Greatest Playoff Game in History Played Witnessed by Heroes at their first NFL game?

January 24, 2022

For anyone that watched, or even heard about, the Chiefs-Bills Playoff Game, it is pretty unanimous that it was the best game of the 2022 NFL season. Many have said it may have been the best Playoff game in NFL History!!
Well, what if that was the first game you ever went to … that is what happened to our guest 27-year Army Veteran Tracy Henderson. He was there along with his son, Dominique (who has served our country for 18 years himself and is still serving) cheering on his hometown Chiefs to victory …and I
have no doubt the crowd had a part in that victory!!How can he ever go to another game again? Will he think all games are like last night’s Chiefs 42-36 overtime thriller over the Bills?
Our other warrior guest, Army PFC Dustin Lloyd decided to bring his sister, Amber to her first game as well
and they also got to be a part of this historic game!! Dustin was actually nominated for last week’s Chief’s game against Pittsburgh – I’m guessing he is glad he went to this one instead!! And I’m sure his sister is also glad he did!!
Wait I think both teams just scored again.
THANK YOU to Don & Robyn Munce for hosting our heroes at his tailgate last night and all season long!!
BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY THANK YOU to Army Veterans Dominique and Tracy Henderson, and Dustin Lloyd for their dedicated service to our country!!