The Atlanta Braves Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

April 13, 2016


After making warrior wishes come true at the Braves game, my dad spent the night at the airport hotel, literally, the airport was his hotel, haha.  


He woke up early, refreshed and ready to make more warrior wishes come true at the Braves game for the second day in a row. 

We were honored to be hosting Army Sgt Jason Nichols and Air Force Veteran Daniel Wiggley, along with their kids, for the 1:30 Game at Turner field.   We met up with the Warriors in front of the famous Hank Aaron statue. 


The Warriors & their kids loved their new New Era Braves caps 


The Braves provided tickets for the game.  Unfortunately they were off to a rocky start to the season and their losing streak continued as they lost to the Cardinals 12-7.  

After the game the fun was just beginning, as the Warriors kids were encouraged to go out on the field and run the bases.  It was the highlight of their day & put huge smiles on everyone’s faces.  

IMG_2497 IMG_2496 IMG_2495

We would like to thanks Jarrod at the Atlanta Braves for providing tickets and an unforgettable experience and New Era Cap for providing new Braves caps for everyone!  



After 10 straight days on the road hosting and honoring 16 warriors and 34 family members in 8 different cities it was time for my dad to come home and catch up on lost sleep in an actual bed.  

He will be back in action on our Battlefields to Ballfields Tour making warrior wishes come true at every Major League Baseball stadium in The U.S. beginning Apr 24 in Detroit. 

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