Lions Fan Warriors Get two Wishes fulfilled in Kansas City.

September 14, 2023
Week one Game one Detroit Lions @ Kansas City Chiefs

Two of our heroes Army Donavon Cope and Navy AJ Cope, didn’t even know they were going to be our guests until a couple days before. Both were surprised, one by their students and the other by his boss, and their cousin Zoeie, who they had not seen in 20 years.
Gold Star Dad Dan Robinson and his son Gold Star Brother of Fallen Navy Seal Heath Robinson also joined us for this very Special Night.
Why was it Special? Because since we have Chiefs season tickets, usually our guests are all Chiefs fans and usually they win. Tonight was different, as except for Donavon’s wife Patty, an Army Combat Medic herself who is Cowboy fan, all of our guests were Lions fans and the Lions pulled off an opening Night upset of the Chiefs as they raised the Championship Banner 21-20
What a GREAT start to the 2023 NFL SEASON!