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After watching a dramatic walk off win & making warrior wishes come true at the Royals game last night, my dad was back at Kaufman stadium first thing in the morning to host heroes in Kansas City for the 2nd straight day.  

He had spent the night working at Denny’s (across from the stadium).  As the sun was rising, he made his way over to the Stoney Creek Hotel to have a little reunion breakfast We had a little with Previous guests James Wilson, Gold Star mom Deb Austin ,one of today’s guests Gary Frantz  and last nights guests Derek Anderson and his family.  

Thanks to Stoney Creek Hotel for both the nice breakfast , and also for the hotel room for the Anderson family. This gave everyone the chance to meet each other, and get to know them a little. 

Today we had the honor of hosting a couple Gold Star Families of fallen heroes- the dad of Army Sgt. Lucas Brent Frantz (Gary) and the widow and son of Army CSM James Hubbard (Katie and Zaydran).

As I mentioned , Gary joined us for breakfast but Katie and Zaydran couldn’t meet up until later this AM, and we met them around noon for the 1:10 showdown. 

As always, the families enjoyed picking out their new New Era Royals caps. (Zaydran’s mom informed us a few days later that he loved the cap so much, he hadn’t taken it off in 3 days)

Unfortunately the Royals were crushed by the Nationals 13-2. Although it wasn’t a walk off win, a good time was had by all.

But the day wasn’t over yet – even though My dad had to leave to catch his bus to St. Louis, he had made arrangements for every one to have dinner after the game at Outback Steakhouse.  

We want to thank Stoney Creek Hotel for providing accommodations for the Anderson family & breakfast ,the Kansas City Royals for tickets , Outback Steakhouse for the PostGame Dinner and New Era Cap for the Royals caps. 

Outback-Steakhouse-Logo Stoney Creek New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0


My dad should be in St Louis later tonight and will be hosting heroes for the next 2 days at Cardinals games before heading to Texas.

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