. He joined the American Legion and was chosen to be the vice commander his local Legion. He loves volunteering with our local war memorial, the Middle east Conflicts wall memorial and the illinois motorcyle freedom run (an event that honors our Gold Star families and our fallen military). Helping with these organizations helps him heal from war. Joseph’s wife nominated him for this experience back in 2015! It’s an honor to finally make this Warrior Wish come true!

Bill Maurer served in the Army during the Vietnam war in 1967 and 1968. He was a Boatswain mate/Gunners mate on the U.S.S. St. FRANCIS River LSMR 525 Riverine Force.

It’s always an honor to show our appreciation to everyone who has selflessly served, but extra special when we have the opportunity to “Welcome Home” our Vietnam Veterans!

My dad enjoyed getting to know the warriors at this year’s “Tompa Tailgate.” The Tompa family and their friends have been going above and beyond to help us make Wishes come true since 2013. We cannot thank them enough for their continued support!

PFUFA Packer’s super fan “The Owner” also stopped by to show his appreciation to the warriors before the game. He’s basically a celebrity is Green Bay!

As game time approached, the warriors made their way inside to watch the Eagles and Packers kick things off from their front row seats! They were hoping for a Lambeau Leap!

They had plenty of opportunities to get one, as the Eagles and Packers both ran up the score! If you had bet the over on this game you were in great shape!  But unfortunately,  the Packers came up short and the Eagles went on to spoil the Packers undefeated season winning by the score of 34-27.

Despite the loss, the warriors “seriously had the best time and made truly unforgettable memories.”

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Army PFC Joseph Putnam & Vietnam Veteran Bill Maurer for their service and sacrifices.  You are truly appreciated and will never be forgotten.

My dad grabbed a couple hours of sleep after the game, and hopped on a bus back to Chicago at around 5:30am.  He will be back in action This Sunday in Buffalo!  Stay tuned for more details…