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After making Warrior Wishes come true in Cincinnati & Cleveland & being spoiled by getting rides from friends and sleeping in an actual hotel, my dad was back on the bus.

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My dad hopped on an overnight bus at 2:15am.  There was one “small problem.” After they were done celebrating the Indians & Cavs wins my dad & Jason made their way back to his truck which was parked in a garage nearby.  The “small problem” was, the parking garage was locked up and there was no way in! 

This was very unexpected and confusing as the garage did say it close at 11:00 PM BUT “UNLESS SPECIAL EVENTS” . Apparently an Indians game AND an NBA Finals game are NOT “special events”. So Jason had to call for someone to give him ride home 45 minutes away and my dad hopped on that 2:15 AM bus with only the clothes on his back for a long week ahead.


My dad arrived in Pittsburgh at around 9am.  He had some time to catch up on a little work and WOULD HAVE caught up on Thank You Cards, except for the fact that all his stuff is in Jason’s truck locked up in Cleveland.  He was able to get some rest & Thankfully able to get a couple posts done since he at least had his phone.  

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My dad was in Pittsburgh to host Army SGT Matt Killian at today’s Pirates game.  Matt is actually a very special guest as he was one of our original season guests in Cleveland when we started our mission in 2012.  We had a lot of fun rocking out before that Browns game at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

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Sgt Killian and his family were excited for the Pirates game! They sent my dad a cool “Killians family on the way” picture from their car 


The Killian family arrived at PNC park around 4pm.  They were treated to dinner at our favorite Pittsburgh dining spot, Atria’s. 

Atria’s has been helping make warrior wishes come true since 2013!  It’s the perfect place for food & drinks before and after every Pirates game!  Make sure to order their famous “pot roast nachos.”  


My dad enjoyed catching up with SGT Killian & meeting his family over lunch.  We cannot thank Atria’s enough for their continued support!!!

After lunch, they snapped a few pictures in front of the stadium by the Willie Stargell statue but unfortunately could not give them their New Era Pirates hats since they were still locked in Jason’s truck back in Cleveland…


It was very hot 90 degree day in Pittsburgh and their seats were in the sun.  so everyone had to keep a pretty good supply of water, especially the kids.  

The Marlins scored 3 runs in the first inning to take the early lead. The Pirates clawed back to tie the game at 3 by the third inning. From there the Marlins & Pirates went back & forth exchanging the lead Thankfully the Pirates came out on top 7-6.  It was a very exciting game!  Despite the heat, the kids made it the distance.  My dad tried to help keep the kids occupied and cool, so mom and dad could enjoy themselves too.

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We want to thank Atrias Restaurant for providing a delicious meal before the game and New Era Cap For providing Pirates Caps, which we will be sending out to the Killian family.  

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Most importantly, Thank You to Sgt Killian for your service & sacrifices to our great country!

After saying their goodbyes, Matt & his family headed home & my dad headed to the Greyhound station to catch another overnight bus. He’s headed to New York City for tomorrow’s Yankee game.  Stay tuned for more details!

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