Game 42 – Warrior Wishes Come True In DC!

January 11, 2016






Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski joined the Marine Corps in 1976 and served 16 years on Active Duty. Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski was honorably retired in 1999 as a Gunnery Sergeant E-7. While serving on active duty Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski served in 35 different countries while serving mainly with 8th Marines. While serving with 8th Marines, Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski served in the Mediterranean Sea during the tensions of Beirut, Grenada and Lebanon in the early 1980’s which included a tour in Puerto Rico during the Cuban and Haitian refugees.
While serving in the Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski earned a Navy Commendation Medal, 3 Naval Achievement Medals, and a Humanitarian Service Medal to include numerous other awards.

Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski is a huge Green Bay Packer Fan. Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski goes by the name Ski. Ski moved from Wisconsin to Florida over the summer of 2015 to retire and have a healthier and happier life with his wife of 19 years and counting



Timothy Bosch joined the army in March of 2002 in order to be able to help and protect his brother who had joined before him. He served on multiple tours of duty including a deployment to Iraq in 2003 part of the main invasion. Tim is now medically retired at 100% disability with PTSD, tbi, degenerative disc in his back and other injuries. Tim has 4 kids and a wife and even though he is disabled he will put anyone else’s needs before his own. If he met a veteran in need of a cane he would give them the cane he is walking with.

Sgt Bosch is a die hard Redskins fan. No matter if they win or lose he is a true fan. He has always wanted to go to a game but has never had an opportunity to go until we made this Warriors wish come true!



Michael Cain is from Berlin Wisconsin. Michael joined the United States Army in June of 2000 and served at his first duty station in Vicenza Italy with the 173rd Airborne Infantry Division. After 2 years in Vicenza, Michael was reassigned to the 299th Engineer Battalion, 4th Infantry Division. On August 10, 2003 Michael’s vehicle rolled over a double stack anti-tank land mine that blew up directly underneath him. Michael lost his right leg below the knee and had severe damage to his left leg and hip and jaw.

On Oct 7, 2013, Michael had to have his left leg amputated because of severe nerve damage. In November 2013, Michael was using a wheel chair. By 1 February 2014, Michael had been two prosthetic limbs, suited up and played with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team in New York City at Super Bowl 48. He is pain free and is feeling much better about his mobility and his future.

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