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My dad had the opportunity to hang out at home with X-man between making warrior wishes come true Thursday night in New Orleans & flying out for the weekend to host heroes in New York Sunday & Philadelphia on Monday.

Saturday evening my dad flew to Philadelphia for $21 then hopped on a $1 megabus to New York to catch a $10 train to the meadowlands in New Jersey for the Sunday afternoon Jets game.  It was a round about way to get there but it saved us a lot of money which helps us make more warrior wishes come true in the future.
Today we had the honor of hosting Army warriors Andrew Rivera, Bryan Dilberian & Kevin Dilberian at the Jets game thanks to our friends at Manhattan Beer Distributors.
(“Meet the Warriors” below)
Over the past thirty-five years, Manhattan Beer Distributors has strived to become the premier full-service beverage company in Metro New York. Manhattan Beer Distributors sponsored both of our New York missions giving us the opportunity to provide unforgettable once in a lifetime experiences at both Jets & Giants games thanks to their generosity!
Here are some of our favorite memories from the past 3 years making warrior wishes come true at the Jets games.
 DSCN2451 DSC05431
Earlier this week we received an email from a guy named Joe who offered to host us & the Warriors at his “L7 tailgate.”  The L7 parking lot, has become the largest and most recognizable tailgate at Jets games in recent years.  Jets owner, Woody Johnson, even made his way over to the tailgate to thank the warriors for their service!  Joe & the L7 tailgaters went above and beyond to help us give the Warriors an ultimate Jets tailgate experience & we can’t thank them enough!
 DSC09860 DSC09859 DSC09842
The Warriors enjoyed excellent seats and got to watch the Jets win up close from just a few rows deep in the end zone thanks to the generosity of Manhattan Beer distributors.
After thanking the Warriors one last time, my dad hopped back on the train to New York City to catch his $1 bus ride back to Philadelphia to make Warrior Wishes come true at the Monday night Eagles game.
Warrior Wishes came true in New York thanks to Manhattan Beer Distributors, the L7 tailgate crew & New Era Caps!