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Game 36 – Warrior Wishes Come True At The Eagles Game!

After the Falcons helped us make Warrior Wishes come true in atlanta, my dad spent the night at the airport and was on the first flight to Philadelphia early Monday morning.

img_9208 img_9211 img_9206

My dad arrived in Philadelphia around 10:30 which gave him a little time to catch up on blog posts from the last few game.  Tonight my dad will make warrior wishes come true at the 30th of the 32 stadiums he has attended this year – only the Jaguars and Jets remain.  

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My dad says the Philadelphia Eagles have one of the most convenient venues, due to the easy access of all 3 stadiums/arenas from both bus station and airport. It is the only city in the country where all 4 of their sports teams are located on pretty much the same block. 


Here are some of our favorite memories from making wishes come true at the Eagles games since 2012.  

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McFadden’s Restaurant which is attached to Phillies stadium, has been a big supporter of our mission over the past 5 years.   They have gone above & beyond to provide meals to the Warriors we host every time we come to Philadelphia.


In fact, McFadden’s has become our “Official” Philly meeting place. This year my dad was honored to be hosting military  brothers Calvin and Dylan Colclaugh. They were nominated by their mother Susan, who wanted to get both of her Marine sons together for a special night. When we called them to offer the experience, there was one catch – Calvin actually lives in North Carolina, and mom was not sure they would be able to pull it off. But once Calvin heard about the opportunity, he loaded up the family and headed out on a 9 hour drive to Philadelphia to hang out with his brother, while the kids hang out with grandma. 


Next to arrive was Marine Cpl Brandon Stingo, who was attending the game with his dad Christopher.  Christopher was also an Army Veteran.  As everyone ate dinner,  the local ESPN 610 radio show was doing a live broadcast right in front of their table.  They presented the warriors with T-Shirts & My dad presented them with brand new New Era Eagles Caps & thank you letters from children.  


My dad also heard that one of our previous Eagles guests, Kevin McCloskey and his new bride Bridgett were going to the game too.  So he invited them to dinner as well.  It gave them the chance to catch up. We look forward to seeing Kevin at our 2017 Warrior Wishes scramble!  


After the delicious meal thanks to McFaddens, everyone walked across the street to Lincoln Financial Field to watch the Philadelphia Eagles take on Packers.  


Unfortunately for the Warriors, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Eagles 24-13.  Despite the loss, everyone still had a great time!  

img_9262 img_9261

Operation warrior wishes would like to thank Johnna and Dale at McFaddens for the delicious pregame meal & their continued support of our mission.  We also want to thank New Era Cap for eagles Caps and Chive Charities for T-shirts.

jdecvuid_400x400 newera-marcofox-mini eagles keep-calm-chive-on_full


Most importantly, thank you to Army Veteran Christopher Stingo, Marine Cpl Brandon Stingo  and marine brothers Calvin & Dylan Colclaugh for their service & sacrifices to our country.  Your service & sacrifices are appreciated, have not gone unnoticed & will never be forgotten.  


My dad will be spending the night at the airport before hopping on a flight first thing tomorrow Morning to spend one day at home before heading back to Minnesota for his 2nd Vikings game of the season. Stay tuned for more details.





Specialist Christopher Stingo (1985-1992)
MOS: 94B Food Service Specialist
Enlisted into the US Army in Oct 1985
Went to Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training in Ft Dix, NJ 1985
Was stationed in Stuttgart, Germany attached to the 1st Infantry Division Foward (Big Red One), Armored Infantry Battalion 1986-1988
Sent to Ft Sill, OK attached to, 299th Engineer Battalion 1988-1989
Got off Active Duty and joined the Army National Guard attached to the 242 Signal Battalion attached to the 42nd Infantry Division in support of Ft Drum, NY who was forward deployed for Operation Desert Storm 1988-1992



MOS: 1345 Heavy Equipment Operator
Enlisted into the USMC in May 2012
Went to Parris Island, SC for boot camp on Oct 15, 2012
Was stationed on Camp Lejuene, NC from June 2013 – Oct 2016 attached to II Marine Expeditionary Force, II Marine Headquarters Group, 8th Communication Battalion
Got off active duty and transitioned to the United States Marine Corps Reserve (USMCR) on Oct 15, 2016 assigned to  Marine Wing Support Squadron (MWSS) 472 Det (-) in Ft Dix, NJ
Sgt. United States Marines
Infantry Division 2006-2014
5 Deployments: Iraq and Afghanistan
Platoon Sgt., conducting Helo born operations/ Intel. Ops
Awarded Naval/Marine Corps Achievement Medal
Second Award with Valor Distinguish Service
2013 attached to Recon in Spain & Africa as “Quick Reaction Force” serving Embassies
Cpl. United States Marines
Infantry Division 2011-2014
Squad Leader: 2 Deployments
Philippines & Korea
National Defense Medal
Sea Service w/ Bronze Star
War on Terrorism
Korean Medal

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Game 35 – The Atlanta Falcons Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

We kicked off week 12 with a bang making Warrior Wishes come true on thanksgiving day in Detroit & Dallas!  

img_9140 fullsizerender-18

My dad had hosted in Detroit.  He took a bus back home immediately following the game & enjoyed some time with the family before his bus left early Saturday morning.  Typically, my dad doesn’t mind taking the bus.  Short trips aren’t bad & the overnight ones he never remembers because he sleeps the whole time.  But this was going to be a bus ride he would remember.  It was a 17 hour all day $1 bus ride from Chicago to Atlanta.  


by the time he arrived & took the Marta to the airport, he told me “all the good beds were taken.”  So he didn’t get much sleep before meeting up with the warriors to make wishes come true at the Falcons game.  Here are some of our favorite memories from making Warrior Wishes come true at the Falcons games.  

dsc00583-300x225 dsc00957-300x226 dsc05305-300x225 dscn1112-300x225

My dad met up with Army SGT Theo Lowe & Army SGT Marc Roberson at CNN before the game.  It has become tradition the last few years in Atlanta, to start our experience with the CNN Tour as a way of getting to know our warriors.


Army Sgt Theo “TJ” Lowe and his 13 yr old son Kaleb were the first to arrive. My dad only needed to talk to them a few minutes before realizing they were huge Falcons fans.  Kaleb was definitely excited for his first Falcons game ever!  Army Sgt Marc Roberson, wife Karen and their 8 yr old  son Jaydon arrived just as we were getting in line for the CNN tour.  This was their FIRST EVER NFL game too!  My dad had the chance to get to know them a little bit on the tour . Marc was a big Falcons fan too.  

img_9200 img_9199

After the tour, everyone headed over by the stadium for some pregame fun. The Falcons have one of the best PreGame activities for families in the league.  The kids had the chance to throw football, get fun photos & meet the cheerleaders.

Before the group went in the stadium, they snapped a few group pictures in front of both stadiums, as they are building the new Falcons stadium right next door and had an American flag hanging from 2 fire trucks which made for great photo.


My dad said everyone had a great time at the game.  The Warriors were cheering every play and booing every bad one.  

img_9210 img_9209

Luckily for them, there were many more plays to cheer than boo, as the Falcons dominated the Cardinals especially in 2nd Half . Arizona kept it close for the first half trailing only 17-13 at half but pulled away with 21 second half points for the 38-19 victory.  

img_9208 img_9211

During the game, my dad caught up with Warriors Cedric King & Sean Adams at the game.  Cedric is one of the most inspirational people you will ever meet.  he was our guest to the Superbowl last year.  He & Sean were the Falcons honorary captains.


After the game, our friends at Taco Mac treated everyone to nice dinner.  My dad said “These are my favorite times when we can just hang out and talk about whatever our guests want to talk about, and get to know them better, in a nice relaxed setting.”

Operation warrior wishes would like to thank the Atlanta Falcons for going above and beyond to provide tickets for the Warriors & their families.  We also want to thank New Era Cap for providing the Falcons caps, Chive Charities for the KCCO T Shirts, CNN for the pregame Tour of the studios & Taco Mac for the post game meal!

keep-calm-chive-on_full newera-marcofox-mini falcons cnn_logo th


Most importantly, we ask that you join us in thanking to Army Sgt Theo “TJ “Lowe and Army Sgt Marc Roberson, and their families, for their service and sacrifices to our country.  It’s appreciated, hasn’t gone unnoticed & will never be forgotten.  (MEET THE WARRIOR BELOW)

After dinner, My dad headed Back to Atlanta airport to get a few hours of sleep before his early morning flight to Philadelphia.  Warrior Wishes COME TRUE at the Eagles game tomorrow night!  Stay tuned for more details.  




Mark served 14 1/2 yrs in the Army before being medically retired in October 2014. He now spends his time caring for his kids and riding motorcycles with the CVMA, a motorcycle organization that does volunteer work helping veterans in need.



Theopilus “T.J.” Lowe was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. His military career began as soon as he graduated from high school in 1999 at the tender age of 18. He was a Reservist for 8 years and stations at Fort Gilliam in Forest Park, Ga.- before he went Active Duty- and moved to Fort Hood, TX. During his 13 years of service he traveled the world training, and was deployed twice. A month before the 3rd deployment was scheduled, it was determined that he was no longer fit for duty due to injuries sustained during the previous ones. This news hit like a ton of bricks.  But, he knew going into combat injured was unfair and dangerous to his fellow brothers/sisters that depended on him for their safety and vice versa. Since his medical discharge, he has experienced his fair share of up and downs. However, he finds solace in his family. He has been an amazing husband for 15 years and is the father to 2 kids; a 9 year old daughter and a 13 year old son. He has since enrolled in school where is obtained a Culinary degree and is currently working on a Business one. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, grilling, bowling, and sports (especially the Falcons!!). His future plans are to own and operate a food truck.

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Game 34 – Thanksgiving Warrior Wishes Come True In Dallas!

We receive hundreds of nominations throughout the year & do our best to try to make every wish come true.  

Over the past 4 years it’s become a Warrior Wishes tradition to host warriors on thanksgiving day.  


This year we received a nomination specifically for the Thanksgiving game in Dallas.  With my dad already committed to make warrior wishes come true at the Lions game, we had to make a decision.  


We typically don’t like just sending tickets to warriors and sending them to a game on their own for a couple of reasons.  The biggest reason being that our mission is about creating an experience.  It’s more than just a game, we want to help create memories that will last a lifetime.  Another reason is that for warriors who have never been to a game before, it can sometimes be overwhelming so we like to have a representative there hosting to make sure everything goes smoothly. We also think it’s important to meet the Warriors in person.  We want to show them that they are appreciated through our actions.  Every board member on our team is passionate about about supporting our nation’s veterans & we think it’s important to show that passion in person to create a friendship.  Going to a game with Operation warrior wishes is so much more than just a game.  


In the end, we made the decision to make this thanksgiving wish come true.  It was an opportunity for us to get a warrior off his couch and out to a game.  Plus it was Thanksgiving!  So we had to show we were thankful for SGT Robert Armstrong’s service!

SGT Armstrong was born in El Paso, Texas in 1965. His dad worked for the Defense Missile Program at White Sands. Eventually he moved to New Jersey, where he saw his first football game on TV. (which is when he became a Redskins fan.) The only games they got were the Giants or the Jets. One day, the Redskins were playing the Giants and his mother said He took to the team right away. From that point on, he has been a Redskins fan. (through the good times and the bad.)   He says “Just about everyone in my family is a Cowboys fan so I was always stuck watching the Redskins on the tiny black and white tv in the back room.”

After graduating from high school in Cedar Hill, Texas Robert joined in the Marine Corps and was stationed out in California. It was during this time that he got to see his first in person Redskins game. SGT Armstrong had saved up a lot of money for the Super Bowl game between Washington and Denver down in San Diego. He was in the nose bleed section, but He loved it. 


After the Marine Corps He worked in the civilian sector for about ten years but by 1999 the desire to return to military service was too great and He enlisted in the Army in May of that year. 

Armstrong spent that summer in Georgia at Fort Benning, relearning military stuff. His first permanent party duty station was in S. Korea. He later deployed to Iraq with 4ID for OIF 1 and 2. 


In 2003 while serving in OIF 2 Sgt Armstrong was wounded while guarding a Women’s and Children’s hospital. He was medevaced to Lansthul, Germany.  Once they had him stabilized enough to fly, Robert was sent to Walter Reed in Washington, DC. When he finally woke from his coma, he learned that he had lost his right foot (above the ankle) and was losing the sight in his left eye. (Shrapnel had traveled through his eye and in to his brain.) He would later lose the eye completely and had his right leg amputated above the knee. 


SGT Armstrong returned to active duty and served for 18 more months after his catastrophic injury before finally retiring in January of 2005.

As you can see, he is a big time Redskins fan.  He currently lives in Texas & when he saw the Redskins were coming to town on Thanksgiving, He hoped to get tickets.

However with the Cowboys playing great, this was a tough ticket to get…  

I called SGT Armstrong’s wife about a week before the game & introduced myself.  She immediately broke into tears and thanked us for the opportunity to go to the game.  She also told me that we were truly making a dream come true.  

Thanks to our friends, Julio “Prime” Marin & other Dallas PFUFA super fans, the Armstrong’s were welcomed (even though SGT Armstrong was a redskins fan) to a fun pregame tailgate filled with delicious food & drinks.


Robert & his wife said they all became quick friends & had a great time tailgating with the whole group.

gdfy5656 img_9172

I was able to score front row tickets on an aisle in the upper deck for a reasonable price on stubhub.  I told them they could switch them out for ADA seating when they arrived at the stadium if they were not accessible enough for Robert.  But he chose not to pass up the front row tickets.  


Unfortunately for him, the first place Cowboys beat the Redskins by the score of 31-26.  

Despite the loss, SGT Armstrong & his wife had an unforgettable day and “Really enjoyed every second of the day.”  


We are thankful to have had the opportunity to send him to the game to show our appreciation for his service & sacrifices!  

Operation Warrior Wishes would also like to thank Julio & the Cowboys PFUFA super fans for helping us make this a special experience!



Happy thanksgiving!  

My dad will be back in action this Sunday in Atlanta!  Stay tuned for more details.  


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Game 33 – Lions QB Helps Make Thanksgiving Warrior Wishes Come True In Detroit!

My dad really enjoyed a few “days off” after making Warrior Wishes come true at the Sunday night Redskins game.


On Wednesday night, he jumped on an Overnight bus from Chicago to Detroit to celebrate Thanksgiving making Warrior Wishes come true at the Lions game for the 4th time in the last 5 years!  


Here are some of our favorite memories we have made making Warrior Wishes come true in Detroit.

321149_353210491443882_1119432216_n 1527053_517830694981860_1787784519_n 1551507_518320051599591_1919529246_n 10429343_690188017746126_8688974054191029907_n 10846083_690188307746097_5849547292713751940_n dsc01350

The original plan was to host 4 warriors at the game, but thanks to our friend, Lions QB, Dan Orlovsky, our Thanksgiving Day “Family” increased from 4 to 12!  


For most of us, Thanksgiving Day is a day for getting together with family and discussing what we are thankful for. For the past 4 of the past 5 years, our “family” has been the Warriors we have hosted at Ford Field & we are thankful for their service and sacrifices!  

Dan was able to provide 12 tickets to the Thanksgiving game.  One day before the game we only had 6 guests.  So my dad scrambled to find more warriors to host at the game.  Thankfully we had a few extra nominations and we were able to fill all the seats!  

 Coincidentally, all the warriors we were hosting served in the Army. It was an honor to host Sgt Justin Lindley with his 12 year old son Trent and stepdad Rich, Sgt Russ Markel, Sgt Justin Weis, Army Warrior Dennis Leppek, Sgt Davin Dumar with his dad & service dog Layla, Last but not least was Army Sgt Nick Koulchar, his wife, brother & our youngest guest ever, their 4 month old son Finnegan.  


Although these warriors missed out on their favorite thanksgiving dishes with their families at home, they were all treated to one of the biggest & best thanksgiving tailgates in Detroit!  


Our friend Bill has been hosting us at his “Tubgators” tailgate for each of the 5 years of our mission and puts together an incredible Thanksgiving feast complete with turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and he even has Pilgrims and Indians attending!  


Other than eating outside in the cold it is your typical Thanksgiving meal that you would have at home.  Bill really captures that true Thanksgiving tradition in the food and the message/ prayer he gives before the meal.  We are thankful for his support!  


The Tubgators have another tradition that may not be so “traditional.” The tailgate is called the Tubgators because there is a Hot Tub – yes I said Hot Tub – available for all to partake in , no matter the weather! 


This is always a fun part of the day, because many other tailgaters come by to see who is brave enough to go in it – it has been snowing and below freezing a couple years but people continue their tradition & take the plunge.

Everyone met my dad at corner of Russell and Fisher at Eastern Market.  He then guided them to the tailgate. The Warriors & families were surprised at both the amazing feast, as well as the equally amazing…or at least crazy , hot tub…

After everyone stuffed their belly’s, my dad handed out letters to the Warriors from students thanking them for their service and brand new New Era Lions caps!


They walked over to the stadium to meet up with SGT Nick Koulchar, who couldn’t make the tailgate because he ran a 5k before the game.  


Despite being a double amputee, Nick is one of those guys who never gives up and always challenges himself to do more.  He is an incredible man and a true inspiration!

It was a low scoring defensive battle.  The Vikings & lions looked as if they were headed to overtime tied 13-13 with 38 seconds left on the clock.  However, Vikings QB, Sam Bradford took the snap  & did the unthinkable, throwing an interception to set up the Lions for a chip shot field goal to win the game sending the stadium into a frenzy!  

img_9151 img_9152 img_9153

Operation warrior wishes would like to thank Dan and Tiffany Orlovsky for going above and beyond again to make Wishes come true at the Lions game.  Tiffany and Dan’s sister  Lauren came up at halftime to visit with, and say thank you to the Warriors, which was greatly appreciated by all of them!

img_9156 img_9155 img_9154

We also want to thank Bill & the Tubgators for hosting everyone for a delicious Thanksgiving feast, New Era Cap for the Lions caps and Chive Charities for providing the KCCO shirts!  

New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0 lions keep-calm-chive-on_full


Most importantly, we want to thank to all the warriors for your service and sacrifices to our country!  It’s appreciated, doesn’t go unnoticed and will never be forgotten!  Read more about the Warriors below.

My dad hopped on a bus back to Chicago immediately following the game.  He will be on a 15 hour bus ride to Atlanta on Saturday to make Warrior Wishes come true at the Falcons game!  Stay tuned for more details!





Justin, joined the Army right out of high-school.  His first duty station was in Germany, then he deployed to Iraq several times.  During his last deployment, his Humvee was hit by an IED and now he is 100% disabled.  He suffers from a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, post traumatic stress disorder, partial vision loss, partial hearing loss, chronic pain and the list goes on.  Justin & his wife, Jasmine have five children & he recently got a service dog this past year (who is still in training) but “Gunner” has been a huge help for Justin thus far.
Justin is is a HUGE Detroit Lions Fan !!  I’m talking die hard… Justin’s wife nominated him for this experience.  She said “He absolutely deserves it more then anyone I know.  Even with all of his injuries (physical and invisible), he still puts his family first and I would love for him to be first one time.”
It was an honor to make this wish come true and host SGT Lindley at the Lions game.

Don’t forget to nominate your hero for an upcoming game on our 2016 “All32in17” Mission!

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Game 32 – FedEx Makes Warrior Wishes Come True At The Redskins Game!

My dad kicked off week 11 making Warrior Wishes come true at the Panthers game in Charlotte on Thursday.  He spent a night in Charlotte before getting a “great” night of “quality” sleep on an overnight Megabus…  my dad said he fell asleep the second he sat down and woke up Saturday morning in DC. 

img_9011 img_2496

This is our 2nd trip to DC this season.  Here are some of our favorite memories from making Warrior Wishes come true at Redskins games.  

 603330_318327841598814_99177943_n 1560459_518760768222186_629650890_n 1013793_661752863922975_2834128601079026991_n 1959369_661751487256446_5320243798041914126_n 10670169_661752540589674_8532206642485436468_n image1-1-300x225 img_0545-300x225 img_6675

My dad always likes the DC trips because there is so much to do & see.  From the free Smithsonian museums to the National Mall, the White House, Walter Reed & Arlington National Cemetery,  there is no shortage of things to do.

As soon as my dad got into town, he met up with former Guest warrior Michael Cain at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Wisconsin Badgers college football game.  He is originally from Wisconsin and is actually going to the Redskins – Packers game too.  Thankfully Mike brought my dad his tickets to the game as he forgot them when he left for Charlotte earlier in the week & I had to overnight them to Mike.


When my dad went in to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet Sgt Cain it was 70 degrees and sunny. Mike only had an hour or so before he had to get back home & my dad stayed longer.  When my dad left 2 hours later, it was pouring rain and 45 degrees.  It was a huge change from when he arrived.  He hopped on a bus to take him to the airport for the night where he acted like a turkey & got a little sleep.


My dad caught the Metro first thing in the morning to make his annual visit to Arlington Cemetery. He does this ever year, stopping to pay his respect to the ones who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us.  Arlington Cemetery is one of the most powerful places in the World.  Pictures don’t do it justice.


After spending the entire morning at Arlington, my dad headed back downtown. He was hoping to squeeze in an afternoon Capitals Hockey game in for a veteran and his wife who were nominated a couple years ago, but the timing was just a little to tight and it didn’t work out. So my dad headed to the McDonalds by stadium to meet the warriors.  


While he was in DC preparing for the Redskins Sunday night game, Bengals Coach Kevin Caskey was making Warrior Wishes come true at the Bengals game!


We were honored to be hosting Army Sgt Michael Trost, his wife Stephanie, and Navy Warrior Shruti Kapur. My dad gave them their Parking Passes and we headed to the stadium . 


Throughout the day the weather progressively got worse.  As fine time approached, temperatures dropped into 20’s and winds picked up to almost 40 Miles per hour!  We have been extremely lucky over the four plus years of our Mission. We have hosted over 2000 heroes at 650 events and have only had 1 rainout/snowout ever!  On May 9th 2014 a snowstorm rolled through Denver that cancelled the Rockies game that we were honoring a Fallen Hero and 3 active duty soldiers on field.


For the most part – knock on wood – we have only had 2 or 3 other weather issues of any significance that have interfered with making Warrior Wishes come true.  There was Brett Favre’s  Retirement in Green Bay where it was 35 and raining sideways.


And when we made warrior wishes come true on Veterans Day of 2012 in Pittsburgh.  It was 33 degrees & pouring down rain!  Matt and I call cold rain “Pittsburgh Rain”.  I still remember my dad doing his best to hold onto an umbrella that was blowing sideways, trying to keep the horizontal sleet off of Marine Brandon Rumbaugh’s dress blues.  


My dad said that the weather in DC was probably one the next worst conditions – it wasn’t raining BUT the 20 degree temperature and 40 mile an hour winds certainly affected the nights activities.  Luckily Fed Ex had provided Parking Passes in Lot A – 50 yards from the entrance. My dad asked nearby tailgaters  if he could pay them to allow our 5 guests tailgate there.  It was so windy they couldn’t even keep plates, napkins or even the food on the table.  The tailgaters refused the money but did invite the warriors to grab a bite to eat and went back and forth from the tailgate to their warm cars. 

Mike Cain & his friend Casey met up with everyone before heading inside the stadium.  Navy Warrior Shruti Kapur actually knew both Mike and Casey. So despite the terrible weather conditions everyone had a good time.  

Everyone made their way inside the stadium.  The Warriors were treated to field passes thanks to FedEx!   Thankfully it was a little warmer down on the field.  My dad gave Casey and Mike his Field Passes so he got some photos from the stands, while the others got their own pics on the field.

img_2578 fullsizerender-19 img_2547

Luckily the seats were in the club level which gave everyone the chance to warm up before kickoff. 


One of my dads most memorable moments of the evening was Seeing Sgt Trost – who just had his foot amputated in April and still recovering, STOOD UP TO HONOR HIS COUNTRY during the National Anthem!!!  Although he did not need help to stand up, both Shruti and My dad held on to him from each side to help him balance.  My dad said it was “Very Powerful.”  SGT Trost, you are a true American hero & a patriot!  

The game got off to a slow start.  With gusty winds & cold weather both Quarterbacks struggles to move the ball down the field.  The Redskins went into the 4th quarter leading 22-10.  


The teams took turns scoring in the 4th quarter, James Starks scored on the first play of the quarter. Two plays later, the Cousins connected with Pierre Garçon on a 70 yard TD pass, then Jared Cook scored for the Packers.  The Redskins offense got the last laugh scoring 2 late game Touchdowns to win by the score of 42-24.  



Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Rebecca and Clare at FedEx for donating tickets and Field Passes to make Warrior Wishes come true for the 4th consecutive year!  We also want to thank the N2 Tailgate Group for hosting the warriors at their tailgate, New Era Cap for providing the Redskins caps and Chive Charities for their continued support!

fedex-logo-470 keep-calm-chive-on_full newera-marcofox-mini redskins


Most importantly, we want to thank Navy Warrior Shruti Kapur, Army Sgt Michael Cain, his Army friend Casey and Army Sgt Michael Trost for their service & sacrifices to our country! 

My dad will actually get a “night off” tomorrow evening, as the Monday Night Game is in Mexico.  He will be back in action on Thursday for our annual Thanksgiving day game in Detroit.  Stay tuned for more details!





Michael Trost joined the Army on July 20th, 1982.  He proudly served our country for more than 30 years!  On 20 February 2012 I was shot 5 times by a Taliban infiltrator that was an Afghan National Police. This Taliban shot 2 Albanian Soldiers (killing CPT Feti Volgi and wounding CPL Aleksander Peci) and myself with a machine gun (7.62 x 54 PKM) while a USAID Representative investigated Schools that the US military built in the small village of Robat 1 and 2 outside Spin Boldak Afghanistan. I was medevac to Kandahar Role 3 for initial surgery and then flown to Landstuhl Germany for 3 more surgeries, When I reached Walter Reed in Bethesda MD I had a severed Sciatic nerve in my right leg, atrophy in my right calf, drop foot in the right foot. I had Mrsa in my perineum where 3 bullets had exited, I had bullet holes in my right thigh, left thigh (size of a baseball), left buttock, right buttock. I spent 10 months at Walter Reed learning how to walk again. I racked up 31 Surgeries including a 13-hour cadaver sciatic nerve transplant in my right leg. I maintained a 7 to 8 out of 10 on the pain scale in my right leg for the next 4 years. The right leg limb salvage did not work, So, on April 18, 2016 I had a below the knee amputation of my right leg back at Walter Reed. However, my bone was infected with 5 different types bacteria so I had a revision surgery. My right leg finally closed and I should be in my new leg by January 2017. I now have 34 surgeries under my belt and my pain level now ranges from 0 to 3. My wife Stephanie and I have lived in Bethesda for the better part of 8 months. I owe my recovery to the fine Surgeons, Doctors, Nurses, Medics, Wound care, pain teams, infectious diseases teams, etc. I also could have never recovered without the love and care of my wife Stephanie who is my Hero!



My story begins when i moved to the country at young age of 9 or 10 from India, which makes me second generation immigrant. Our family views United States as the land of opportunity and freedom, which is the reason why we moved. I joined the United States Navy at 22 because i wanted to get experience and financial help for my college but what i got from it was much more than i ever dreamed : Camaraderie , Fraternity for life and to be part of rich culture of the United States Armed Forces. My first duty station was onboard USS Nitze-DDG94, where i was CRYPTOLOGICAL TECHNICIAN TECHNICAL (CTT) and as E-3 and got to deploy as part of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM. Being on the ship made me realize the freedom i took for granted, and how the hard work our men and women do affect our daily lives back at home; when you are a sitting duck in middle of enemy territory-even at sea- you realize how much of what we do here affects the world around us. My second tour of duty  at National Reconnaissance Office, was spent as supporting the training effort for the guys in the forefront of the fight. This is where i realize what it takes to train the services from wargaming aspect to the real fight on the ground. This is also my last duty station, where i realized how the there is a side of military that recently has recently been talked about: Veterans Mental Health. This is also a topic which was not talked about by many of US veterans because we thought it is a sign of weakness. I was in Walter Reed for the rest of my time in the military because PTSD at the time, i thought, got the best of me but my medical team at Walter Reed, along with support of my family and close friends helped me get through the treatment. Today, two years out of military as medically retired , i still have the pride of sailor in my daily life (I miss wearing the uniform dearly) but i continue to support the warfighter in the forefront as intelligence analyst with BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON and  found my new purpose in life in volunteering in a non-profit for veterans and help them connect to the local community through social and physical activity and support my fellow brothers and sister in Arms past & Present. My motto in life will always be : Raise awareness about veterans mental health  and Find a purpose in life bigger than myself.

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Game 31 – The Bengals Make Warrior Wishes Come True!


While my dad was getting ready to make Warrior Wishes come true in Washington DC, our friends at the Bengals Bomb Squad & Bengals running back coach Kevin Caskey were making wishes come true in Cincinnati.


This experience was a total group effort.  Without the help and support of Shawn, John, and the whole Bengal Bomb Squad Tailgate promoting our efforts – and without Coach Caskey recognizing those efforts, this weekends special day for 4 of our nations military heroes never would have happened. 


Marine Cody Van Boxel, Navy PO David Waller, Army SSG Marlon McDonald and Army SFC Daniel Jensen were treated to a once in a lifetime experience on Saturday Morning at Bengals practice where they got to meet some of their favorite players including Andy Dalton and warrior wishes supporter Tyler Eifert!  

img_2542 img_2543

Check out the custom Warrior Wishes cleats Tyler Eifert will be wearing for us on week 13 vs the Eagles!


On Sunday, Coach Caskey treated the warriors to the Bengals game, along with PreGame Field Passes!  

Unfortunately, the Bengals were defeated by the Bills 16-12, so our warriors did not get to see a victory, but a great time was had by all.  

As we mentioned before, we could not have made these Warrior Wishes come true without the help of Shawn, John, the Bengal Bomb Squad and Coach Caskey.  We cannot thank them enough for their support!


Most importantly, thank you to Marine Cody Van Boxel,Navy PO David Waller,Army SSG Marlon McDonald and Army SFC Daniel Jensen for their service & sacrifices.  They don’t go unnoticed, they are appreciated & will never be forgotten!

My dad will be in action tonight making wishes come true at the Redskins game.  Stay tuned for more details!

Don’t forget to nominate your hero for an upcoming game on our 2016 “All32in17” Mission!

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Game 30 – Warrior Wishes Come True At The Panthers Game!

After making warrior wishes come true at the Giants game, which was our 29th game this season, my dad got to enjoy a few days off & spend time with family before flying out to Carolina Wednesday night.  Xander & I greeted “G-Pa” at the airport.  

img_8929 img_8960

I had to wake up at 4am to drive my dad to Ohare airport.  After my dad checked in for his flight, he saw a familiar face.  Former Chicago Bear & Carolina Panther, Charles “Peanut” Tillman and his wife Jackie were on the same flight heading to the game as well.  Last year Charles was playing for the panthers and provided seats in a suite for the Warriors we hosted.  


We are forever grateful to Peanut and Jackie for their support.  In fact, Operation warrior wishes could have never made over 2000 warrior wishes come true without the players, Teams, sponsors, donors & followers who have helped us show appreciation to the Warriors since 2012.  We cannot thank all of you enough!  We truly mean it when we say “Together we make warrior wishes come true!”  It’s a total team effort.

My Dad landed in Charlotte early Thursday morning. While he was in town, he stopped by the Charlotte Hornets office to try & set up a game there this winter.  

img_8987 img_2374

He also stopped by the NASCAR Hall of Fame to thank Jenna and her staff for helping us make warrior wishes come true over the past few years.  


We have made some incredible friends & amazing memories hosting heroes in Carolina since 2012!

dscn0869-300x225 dsc02382-300x225 img_1955-300x225 dsc00669-300x225

This year was no different.  My dad met the warriors at the Hilton Garden Inn next door to the NASCAR Hall Of Fame.  Army Sgt Marc Owens was first to arrive – a Golden Knight with over 5000 jumps under his belt.  We have been friends with Marc since we hosted him and a dozen other warriors at Sgt Travis Mills Documentary premier event in Times Square 3 years ago.  Marc also joined us at Good Morning America & went on a tour of the NFL headquarters in New York City.  

1557524_535467066551556_1112917789_n 1888575_535466506551612_2145175335_n 1900156_535462919885304_1210487423_n

Army Cpl Cody Stanton was our other guest for the day.  He was nominated to be our guest by his aunt in 2013.  It was an honor to finally have the opportunity to meet and host this inspirational warrior! He was attending today’s Panthers Experience with his mom Nancy & his service dog Brent.  They arrived about half hour after Marc.  Marc & Cody actually knew each other so it made for a nice little reunion too.  


They all hung out at the hotel for a little while talking and getting to know each other before heading over to the tailgate.  


Our friends Joe and Lori hosted everyone at their tailgate for the 3rd straight year.  Since the Panthers were playing the saints, they served Jambalaya & other New Orleans style dishes. Of course they also served their Traditional “Blue Juice” too.


Joe and his crew made Cody and Marc feel right at home, and the food was delicious!  While they were having fun at the tailgate, my dad walked over to the stadium to exchange our tickets for Accessible seating.  We would like to thank the Panthers for making the ADA exchange easy & hassle free.  Trust us when we say, it’s not always an easy process…  it’s one of the biggest challenges we face week after week.  

img_8996 img_8995

As game time neared, Pantherman and has wife once again volunteered to give the warriors a ride to the stadium in their awesome custom black Panther themed van with hundreds of autographs on it!


In addition, Rachel from NBC 5 News was there shooting a live feed back to the station. They interviewed Pantherman and Marc, while doing a couple live segments at the tailgate showing every one screaming “Go Panthers!” 


Pantherman dropped off everyone right in front of stadium. Coincidentally we ended up with all 4 of our guests sitting together!!! As I mentioned before, most stadiums make it tough to switch tickets for accessible seats.  Thankfully the Panthers made it easy.


When to Saints & the Panthers play against each other you can expect a lot of scoring!  But this game started out much differently.  The Panthers dominated the first half, thanks to a couple turnovers.  The Panthers took a commanding 20-3 lead into the half.  The Panthers added a 3rd quarter Field Goal & looked as if they would coast to an easy win.


However, Cody knows his Panthers.  He mentioned how the Panthers have been blowing 4th Quarter leads and playing too conservative. That’s exactly what happened.  the Saints scored 17 unanswered points to cut the lead to 3.  Thankfully the Panthers were able to hold on for the win & give the warriors something to cheer about!  


After another memorable night of making Warrior Wishes come true, my dad walked with everyone back to the Hilton to pick up their cars and say goodbyes.  



Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Joe & Lori Scaldera for donating 2 tickets, hosting everyone at their tailgate and their great hospitality.  We’d also like to thank Pantherman for the awesome ride to Bank of America Stadium, the Hilton Garden Inn for providing Parking Passes, New Era Cap for the new Panthers caps and Chive Charities for providing KCCO shirts!  

img_6370-e1446610068214-1 New-Era-Logo-Black-ad-fed-mn_zps624528b0 panthers keep-calm-chive-on_full



My dad will be hopping on 10 hour bus ride tomorrow to Washington DC where he will stop at Arlington National Cemetery before making Warrior Wishes come true at the Redskins game Sunday night!  Stay tuned for more details.





SFC (R) Marc Owens, Originally from Albion, Michigan. Graduated High School from Coco Solo, Panama, (Army Brat) enlisted in the service shortly after graduation. Here are a few of his duties; Armor Crewmen (M60 A3 Tanks) Ft. Carson , Co., Air Defense Artillery Ft. Stewart, Ga and becoming an AIRBORNE Rigger Ft. Bragg, NC with that being said, his military career exploded to an unprecedented level. In 2002 he became a member of the US Army Parachute Team ” The Golden Knights” then a Coach (parachute team) at West Point Military Academy, after that, he volunteered for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. Shortly after his return, he had a horrific training accident (Skydiving) which resulted in numerous of injuries/surgeries and the amputation of both of his legs. He retired last year, and currently reside near Wilmington NC.


PFC Cody Stanton

A local soldier wounded in an IED explosion in Afghanistan continues his recovery. Cpl. Cody Stanton lost both of his legs in the explosion but his spirit remains strong.

Jan. 26 is a day Cody vividly remembers.

“I didn’t lose consciousness at any time,” he said. “My first thought was not me, not me.”

Cody was on foot patrol in Afghanistan with the 21st Military Police Company Airborne. It was the first time he was allowed to leave his position as a gunner in a truck.

“I was very excited about it, like I was crazy excited,” said Cody. “I felt too safe in the trucks. I wanted to be out there and feel like I was doing something.”

The 20-year-old was following his squad leader toward a trench where other soldiers were working to clear improvised explosive devices.

“I followed behind I guess,” he said. “I stepped somewhere where he didn’t.”

That step set off an IED. The force of the blast threw Cody in the air.

“I was preparing to beg God to either save my soul or save my life, just one or the other, maybe both,” said Cody. “Initially, when I blew up, everything went black for me. I couldn’t see again. But then, when I hit the ground, and I could see again, before I could even start praying and asking for forgiveness, it was like this feeling, this overwhelming feeling of love that came over me.”

In that moment, Cody said he felt God’s presence and knew he was going to live.

“I went from that feeling like the epitome of fear, like I’ve never been that scared in my life, to the point where I’ve never been so happy,” he said.

Cody was airlifted out of the area and eventually taken to a hospital in Germany. His mother, Nancy, met him there.

“I just remember him smiling and I remember thinking, thank God he is here,” said Nancy. “He’s a little changed but he’s still Cody.”

These days, Cody is at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. His mother is always by his side.

The explosion claimed both of Cody’s legs and two fingers from his left hand. He knows his recovery will take a long time but he still feels blessed.

“My life’s not over. I’m going to get prosthetic legs,” said Cody. “I’ll be able to run. They say I’ll be able to bike, even ski, scuba dive, anything. Nothing’s holding me back.”

He’s staying away from self-pity and is finding strength in his faith and in the love of family and strangers.

“Nothing that can happen to you is bad enough that you should give up,” he said.


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Game 29 – Making Warrior Wishes Come True & Honoring 9/11 First Responders In New York!


After making Warrior Wishes come true at the Steelers game, my dad took an overnight bus from Pittsburgh, PA and made stops in Baltimore MD, Washington DC, Wilmington, DE & eventually arrived in New York early Monday morning.  


From there he hopped on a train and arrived in East Rutherford, NJ to make Warrior Wishes come true and honor 9/11 first responders at the New York Giants game.   If you were keeping track he was in 6 STATES in 12 HOURS!

Over the past 4 seasons we have made some amazing friends and unforgettable memories while making Warrior Wishes come true at Giants games!

3 7084_653320878099507_7623405889688004951_n 1379429_484375491660714_1768618366_n 10409695_676837115747883_9207348650860404458_n 10645141_676837152414546_8253795423337116542_n dsc01360-1-1024x768

This is the 29th NFL game we have hosted heroes at this season!


If you have been following our mission, you may remember at the beginning of the season, Titans LB Avery Williamson wore custom 9/11 Cleats on opening day (sept. 11th) to honor the victims, survivors & first responders of the 9/11 attacks. 


He contemplating whether or not to wear them as the NFL had threatened to fine him.  His story went viral and was even featured on TMZ!  He had an incredible outpouring of support encouraging him to wear the cleats & eventually he made the decision to wear them in the game.  Thankfully the NFL backed off and decided not to fine him.  Avery auctioned the cleats off after the game and raised more than $6k!  He chose to donate a large portion of those funds to Operation Warrior Wishes.  


When we learned we were going to receive the donation, we immediately decided we would use the money to host 9/11 first responders & Warriors at the Jets & Giants game this year.  


We were extremely excited to be hosting Marine Ariel Morillo along with 8 September 11th First Responders at tonight’s Giants game!  

My dad arrived at MetLife stadium early Monday morning to set up all the ticket arrangements and Field Pass pick up, as well as coordinating communication with each of our guests to make sure he was there greeting each of them as they arrived at the tailgate.


Our friend Ed Salomeh, who has been hosting us at his tailgate since the first ever game of our mission in 2012, set up a very Special Tailgate for this event.  Ed and his friend CJ arrived at 3pm in their custom wrapped Giants RV to set up the tailgate.  We cannot thank Ed and his tailgate crew enough for their hospitality & support over the years!  

1385400_484376014993995_1934958241_n 10492216_653320624766199_1108534011894102314_n 10806289_676836969081231_7395249546559609263_n dsc01383-1-300x224

Marine Ariel Morillo, and his girlfriend were the first to arrive at around 4pm. They were welcomed with open arms by both myself & Ed’s tailgate crew.  


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Retired Police Officer Ray Phillips, First Responder Jimmy Hayhurst and current NY firefighter Chris Vesey for nominating the First Responders recipients for this Special Event.   The first responders began arriving around 5, a little later than expected due to heavy traffic.  Brothers Chris & Mike Burmeister were the first to arrive.  Mike was FDNY, Chris was NYPD – and they also brought another retired firefighter, Mike Daggett.  All of them were on duty on that horrible day.  They enjoyed talking with Ed’s friend Tom, a State Trooper who was also called in that day to help out.  A few minutes later, the rest of the crew arrived – NYPD officers Chris Carlucci and Ray Phillips, current FDNY Pete Castellano and retired firefighter Brian Creeden.

img_8922 dsc05412

With the gang all here it was time to have a little fun and get to know each other.  They all enjoyed the delicious food and drinks at the tailgate!  

img_8919 img_2345 img_2322

Our friend Ed was the VERY FIRST person ever to contact us about our mission – even before ESPN story. He saw one of my tweets about our first game at the Giants Home Opener in 2012 & reached out to invited us to bring the warriors to his tailgate.  He has hosted us every year since then.  


Him and his buddy CJ also have provided Each of our warriors in all 5 seasons with a Gift Bag full of jerseys, jackets, shoes and everything NY Giants. These gift bags easily have $500 to $1000 worth of stuff in them and it is priceless watching these guys open the bags to see all the cool gifts!   

img_2321 img_2319

New York Giants TV filmed Ariel opening his gift bag & interviewed him for a piece on Giants TV to highlight both Ed’s Tailgate and our efforts to make warrior wishes come true! 


Thanks to the Giants, some of the guys had the opportunity to take advantage of field passes.  They were able to watch the players warm up from the field!  


While most of the guys enjoyed the passes, Ariel’s girlfriend, Mike Daggett the retired firefighter and my dad, went over by the ESPN set. My dad had told everyone to make their way over to ESPN to get photo on ESPN.  Unfortunately they were not allowed to move to other side of field because the field was extremely crowded with people on the sidelines.  My dad said it was the most people on the field he had ever seen.  In his own words “It looked like Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras all around the sidelines!”

While my dad was with Mike and Natasha in the stands they were shown on TV standing next to the “Cmon Man” sign.  Steve Young also stopped by to autograph a copy of his newly released book for Mike.  


After everyone made their way up to their seats, the Giants scored quickly in first Qtr, but Bengals answered with TD of their own, set up by 71 yard pass to Tyler Eifert to tie the game at 7. The game remained close the entire game but Eli Manning’s 3rd TD pass on 4th and 2 early in fourth quarter put Giants up 21-20 and turned out to be winning touchdown.  

img_2332 img_2330 dsc05443

Needless to say, everyone had a great time at the game!  We couldn’t have made it all possible without Avery Williamson who gave us the opportunity to host 9/11 first responders & warriors by wearing the custom Cleats to raise money for our organization.  We’d also like to thank Ed Salomeh and CJ Carbone who hosted everyone at their incredible tailgate, The New York Giants for providing Field Passes and New Era Caps for providing Giants caps for all of the heroes! THANK YOU!!!


Most importantly, THANK YOU to Marine Ariel Morillo for your service and sacrifices to our country.  They have not gone unnoticed, they are appreciated & will never be forgotten!  Last but not least, thank you to all the first responders out there.  Especially the ones who were there on 9/11.  We truly appreciate all you do day in and day out to serve our communities!  Let us never forget!

img_8929 img_8932

My dad will spend the night sleeping on the ledge of the food court at Laguardia airport before catching his early morning flight back home. He will be back in action  Thursday night making warrior wishes come true at the Panthers game.  Stay tuned for more details.



Don’t forget to nominate your hero for an upcoming game on our 2016 “All32in17” Mission!

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Game 28 – Warrior Wishes Come True In Pittsburgh!

Thanks to finding a $36 flight from Baltimore to Chicago, my dad was able to come back home for a day before flying out to Pittsburgh Saturday night to make Warrior Wishes come true at his 28th NFL game this season!!!  

img_8872 img_8771

My dad Flew out to Pittsburgh late Saturday evening and spent the night at the Pittsburgh airport.


Pittsburgh is also called the “Steel City,” due to its rich history as a center of the steel industry. Steel production formed the basis of the city’s growth and prosperity beginning in the 19th century and continuing into the 1970s. Steel mills were once the main employers of many Pittsburgh residents, and much of that legacy is still evident in the local culture.  

We have made some unforgettable memories making Warrior Wishes come true in Pittsburgh over the past 4 years.

dsc04981-300x225 dsc07295-300x221 dscn3384-300x225 dscn5299-300x226 img_5657-300x225

Traditionally, when we host warriors in Pittsburgh, it’s a total group effort to make their wishes come true and this year was no different. Our friend Mike from Mr G’z Slatherrring Sauce and George once again took the lead in setting up the tailgate.  


This year we had a little extra help as Lou, Vinnie, Mario and the crew from San Francisco flew out to Pittsburgh to watch Lou’s Steelers at Heinz Field.  

4 years ago ESPN put our mission on the map with their powerful and emotional story of what we started!

We vividly remember holding the umbrella trying to keep the horizontal “Pittsburgh  rain” off of Marine Brandon Rumbaugh’s dress blues!! Little did we know that 4 years later, we would still be on this mission to honor heroes & hosted over 2000 warriors since then!  It’s been an amazing & inspiring Journey!  


Today, we are honored to be hosting Army Sgt Mike Toland and Army Sgt Derek Baumann, both local warriors from Pittsburgh area.  Former guest, Army Sgt Joshua Furlong joined us for some delicious Pot Roast Nachos (my dad’s favorite) at Atrias.  Before heading over to tailgate outside the stadium.


Sgt Jonathan Stewart also met up with everyone at the tailgate.  He too was a guest of ours 2 years ago.  It was great to see both Josh & Jonathan again. 


Mr. G’s tailgate food is always top notch, and especially his chocolate mouse with his famous Mr G’s slathering sauce!  This year, even more delicious, as he put it on top of cupcakes. 

 img_8895 img_8896

Everyone had fun tailgating with old friends and new ones for a couple hours before they headed into the stadium to watch the Cowboys take on the Steelers in one of the most anticipated matchups of the 2016 NFL season!  The game lived up to the hype & became an instant classic!  It was by far one of the best games of the year!  


There were 9 lead changes throughout the game which was perfect for today’s warriors. Why? Because it gave both of the Warriors plenty to cheer about!  Sgt Mike Toland was decked out In his Cowboys jersey screaming every time his Cowboys took the lead, while Sgt Derek Baumann was sporting a black and gold Steelers jersey and cheering on the Steelers when the regained the lead. You can only imagine how much fun they had in seesaw game like this, the fans around them were split between the two teams as well making it even more fun!! 


With 42 seconds left in the game, Ben Roethlisberger connected with Antonio Brown for a 15 yard TD to take a 1 point lead and sent the SGT Baumann & the Pittsburgh crowd into a frenzy!  It was an endless sea of Yellow terrible towels waiving in the air!  


However, SGT Toland and his Cowboys had the last laugh as the Cowboys marched down the field & Ezekiel Elliot scored a TOUCHDOWN on a 32 yard run with only 9 seconds left in the game to secure the Cowboys victory 35-30. It was a game that they will never forget!  


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Atrias Restaurant for their continued support helping us make Warrior wishes come true by providing pregame meals for the Warriors before steelers & pirates games over the years.  We also would like to thank our friend Lou & his crew for their continued support as well!  New Era Cap provided caps for the Warriors, last but not least, thanks to Mike Glagnola of Mr G’z Slatherrring Sauce and George Maier for setting up & hosting everyone at the tailgate!


img_5658 img_5659-e1443839974150 newera-marcofox-mini steelers


Most importantly, we want to recognize  old friends Sgt Joshua Furlong and Jonathan Stewart, as well as our new friends, Sgt Mike Toland and Sgt Derek Baumann.  Your service and sacrifices are appreciated, they haven’t gone unnoticed & will never be forgotten!   THANK YOU!

My dad is heading New York/New Jersey on overnight bus to host both wounded veterans AND 9/11 First Responders at Tomorrow nights NY Giants game at the Meadowlands.  Stay tuned for more details!


Don’t forget to nominate your hero for an upcoming game on our 2016 “All32in17” Mission!

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Game 27 – The Posse Makes Warrior Wishes Come True In Baltimore!

Our Warrior Wishes mission is in its 5th year, so my dad should by now be used to this… BUT the Tues-Wed turnaround is always the toughest for him.  After a wild week of making warrior wishes come true in Tampa, Miami & Across the country in Seattle, he Arrived back in Chicago around 2pm Tuesday afternoon.   

img_8528 img_1851 img_2031

He barely had any time to unpack & repack before catching  his flight to Baltimore on Wednesday to make warrior wishes come true at the Ravens game on Thursday Night!  


Being the good Grandpa that he is, he made sure to spend some time with X & Q in the few short hours he was home.


I like to think I do a pretty good job of coordinating all of the travel. This year I was able to book travel to 44 NFL games for less than $2000!  We know the more we save on travel, the more we get to give back!  


Keeping tack of all the travel is the hard part.  Somehow I missed an email from the airline alerting me that they had moved my dad’s flight time up 3 hours & my dad ended up missing his flight…


Thankfully my dad loves sleeping at airports & he was able to get on a flight to Baltimore first thing in the morning with plenty of time to spare before the game!  


This was our 2nd Ravens game this season & over the years, we have made some unforgettable memories hosting heroes in Baltimore.

304301_318330874931844_117371906_n 1510765_518776294887300_2013104085_n 1555402_518775741554022_1236849985_n 10402709_676838442414417_4123633492666035055_n img_6655 img_6624

Today we were honored to be hosting Marine LCpl Brandon Burns, Marine Jeremy Cole and Army Sgt Joey Welsh. Thanks to our friends in the Ravens “Posse” (Brian, Rick & Chip), the warriors were treated to Front row seats & an incredible tailgate!  

img_8797 img_2129

The Posse’s tailgate is always top notch!  The food, the drinks and especially their hospitality is simply amazing!  They have been making Warrior Wishes come true the past 4 years & we cannot thank them enough for their support!  


Jeremy arrived first.  He smartly took train while the other 2 guests got stuck in traffic and arrived a little later.  Marine Cpl Burns and his wife were excited to attend their first game ever!  Army Sgt Joey Welsh was the last to arrive.  


Brian, Chip and Rick welcomed everyone to the tailgate with open arms.  In their their own words “you have been here 5 minutes now so you are family!” They really mean that and have invited many of our Baltimore guests to come back again and tailgate whether they have tickets or not. They truly are a part of our warrior wishes family!


Before heading over to the stadium everyone got together for our traditional group photo in front of Ravens car bus.  

Both Brandon and Joey use a cane, but that certainly did not stop them from getting in the front row!  

img_8845 img_8836 img_2151

The stadium was electric.  The Ravens gave the warriors plenty to cheer about as they beat the winless Browns by the score of 28-7.  


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Brian, Chip and Rick for another great tailgate and the Front Row tickets. You guys continue to provided once in a lifetime unforgettable experiences for the Warriors & we couldn’t do it without you!!! We also and to thank New Era for providing the Ravens caps for the Warriors & Chive Charities for the KCCO Shirts!  

ravens newera-marcofox-mini  keep-calm-chive-on_full 993451_692038980808704_673505368_n

Most importantly we want to thank Army Sgt Joey Welsh as well as Marines Brandon Burns and Jeremy Cole for their service & sacrifices to our country!  It’s appreciated, has not gone unnoticed & will never be forgotten!!!

We will be back in Baltimore in December to host a big group of warriors at the Army Navy game thanks to our friends at Sanofi! Nominate your hero today!  


My dad will be back in action this Sunday making Warrior Wishes come true in Pittsburgh on Sunday and New York on Monday!  Stay tuned for more details!!!

steelers-3 img_8915

Don’t forget to nominate your hero for an upcoming game on our 2016 “All32in17” Mission!

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