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After spending the past few days on the road to make warrior wishes come true in Cleveland, Pittsburgh & New York, he finally admitted he was tired… In fact, he used the word “exhausted.”  

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With 5 more days left on this mini mission to the east coast, he hoped to rest up & refresh.  However today was not the day to rest as he was hosting warriors at a rare “doubleheader.”  It’s not often we have the opportunity to make wishes come true at 2 games in 1 day, but when both the Sixers & Flyers have home games on the same day in the same arena, it’s a perfect opportunity create an unforgettable day for a few deserving warriors!


Last night, While my dad was out in Brooklyn making wishes come true at the Islanders game, Kara Stone had taken her husband Army Sgt Derek Stone out to dinner at Maggianos in Cherry Hill to surprise him with the opportunity to attend his first NBA & NHL games ever!  


Mike, the manager at Maggiano’s helped us set up the surprise.  He told SGT Stone that he was the 100th table of the night & had the chance to win tickets on a radio game show.  Of course my dad was on the other line to play “radio host” and asked him a few easy questions. When SGT Stone found out he “won” and was going to go to both Sixers & Flyers game in 1 day he said “I feel like I am in a dream.” Needless to say, he was excited for the opportunity.  

My dads bus arrived in Philadelphia at 2:30am & he spent a few hours sleeping at the bus station before meeting up with the Warriors to make wishes come true at the Sixers afternoon game.


Army SGT Roy Tinney & Marines Darryl Hall and Chris Claude were our other guests for the game(s).

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Over the past 5 years, we have hosted over 2,000 warriors at more than 500 events across the country.  Chris Claude was actually our FIRST GUEST EVER on September 5th 2012. My dad truly enjoyed catching up with him and appreciates all the Warriors he has nominated over the years.


It was clearly obvious that Sgt Stone was both excited and appreciative for this opportunity.  He gave my dad a big hug when they met each other.  

This was Derek & Chris’ first NBA game ever.  The Warriors truly enjoyed hanging out with each other & watching the Celtics & Sixers go back and forth in the first half. The Celtics lead by as much as 11 in the 3rd quarter but ultimately the Sixers battled back to get the 105-99 victory!  

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After game we originally had planned to stay in the stadium & watch them transform the basketball court into a hockey rink, but instead everyone went to Mcfaddens for a quick bite to eat before the 2nd game of our double header day in Philly.  

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Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank John at 215Sports.comand the Sixers for providing tickets to the game.  We also want to thank our friends at McFaddens for their continued support!  It’s the best place to meet up before & after any sporting event in Philly!  

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Most importantly, we want to thank Army Warriors Derek Stone & Roy Tinney Jr along with Marines Darryl Hall & Chris Claude for their service & sacrifices!  

We will be back In a couple hours making wishes come true at the Flyers game for the 2nd half of our doubleheader day in Philadelphia! Stay tuned for more details!