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In what will probably be a series of “returns”, QB Tom Brady was honored by the NE Patriots at Halftime; But Warrior Wishes and Window World honored their own heroes. Army Veteran Steve Schumer and Navy Veteran Jerry Beckman.
Although it was a rain soaked experience, fun was had by all including both the father of Combat Medic Schumer, John and Steve’s son Maddock.
So it was truly a family affair …3 generations of Schumers, along with their neighbor Navy Veteran Jerry.
The fun started at the same “Lobstah Tailgate” we have attended every year since 2013. Clayton, Shannon and their crew of Maine Lobster fishermen come down and cook lobster for anyone who wanders by.
Brady had a great speech, while Warrior Wishes & Window World put on a great show for their heroes .
THANK YOU Army Combat Medic Steve Schumer and Navy Veteran Jerry Beckman for your service to our country.
THANK YOU Clayton and your crew of Maine fishermen for the tailgate &
THANK YOU Window World for sponsoring this experience!!!