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Honoring Army Warriors Jeramie Green, Greg Dotson & Jeremiah Dee.

Cpl Jeramie Green was 2 days away from completing a deployment in Afghanistan when he was seriously injured. In his own words:

“I was coming back from mission, and we were towing in a truck that had been blown up. The truck was downloading off their truck at their FOB, and one of the chains snapped, and the unmanned truck just took off. It was headed toward the fuel points. There were about 60 soldiers around & I didn’t want it to blow up the fuel point and hurt a bunch of people. So I chased the truck down, got the door open and turned the wheel right before it was about to hit, but the door closed on my arm which made me slip off the step and the truck was just dragging me everywhere. Then it flew 50 feet off the side of a mountain and the truck landed on top of me. I thought I was dead, but I made it, and I’m here now.”

Cpl Green is still rehabilitating from his injuries at Walter Reed. He recently had to have his left leg amputated. Jeramie has been a Cowboys fan since he was a kid. It has been a dream of his to see the Cowboys play at the new Cowboys stadium.

Gregory Dotson Served over 10 years in the army as line medic. Dotson was hit on a QRF mission to aide the Iraqi Police and lost his leg due to injuries from the blast that impacted the back of his Bradley directly below his legs. His right leg was salvaged with plates and screws. Greg also suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury in the blast & has been diagnosed with PTSD. In the ten months of his second deployment he treated 157 casualties, losing more than he cares to remember.

Today Greg is Married and a proud father of 6 girls. He told us that seeing a game in “Jerrys house” would be “Ultimate Awesomeness” It was an honor to meet this brave warrior & make his warrior wish come true!

Jeremiah Dee joined the Army at the age of 19 and served for ten years. Dee was a mechanic / crew chief on the Blackhawk helicopters. He also served on the downed aircraft recovery team while deployed and had to recover numerous aircraft under combat conditions.

The most severe aircraft recovery mission he was on is the toughest one for him to talk about. On November 15th, 2003, two Blackhawks collided over Mosul, Iraq. Jeremiah had many friends on board. It was his team’s responsibility to do the aircraft separation for body extraction and remove all of the wreckage from the site.

Jeremiah struggles dealing with his PTSD, TBI and other health issues. Through it all He keeps fighting and with the support of his friends & family he has come a long way. It was an honor to host this brave soldier at the Cowboys game.

We would like to thank Shelby Kelly & the Cowboys Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association – PFUFA for hosting us at their tailgate, TheBlaze for sharing our mission, FM Smoke House for providing a pregame meal, the ArlingtonTx Firedepartment for providing transportation to the game in a fire truck, New Era Cap for the caps & Brett Bech and the Dallas Cowboys for helping us make these #WarriorWishes come true!