Game 3 – Making Warrior Wishes Come True In KC

September 18, 2015

We have shared some incredible memories over the past 3 years in Kansas City.

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After an incredible 3 days filled with Warrior Wishes coming true in California, my dad flew home to Chicago only to hop on a bus and head out on an overnight bus to Kansas City.  He arrived in KC Thursday morning and meet up with Marine Sgt Dustin Johns & Army Sgt Nicholas Amegia (see bio’s below) to make their Warrior Wishes Come True at the Kansas City Chiefs game.

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Before the game, my dad met up with the Sgt Johns & Sgt Ambegia along with a few warriors who were our past guests for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings.  It’s always nice to catch up with old friends and meet new ones at each game.  After lunch everyone headed over to the stadium to tailgate before kicking off game 3 of our “All32in17” mission in Kansas City.


Nick & Dustin celebrated as the Chiefs went up on the Broncos with less than 3 minutes left in the game.  Their celebration was cut short as Peyton Manning engineered a drive and marched his Broncos down the field to tie the game with 40 seconds on the clock.  It looked as if the game would go into overtime, but then the unthinkable happened….

Chiefs Running Back Jamaal Charles fumbled the ball!  The Broncos picked up the loose ball and ran it into the end zone to pull off one of the most amazing wins we had ever seen.  The warriors along with everyone in Aarowhead stadium stood in shock.


Despite the last minute loss, the warriors still had a great time at the game.  And for Sgt Ambegia & his son, the day was not over yet…

After the game, Sgt Ambegia and his son went with my dad to try and meet some of their favorite players.  Before the game had started Nick had purchased a Travis Kelce Jersey & hoped to get it signed. We had a feeling that meeting the players may be a tall task considering the way they lost, but much like the warriors, my dad and I never give up.

Every player on the team got in their car and headed home without stopping to sign autographs but one.  The ONLY one to stop & sign was the one and only Travis Kelce!  It was an amazing way to end an amazing day!


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Buffalo Wild Wings in Independence for hosting lunch, New Era Caps for providing Chiefs Caps to each of the warriors & Marty, Randy, Deb & Andy among others for helping us make Warrior Wishes Come True in Kansas City, Home of the CHIEFS!

Marine Sgt Dustin Johns


Dustin Joined the USMC in August of 2005.  He spent 7 years in the Marines with deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan & the Pacific.

in 2011, Dustin deployed to Afghanistan.  He was serving as an EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal) Technician.  On November 12th, 2011 Dustin was clearing an area of explosive hazards in the Sangin Valley, Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED (Improvised Explosive Device).  The blast resulted in the traumatic amputation of both of Dustin’s legs, 2 fingers on his right hand & he also suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in the attack.


Doctors had to perform life saving surgeries at camp leatherneck.  SGT Johns was eventually transported to Landstuhl, Germany before returning stateside to Walter Reed in Bethesda MD.

Dustin’s life changed forever in an instant, but he never gave up.  After just 7 weeks of intensive therapies after losing both legs, he was literally back on his feet and learning to walk with his new prosthetic legs!  To this day, Dustin faces challenges every day, but this warrior is always up for the challenge because nothing is impossible & he never gives up!


SGT Johns was medically retired from the Marines on December 30th, 2012.  He currently lives in Grain Valley Missouri with his wife, Melissa.  Dustin & Melissa recently welcomed a new addition to their family with the birth of their daughter Piper, who was born in February.  Dustin is currently going to school full time and plans to pursue a masters degree in orthotics & prosthetics.

Sgt Johns was nominated by Andy, our guest from 2013.  We are thankful for the nomination and opportunity to host Dustin & his wife at tonights game to thank them for all of their service and sacrifices.

SGT Nicholas “Nick” Ambegia


Nicholas Adam Ambegia was born January 26, 1985, in El Cajon, California. The middle child of three other siblings two brothers and one sister. During his life, he moved around a lot until he finally found a place he could find a home of his own.

He had been going through high school, in Warren, Ohio on the date of 9/11/01. Due to the tragedy that had happened, is not only felt like his calling but his mission. He later graduated ahead of his class to join the US army.

Nicholas joined the army at age 17 on October 30, 2003 and later turned 18 during his basic at Fort Leonard Wood. His initial job, when he went in, was a 14t (patriot missile operator). After basic, he was stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas to complete his AIT and later, being stationed on the same post. During his time as a patriot missile operator, he received many awards for good conduct and going above and beyond what was expected of him.

While Nicholas was a 14T, he did one non combat deployment to Korea and was stationed at Suwon Air Force Base. After returning back from Korea he chose to voluntary discharge from the army to try the civilian world.

Nicholas was out of the army for almost a year when he knew he missed the army and he wanted to go back. There were many events and situations that made him realize he had been gone from his family (the army)for far to long.  When he Reenlisted around April 2009, he met Nichole Ambegia, his wife now of 6 years, at MEPs reentering into the army as a 11b. When married, Nichole had two kids prior, Matthew and Dylan Wells became his children as if his own.

After basic/osit at Fort Benning, he was later stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky. During his time state side, he became a team leader and excelled quickly to adjust as an infantry men. He was scheduled for ranger school and later got injured at NTC before he could go. He was trained in LRM, CIED, Advanced Mount training and more..

December 2010, shortly after the birth of his third son Nieko Ambegia, he deployed to Khost Province in Afghanistan. During his time there, they went on numerous missions through out their sector. On July 5, 2011, his platoon was hit by an IED, coming down a boat ramp into a wadi, injuring many people from the blast . During his time there, he earned his CIB and SGT stips, and later returned home.


After returning home from Afghanistan, Nicholas aquired some injuries and later decided his time as a soldier has come to an end and his mission was complete. However, Nicholas is now a 70 percent service connected disabled vet and his fight has still not ended and he knows it.

He is now paired with the POW Network and designed a shooting competition for veterans trying to help them with PTSD, as well as bridging the gap between soldiers of many generations. With doing this, it has helped Nicholas as well as others adjusting to their new life and finding new battle buddies.


Nicholas has been through many hurdles in life and in war. He now knows he is always at home when he can help other veterans. Influence an individual or even mentor his kids. He has accepted he has to get help with his PTSD and he does it so he can finally come back home from Afghanistan as himself again.

Today, Nicholas lives in MO with his wife, his sons Matthew, Dylan, Nieko, and newest addition, Bradlie. He enjoys playing video games, shooting, watching movies with his family, cheering on the Chiefs, and now watching Matthew play football.  Nick was nominated bny his wife & we are honored to help make this Warrior Wish Come True!

This was the 3rd game of our 2015 “All32in17” mission to honor military warriors & keep legacies alive at all 32 NFL stadiums in 1 season for our 4th year in a row.  My Dad will be back home for the weekend to make Warrior Wishes come true at the Bears & Colts games.  Follow the mission live on Twitter @WarriorWishes & on Facebook “Operation Warrior Wishes”  Thank you for your support!