Game 29 – Warrior Wishes Come True In New England!

November 25, 2015

Since my dads flight to Baltimore was cancelled, he was unable to catch his bus Boston & there were no reasonably priced flights to get there by Monday night.

Although he was unable to make the game, we were still able to make Warrior Wishes come true & provided tickets to Army SPC Michael Baird-Kelly (see his bio below)
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We wish we could have been there to help provide an unforgettable experience for SPC Baird-Kelly, but were happy he still had the opportunity to go out and enjoy the game.  My Dad will be back in action on Thursday celebrating Thanksgiving in Green Bay showing his appreciation by Making Warrior Wishes come true.
Spc Michael Baird-Kelly served for 6 years in the US Army. He spent 2 of those years rehabilitating from a service related injury stateside after returning home from a 15 month tour in Afghanistan. He is now a Veteran, College Student, Employee, Father, and Husband.  His Wife & daughter are so proud of him.  His daughter recently asked him to speak at her elementary school for Veteran’s Day which was such an honor for Mike to do! Mike is also passionate about the automotive world, especially Jeep.  When he isn’t working out in the garage on his own Jeep, he’s often working on his friend’s vehicles from the goodness of his heart and his desire to help those he cares for.