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After making wishes come true & hosting our old friend, Army SGT Matt Killian & his family at the Pirates game, my dad was off to the “Big Apple” on another overnight bus.  


My dad’s bus pulled into New York City bright and early at 6:30am.  


My dad had planned on catching up on overdue thank you cards & some paperwork during his downtime while he was on the road. However, all of his luggage & paperwork was still in Cleveland after it got locked inside of a Parking garage while he was making wishes come true at the Indians & Cavs game on Friday.  So this gave my dad some time to take in some of the sights & sounds of Times Square.  He parked himself on a bench & managed to complete a couple of posts. Thankfully he still had his phone!  

My dad eventually made his way to the Bronx to meet up with the warriors.  First to arrive were Army Sgt Michael Snyder and Marine Corey Houghtaling 

IMG_3933 IMG_3941

Michael and Corey had to rush to the stadium in order to make it in time for the Yankees museum tour.  When they arrived, my dad quickly introduced himself and thanked the men for their service. Robbie and David from the Yankees met everyone outside the media gate & escorted the warriors on the VIP Tour.  

IMG_3944 IMG_3946

Meanwhile, my dad waited outside to meet up with our other guests for the evening.   Marine Sgt Brian Norris arrived with his brother & wife a half hour later.  He had previously been on the tour.  

Once everyone was there, they all met up at the seats located right behind home plate & got to know each other.  


The game itself was very entertaining.  The Yankees had an offensive explosion and the warriors enjoyed every minute of it!  Rookie, Aaron Judge & The “Bronx Bombers” blasted 5 Home Runs and beat the Orioles by the score of 16-3!

After the game, the warriors were treated to dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe located in Yankee Stadium.  Dinner at Hard Rock has become a staple of our Yankees Experiences!

IMG_3467 IMG_3466

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Cristina and the New York Yankees for their continued support of our mission.  From the pregame tour to the great seats behind home plate, you guys truly “knocked it out of the park” & provided an unforgettable experience! We also want to thank the Hard Rock Yankee Stadium for the delicious post game meal, Brian Maloney from Team Red White Blue for nominating so many deserving warriors across the northeast & New Era Cap for proving the Yankees caps that we will have to mail since they were still locked in the truck in Cleveland…

Merchant_9760-hardrock_Hard_Rock_Cafe_Logo  New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0 hwl


It was a pleasure and honor to host and Marine Sgt Brian Norris, Army Sgt Michael Snyder and Marine Sgt Corey Houghtaling.  We cannot thank them enough for their service & sacrifices! 

   My dad’s hopping on an overnight bus to Boston to host Marine John Morley at tomorrow’s Red Sox game.  Stay tuned for more details!

Red Sox (3)