October 6, 2014

Honoring U.S. Army Sgt Timothy Bosch, Master Sgt Jen Loredo and the Gold Star Family of SSG Edwardo Loredo.

Timothy Bosch joined the army in March of 2002 in order to be able to help and protect his brother who had joined before him. He served on multiple tours of duty including a deployment to Iraq in 2003 part of the main invasion. Tim is now medically retired at 100% disability with PTSD, tbi, degenerative disc in his back and other injuries. Tim has 4 kids and a wife and even though he is disabled he will put anyone else’s needs before his own. If he met a veteran in need of a cane he would give them the cane he is walking with.

Sgt Bosch is a die hard Redskins fan. No matter if they win or lose he is a true fan. He has always wanted to go to a game but has never had an opportunity to go until we made this Warriors wish come true!

Master Sgt. Jennifer Loredo said she hadn’t been looking for love when she first met fellow Soldier Eddie Loredo, though he turned out to be the love of her life. The two Soldiers ended up married.

On June 24th 2010, an improvised explosive device ended Eddie’s life while he was on deployment in Afghanistan. Jennifer was deployed in Afghanistan the same time as Eddie, although they were in different locations. She was flown south straightaway when word came of his injury.

“It was the day before his 35th birthday, and I remember the day like it was yesterday, On that day, my worst fears, the things that we had talked about before each of Eddie’s deployments, came true.”

By the time Jennifer made it to the hospital, it was too late. The Master Sgt ended up escorting her husband’s body back to the United States. Though it was the hardest thing she ever had to do, she said she was thankful that she was “by his side every single step of the way.”

Master Sgt Jennifer Loredo is the reason we are hosting so many #GoldStar families. We were honored to meet her at the superbowl in New York & hear about her husbands legacy. We are proud to call her a friend. Her son Eddie is a huge Redskins fan. It was a dream come true when he got to meet RGIII!

We would like to thank FedEx for providing tickets & field passes, Chuck E. Cheese for providing a pregame meal, New Era Cap for giving the warriors Washington Redskins caps, &Robert Griffin III for helping us make these #WarriorWishescome true!