November 19, 2012

Honoring Army Cpl Wesley Barrientos, Special Ops “Brandon” Gebhardt & Joel Sears.

Army CPL Wesley Leon-Barrientos was deployed to Iraq in December 2007. While supporting his team on an air assault mission near Iskandariah, his team discovered and destroyed several car bombs and a weapons cache. Roadside bombs were encountered on the return trip to base and the convoy was diverted for security purposes.

While maneuvering around a suspected bomb, the truck which was carrying CPL Leon-Barrientos rolled over a pressure plate IED causing an explosion to rip through the vehicle. Sitting directly behind the driver, Wesley lost his left leg and right foot in the blast and suffered severe calf injuries as well as a broken jaw.

Today Wesley does everything he can to support his fellow Veterans. He has hand pedaled across the country to raise awareness about Veteran suicide rates and has become a motivational speaker to other injured service members. He is also a huge 49ers fan who had never been to a game before!

It was an honor to help make these #WarriorWishes come true!

We would like to thank Whole Foods Market San Francisco for providing a pregame meal, The Westin San Francisco Airportfor providing accommodations, ESPN Monday Night Footballfor bringing the warriors on the set, and Lou & all of his friends for hosting us and helping us make these warrior wishes special! We couldn’t have done it without you!