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Honoring Army Sgt Austin Burchard & Navy Warrior Chris Scott. Chris & Austin had a blast at the game thanks to Tiffany & Dan Orlovsky, They went above and beyond to give these guys memories that they will never forget! We truly cant thank them enough for their generosity. Friends for life!

The day started at Whole Foods Market Tampa where we had breakfast before the game, then the warriors were treated to tickets, field passes & footballs thanks to Dan & the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! We also had the opportunity to watch a part of the game from the pirate ship!

After the game the warriors got to go outside the locker room and meet the entire team! Each player stopped to sign their footballs & take pictures with them. Vincent Jackson even gave Austin his game used gloves!

We were treated to dinner at the Cheesecake factory thanks to Dan & Tiffany. Chris & Austin surprised Dan with an autographed football to thank him for his generosity.