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Honoring U.S. Army PFC Cody Norris,

Pfc. Cody Norris followed in his brothers footsteps and joined the Army in October 2010 as an infantryman.On November 9th, 2011 the 20 year old warrior from the Houston area, was on patrol in Kandahar Province when his unit came under small arms fire. Cody lost his life that day while defending & protecting his fellow soldiers. He is a true hero.

John 15:13 says it best; “Greater love has no one than this that he lay down his life for his friends.” Cody is remembered as a fun-loving prankster whose goofy side was balanced by a strong sense of duty. his lifelong dream was to be a soldier. He was raised with a sense of selfless service & PFC Cody Norris gave his life doing what he loved. Gone, but never forgotten.

Operation Warrior Wishes proudly hosted Cody’s Dad at the Texans game and we were honored to help keep This brave warriors legacy alive.

U.S. Marine Corps Captain Arthur Davis served our country 22 years in the Marines. Davis was a father figure to his soldiers. He promised to bring them all home safely, but while on deployment in Iraq his worst nightmare became a reality as 2 of his soldiers were killed in an IED attack.

After coming home Davis hit rock bottom, his PTSD got the best of him, the drugs and alcohol didnt help either. Capt davis got himself into trouble & found himself in Jail. While sitting in Jail he made a life changing decision to get his act together and has turned his life around. He has learned to control his PTSD and spends his time helping other veterans stay out of trouble and keep them from making the same mistakes he made.

Arthur is one of the biggest Texans fans we have ever met & it was an honor to make his Warrior wishes come true!

Jonathan Molina joined the ARMY on September 20, 2006. He planned to make this his career but due to injuries he sustained while deployed, he was forced to medically retire in November 2008.

Molina was injured on December 20, 2007 in Iraq. His injury took place while in route to their FOB. He was the driver of a humvee that hit a pressure plated IED. Our friend & 49ers Warrior (2012), Wesley Leon-Barrientos, was in the vehicle with Jonathan when the IED Exploded. Wes was left a double amputee while Jonathan sustained multiple fractures to his spine and hip area, a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury and developed PTSD shortly after.

Physically, Molina has healed well and has learned to tune out the chronic pain left by his injuries. Each day is a different day when dealing with the PTSD. He is grateful for everyday & so thankful to have made it this far.

Army SGT 1st class Omar Hernandez received his first call to battle in 2003 as a combat engineer in Iraq. On June 6th, 2007 during his 3rd deployment, while on patrol, Hernandez and his comrades were ambushed. Before he could return fire, Hernandez was hit by a bullet that went through his leg. Ignoring the pain in his leg, Hernandez carried 2 other wounded soldiers to safety under heavy fire. For his actions, he was awarded the Silver Star.

“I couldn’t let anyone die out there, exposed like that,” Hernandez said. “They were under my command. I didn’t want anybody under my command to die.”

After recovering from his gunshot wound, he was deployed Afghanistan. On this deployment, Hernandez was removing a fellow soldier from harm when he fell into a well, and broke both of his legs. For his efforts, Hernandez received the Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM) with the V Device, signifying his actions of valor in the battlefield.
fter all that he has endured, Hernandez says that he would do it all over again. “Even knowing how it feels to be shot, how it feels to recover, I wouldn’t trade it,” he said.
“I’m just glad that I was able to serve and do my duty to earn my freedom.”

The Warriors had a “Suite” time at the Houston Texans game thanks to ION Geophysical!