The Red Sox Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

May 28, 2016

After another successful mission at the Yankees game & another “Megabus Hotel,” Yes if you’re keeping track thats my dad’s 3rd straight night sleeping on overnight busses,  My dad arrived in Boston to make Warrior Wishes come true at the iconic Fenway Park. 


The good thing about taking overnight busses is….  well there isn’t anything good about taking them other than you get into the city early and  it gives my dad all day to network with companies and potential sponsors to help us continue our mission and make more Warrior Wishes come true for future events.  He spent a successful morning doing just that, before heading over to his hotel …what ? …yes, hotel – for the first time in 4 days he will get some real sleep in an actual bed and they even let him check in early!  But before he was able to rest up, he met up with Army Sgt Matthew Pennington from Bangor, Maine and local NYC Army Warriors John McGuiness and Max Spahn for dinner and hosted them at Fenway, thanks to the Boston Red Sox.

Red Sox (3)

Max and John are officers on the Student Veteran Council of Northeastern University.  Matthew works for nonprofit StandUp For Heroes and also plays on Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team.


Everyone met for dinner to get some good old Chicago style deep dish pizza thanks to Uno Pizzeria across from the stadium.   Our guests took very different paths to get there. SGT Pennington drove 6 hours from Bangor, Maine with his cousin Kassey.  While Warriors Max and John walked 15 minutes up the street after they got out of class. All enjoyed the delicious pizza thanks to Elsie and Uno Pizzeria – whose first location was in Chicago.


After dinner it was game time!  Everyone walked over to the stadium and took a few photos outside before heading in to this unbelievably iconic stadium. Only Wrigley Field compares to this 100 plus year old nostalgic piece of history.  If you’re a true sports fan, Fenway park must be on your bucket list!  


The game itself was much like last night in New York – a good game until the visiting team again hit back to back homers to pull and win easily 8-2.  Despite the Red Sox loss, the warriors had a great time at the game! 

IMG_3462 IMG_3461

Max and John walked home, while my dad walked with Kassey and Matt back to there hotel, which was provided for them thanks to the Boston Sheraton.  Eventually my dad made his way back to his hotel to finally get a well deserved good night sleep in an actual bed.  

Another Mission Accomplished!!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank to New Era Cap for outfitting the Warriors with new Red Sox Caps, The Sheraton Boston Hotel for providing accommodations for the warriors, Uno Pizzeria for the delicious deep dish pizza and the Boston Red Sox for making Warrior Wishes come true at Fenway Park!  

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Most importantly, we want to thank the Warriors for their service & sacrifices.  Never unnoticed, Never Forgotten.

Over the past 5 days, my dad has made Warrior Wishes come true in Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York & Boston.  He will be up at the crack of dawn to catch his 6 am bus back to New York City to host heroes at tomorrows Mets game before making his way to Washington DC for Memorial Day Weekend to host Gold Star Families & keep legacies alive!  Stay tuned for more details.

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