The Seattle Mariners make Warrior Wishes Come True!

July 20, 2016

It certainly was nice to break that streak of 5 straight overnight busses – and especially the fact that the last 2 legs of the mission are both flights. After a few hours of sleep at Oakland Airport, my dad hopped on a plane to Seattle to complete the final game of the Battlefields to Ballfields mission.


Seattle is one of my dad’s favorite cities because of both the city itself and the ease of getting to Mariners and Seahawks stadiums on the SkyRail . My dad was a little early, and it gave him time to set up dinner – so he stopped at Jimmys on First – an upscale Seattle restaurant inside the Silver Cloud Hotel .The manager was more than happy to take care of our warrior’s meals – and being it was right across the street from Safeco Field , it was a great choice.

After setting up dinner, my dad walked downtown and did some work at this really cool General Store type coffee shop. The owners of the shop committed to help out during football season, so we look forward to having lunch their this fall.

Today my dad was making Warrior Wishes Come true for Army Sgt Ryne Danley (and yes he was named after Ryne Sandberg ) and Army Sgt Joseph Brown. 


We met at Jimmys on First – Ryne and his wife arrived first , and gave us the chance to get to know each other and talk some Cubs …LOL.   Sgt Brown and his friend Bentley arrived 15 minutes later and they had an awesome PreGame meal.


We walked literally 20 yards across the street to get a couple pics in front of the Safeco Field sign and the big Giant Glove , before heading into the game.


The game itself was a nice way to end the Battlefields  to Ballfields season – especially for our Mariners fan warriors – with a Mariners Walkoff win ( actually our 4th Walkoff of season ).

IMG_4958 IMG_4957

A big THANK YOU to the Mariners, not only for the tickets , but also for honoring both Sgt Danley and Sgt Brown on the Jumbotron Scoreboard.  It was an unforgettable experience! We also want to thank Jimmys on First for the meal and to New Era for Mariners caps.

IMG_4962 IMG_4961



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