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Battlefields To Ballfields: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Since May my dad has been on a mission to host heroes from the battlefields to games at the Ballfields.  The goal was to host as many Warriors as we could to thank them for their service & sacrifices by providing them a fun experience at Major League Baseball games across the country and do it as efficiently as possible.  Today we can say mission accomplished.  

Battlefields to Ballfields Logo jpeg

We proudly hosted more than — Warriors at 38 MLB games & efficiently spent less than $500 in travel expenses (mostly by bus).  


In case you missed any of the action, here’s a recap

We began our mission early and hosted Warriors at 2 Braves game in early April on our way back from a mission to make warrior wishes come true at a few hockey & basketball games.

IMG_1711 IMG_2503

Then we teamed up with our “PALS” to host heroes on the “Green Monster” in Boston.


On April 24th, our mission officially began as my dad took a greyhound to Detroit and  hosted a big group of Warriors at Comerica Park thanks to the Tigers.  

image1 (3)

He took a week off and was back on the bus for a week of wishes coming true starting 2 games in Kansas City.  

IMG_3005 IMG_3011

2 Cardinals games in St Louis

IMG_3037 IMG_3044

An Astros game in Houston 


Then he had a “Suite” time at the Rangers game thanks to our friends at Globe Life!


My dad was treated to his first flight of the mission & made his way back home for 12 days before heading back out on the road, with Bill our newest board member, for a 10 game road trip starting in Cincinnati.


Bill & my dad drove overnight to Detroit to make Warrior Wishes come true at the 2nd Tigers game of the season.


Bill headed back home & my dad took his first overnight bus of the week to host heroes at one of the coolest stadiums in the Majors, PNC Park.


Another overnight bus took my dad to New York 


Followed by another to Boston where he was able to finally get a hotel


And was back in action on a 6am bus back to New York to make warrior wishes come true at the Mets game.


From there he bussed over to DC and spent Memorial Day weekend keeping legacies alive at 2 Nationals games.

IMG_3507 IMG_3550

He then took back to back to back to back overnight busses to make warrior wishes come true in Baltimore


While our “PALS” made Warrior Wishes Come True in Philadelphia

IMG_3764 IMG_3758

Then my dad made his way to Philadelphia




And finally back home in Chicago with our “PALS” again.


He got a couple of much deserved well rested weeks off to regroup and plan the next leg of the mission where he made warrior wishes come true in Cincinnati again.


Then headed south to Atlanta


And even further south to Miami for 2 Marlins games.

IMG_4028 IMG_4045 IMG_4043

He then began making his way back north and stopped in Tampa to host heroes at 2 Rays games, SGT Austin Burchard even had the chance of a lifetime to throw out first pitch!

DSC03684 FullSizeRender (2) IMG_4101

And made one last stop in Atlanta to make warrior wishes come true at our 4th Braves game of the season before taking a 16 hour bus ride back home for $1.


With all the east coast games behind us, my dad took another little break to come home, spend time with family , plan for the west coast & We sent a warrior to a game in Tampa to cheer on his Tigers!

FullSizeRender (4)

On July 8th my dad was treated to just his 2nd flight of the mission and hosted Warriors at back to back Giants games

IMG_4444 IMG_4456

An overnight bus took him south to LA where he made warrior wishes come true from the 2nd row at the Dodgers game just before the All Star break.

IMG_4491 IMG_4490

He attempted to host Warriors at the Home Run Derby


And treated Warriors to an incredible red carpet experience at the ESPYs!

IMG_4595 IMG_4693 IMG_4723

He was able to take a day off before taking a bus to desert to host Warriors in the 120 degree heat at the DBacks game.


My dad took what seems like his 100th overnight bus of the mission, over to Anaheim.


He took his final Overnight bus of the mission this past Monday from LA north to Oakland 


Before wrapping up our Battlefields to Ballfields mission on his 59th birthday in Seattle.  


My dad is currently passed out asleep on a flight back home to Chicago. Xander is super excited to see him and we are so proud of him for continuing to make warrior wishes come true!

It’s been a wild ride, but we are happy to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

We want to thank all the teams, restaurants & amazing people who helped support our mission along the way and more importantly want to thank all the Warriors who selflessly serve & have served our country.  



Over the next few weeks we will be planning our upcoming Golf outing on August 8th 



And planning our upcoming “ALL32IN17” mission to host and honor our nation’s heroes at all 32 NFL stadiums in 1 season for the 5th year in a row!

2016 ALL32IN17 Schedule

Stay tuned for details.

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The Seattle Mariners make Warrior Wishes Come True!

It certainly was nice to break that streak of 5 straight overnight busses – and especially the fact that the last 2 legs of the mission are both flights. After a few hours of sleep at Oakland Airport, my dad hopped on a plane to Seattle to complete the final game of the Battlefields to Ballfields mission.


Seattle is one of my dad’s favorite cities because of both the city itself and the ease of getting to Mariners and Seahawks stadiums on the SkyRail . My dad was a little early, and it gave him time to set up dinner – so he stopped at Jimmys on First – an upscale Seattle restaurant inside the Silver Cloud Hotel .The manager was more than happy to take care of our warrior’s meals – and being it was right across the street from Safeco Field , it was a great choice.

After setting up dinner, my dad walked downtown and did some work at this really cool General Store type coffee shop. The owners of the shop committed to help out during football season, so we look forward to having lunch their this fall.

Today my dad was making Warrior Wishes Come true for Army Sgt Ryne Danley (and yes he was named after Ryne Sandberg ) and Army Sgt Joseph Brown. 


We met at Jimmys on First – Ryne and his wife arrived first , and gave us the chance to get to know each other and talk some Cubs …LOL.   Sgt Brown and his friend Bentley arrived 15 minutes later and they had an awesome PreGame meal.


We walked literally 20 yards across the street to get a couple pics in front of the Safeco Field sign and the big Giant Glove , before heading into the game.


The game itself was a nice way to end the Battlefields  to Ballfields season – especially for our Mariners fan warriors – with a Mariners Walkoff win ( actually our 4th Walkoff of season ).

IMG_4958 IMG_4957

A big THANK YOU to the Mariners, not only for the tickets , but also for honoring both Sgt Danley and Sgt Brown on the Jumbotron Scoreboard.  It was an unforgettable experience! We also want to thank Jimmys on First for the meal and to New Era for Mariners caps.

IMG_4962 IMG_4961



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The A’s Make Warrior Wishes Come True In Oakland!


Thanks to the Oakland A’s for helping us make these Warrior Wishes come true!

For the 5th straight night, my dad slept on an overnight bus, but this one a little more challenging. He had a Greyhound from Anaheim to LA and then had to catch a Megabus in LA to head up to Oakland. We knew when we booked it, that it would be very tight window to make his Megabus connection – and it was.   My dad missed his Connecting bus!!! 


This could have been a problem, However, my dad has an amazing travel coordinator who booked two Megabus rides just in case.  The extra bus only cost $1.  So my dad had to stay in LA a little longer to catch the next Megabus, but he eventually arrived in San Francisco at around 10AM the next morning. My dad said the 2nd bus better anyway cuz it went to SF , which gave him the opportunity to spend a couple hours to go sightseeing before taking the BART over to the O.Co Colisseum in Oakland -home of the Raiders and the Athletics. It is also right across the parking lot from where the Golden State Warriors play.


My dad met up with Army Sgt Cristian Valle and Army Sgt Matt Sullivan at 4:30 to go onto the field and watch batting practice. Cristian was nominated by Homes For Our Troops and was actually our Guest for Super Bowl Opening Night earlier this year in SF. He brought along his wife Blanca and 10 yr old son Marshall Matt was nominated by Mikhail of Ranger Road and brought along his 16 yr old daughter Kirsten.


My dad thanked Debbie and Detra from the A’s for this opportunity and they headed down to the field.  Not only did the warriors get New Era Caps today, but the A’s also gave them each a hat. Everyone enjoyed the once in a lifetime experience to watch their favorite team up close and my dad got both the kids a ball.


After batting practice, the A’s had set up a Meet n Greet with closer Sean Doolittle. He thanked the Warriors for their service and sacrifices, signed a couple baseballs and all their hats, posed for pictures and just hung out with the guys for 10 or 15 minutes talking baseball , military and other things.  It was awesome!

IMG_4931 DSC04044 DSC04037

As the game got ready to start, they grabbed a bite to eat and were entertained by a great offensive game and a home team win, as Athletics won 7 to 4.

IMG_4929 IMG_4930 IMG_4933

Both families had an hour or so drive ,so everyone said there goodbyes after the game and headed home. My dad went to the Oakland airport located just a short BART ride away.  Of course to sleep BUT also to FLY for a change!!!  

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Debbie & Detra from the Oakland Athletics for providing an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience for the Warriors.  We would also like to thank New Era Cap for providing A’s caps, as well as Homes For Our Troops and Ranger Road for nominating tonight’s heroes.  But of course most importantly thank you to Sgt Sullivan and Sgt Valle for your service to our country!!! It was a pleasure to host you and your families!  

New Erahomes-for-our-troops-logo

Together We Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

As I mentioned before, my dad will be spending he night at the Oakland airport before boarding a flight to Seattle to make Warrior Wishes come true at the Mariners game!  Stay tuned for details.






On Oct. 23, 2005 Army SGT Cristian Valle was on patrol performing a vehicle checkpoint in Balad, Iraq when a mortar round with a grenade attached was thrown out the window of a passing vehicle. The grenade exploded a few feet away from SGT Valle, tossing him into the air. He lost one of his legs immediately and the other was so severely damaged it was eventually amputated. He also sustained a pelvic fracture, burns and significant blood loss.

After SGT Valle was tossed into the air and landed on the ground, through the dust and smoke, the first thing that caught his eye was his wedding ring and he says that is what pulled him through. He spent 13 months at Walter Reed, where he had multiple leg cleaning surgeries and months of physical therapy. Today he is continuously adjusting to his condition.


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The Angels Make Warrior Wishes Come True!


A fist bump and “Together We Make Warrior Wishes Come True” is how my dad and I start every mission. We are very proud that out of the over 500 events we have hosted & almost 2000 guests We have only 2 “failed missions”.

The first was a Jets game in 2013 that we did not have a nominee for – the 2nd was yesterday – BUT we really can’t consider this a “failed mission,” because our scheduled guest may have saved a life by choosing to be with a warrior in need instead of hanging out at a ball game having fun. This warrior definitely has his priorities straight! He mentors others & was planning to bring 2 other vets with him to the Padres game. However, we got a last minute message from him stating he had to cancel to go see a comrade “who is having drinking/suicide issues.” Now this is a real American hero -we love to host guys like this who are always there for their brothers in arms. GREAT JOB! Praying everything is okay & hope to host you at a future game!


So since My dad had the “night off” what did he do? He went to a grass area outside Petco park to work & watch a little bit of the Padres game. He was glad he went because he saw a finish that you don’t see every day (if ever) – a Walkoff Balk!!! The Giants pitcher stumbled on the mound when delivering the pitch. The runner on third was awarded home giving the Padres an 8-7 victory!

After the game my dad boarded his 4th straight overnight bus, this one was destined for Anaheim. It was a shorter ride than what my dad is used to so he got some sleep on the bus and in bus station upon arrival. He said it was the nicest greyhound station he had ever been to & would sleep there again anytime….


My dad had some time in the morning in Anaheim so he found a gym to working out and then set up brunch for the Warriors at JT Schmid’s a couple blocks from the stadium.


Marine CPL Jon Schumacher and his wife, Courtney were first to arrive. We had the honor of meeting them in LA while at the ESPY Awards & invited them to join us at the Angels game when we learned they were big fans! It’s funny how “random” things happen sometimes but I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason it was an honor to meet them & have the opportunity to show them our appreciation by hosting them at the Angels game.


Since they arrived early because of no traffic (usually the opposite)., it gave my dad a chance to get to know them a little better. Our other guest Evita De La Cruz and her kids , Mark and Lilly arrived a few minutes later. They are the Gold Star wife and kids of Fallen Army Sgt James DeLaCruz. They had been our guests a couple years ago and the kids have really grown .It was great to see them again and Evita has started her own group to help other families who have lost their loved ones.


They enjoyed a delicious lunch thanks to Joe at JT Schmids. My dad gave them their New Angels caps thanks to New Era & then walked a couple blocks to the stadium. Of course they got a few pictures before they went inside, especially by those iconic giant Angels helmets in front of the stadium.


The Angels put on a show for the Warriors defeating the our home town Chicago White Sox by the score of 8 to 1.


Sunday games in Anaheim – as at most stadiums – is Kids Day, so the kids got to Run the Bases after the game , to close out another successful mission of making WarriorWishes come true!!!


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Joe at JT Schmid’s for providing lunch and New Era Cap for the Angels Caps but as always & most important THANK YOU to our warriors Marine CPL Jon Schumacher, Army Sgt James DeLaCruz and their families for their service and sacrifices to our great country!

ec12808f-5039-4711-addb-e23b0d5abad1 newera-marcofox-mini


For the 5th straight night, My dad slept on another overnight bus. But my dad said this was a little easier as the ARTIC bus station is right next to the stadium in a giant igloo looking building. And as I mentioned before, My dad said this is the cleanest and best bus station in the country … And he should know, as he has been in all of them …LOL!!’ Anyway – it is off to Oakland to make more WarriorWishes come true!!! Stay tuned for more details.




Marine Corporal Jonathan Schumacher was on his second deployment when he lost both legs and part of his left hand in an improvised explosive device (IED) blast in Helmand Province, Afghanistan on Oct. 30, 2011.

While on a dismounted patrol, Cpl Schumacher stepped on a buried IED along a tree line. Originally sent to support another squad that had identified multiple IEDs, Cpl Schumacher was the seventh Marine in a group of eight who crossed a muddy field and had come upon a second tree line while on their way to question individuals who had been seen with weapons in the area. After stepping on the buried IED, Jon did not immediately know the damage caused by the blast.

Under enemy rifle and machine gun fire, Cpl Schumacher was brought to the landing zone and airlifted to Camp Bastion where he endured the first of many surgeries. Next flown to Bagram Air Force Base he was stabilized for transfer to Landstuhl, Germany where he remained for seven days while doctors tried to control the bleeding in his lung. As his squad risked their lives while rendering lifesaving aid, he tried to assist them by verbally setting up security to prepare for the MEDEVAC. With Jon alerting his Marines to areas where he believed they would encounter additional IEDs, they rushed him to the helicopter. (It was later discovered that Cpl Schumacher was correct in his assumption of where additional IEDs were buried, no doubt saving others from harm.)

Now medically retired, Cpl Schumacher enjoys spending time with his wife, Courtney and their two sons, Ethan and Easton. Jon plays many sports including; football, snowboarding, and golf. He coaches his sons’ sports teams and has most recently been coaching baseball and football. He also plays adaptive lacrosse. Jon recently returned to college and is pursuing an engineering degree.




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The D-Backs Make Warrior Wishes Come True!


My dad got an unusual “day off” yesterday after hosting heroes at the ESPYS. But to be honest with you, my dad doesn’t really take days off – he works every waking moment on getting ready for the next event to make more warrior wishes come true. 

Today was no different as he worked all day on his “day off” in LA to finalize plans for the final few games on our Battlefields to Ballfields Mission in Phoenix, San Diego, Anaheim, Oakland and Seattle. He also worked on some details for our upcoming NFL “ALL32IN17” mission.

Just before midnight, my dad hopped on another overnight Greyhound bus and headed to Phoenix to make warrior wishes come true at the Arizona Diamondbacks game.

As we have mentioned often, we are proud to be able to stay in touch with most of our previous warriors – and occasionally invite them to second event when in town when we don’t have any outstanding nominations. This was the case Friday night as Army Sgt Josh Goddard and his wife Janeen joined us at the game.  

My dad arrived in Phoenix around 7am. The Goddards actually picked him up from Greyhound station. It was already 109 degrees at noon!!! But it is a”dry heat” as they say…but still scorching hot! They made a little pit stop at Bass Pro Shop on the way to their early 3:00 dinner at Game Seven Grill. 

For the second straight year, Game Seven Grill helped us make warrior wishes come true by providing a delicious Pre Game meal for the Warriors. Game Seven Grill is only open on game days, and is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat before the game as It is located right across the concourse from Chase Field.


Unfortunately a last minute cancellation sent my dad into panic mode as we never want tickets to go unused, we know there are plenty of Warriors out there, so my dad hit the phone & was able to get hold of Army Warrior and current National Guard,Juston Doherty to join us as well. 

You may recognize his name, as he and Joaquin, both Phoenix area firefighters, set up the fire truck ride to the Arizona Cardinals game for the Warriors a couple years ago .


After dinner we took a few photos and then headed into the stadium. Our seats were on the outfield pavilion, similar to the “Green Monster” seats at Fenway Park in Boston, but not quite that high or iconic. But Josh’s reaction said it all “These Seats Are Awesome”.


Since Juston was Invited last minute, he and Kendra arrived a few minutes late. Josh and Juston shared stories and really hit it off well. Juston may even help Josh with a couple home repair projects that are on his wife’s “honey do” list. 

The game itself was a very exciting one with a lot of offense , but did not go DBacks way as they fell short to the Dodgers by the score of 13-7. Chris Taylor hit his first career homer for the Dodgers, a Grand Slam in this action packed game . 


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank Reggie at Game Seven Grill for the PreGame meal ( and air conditioning), New Era Cap for the awesome D-Backs caps and the Arizona Diamondbacks for providing another amazing experience!  


And as always , most importantly THANK YOU to Sgt JoshuaGoddard and Sgt Juston Doherty (as well as Sgt Lammers who could not make it ) for their service to our great country.

We’d like to close this post with a text my dad received from Janeen after the game that pretty much says it all , and why we continue to make warrior wishes come true! “You truly are a blessing to our family!”


My dad will be on another overnight bus tonight heading back to San Diego to make warrior wishes come true at the Padres game tomorrow night. Stay tuned for details!

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Warrior Wishes Come True At The Espys!

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Warrior Wishes Come True In Los Angeles!


IMG_4444 IMG_4456

After a second straight successful mission in San Francisco, it was time to head south to make Warrior Wishes come true in Los Angeles!


As usual, My dad did not remember much of the overnight bus ride, as he passed out as soon as his butt hit the seat. He woke up refreshed as his bus arrived at Union Station in LA at the crack of dawn.

He grabbed breakfast from a local hotel and then hopped on the Dodger Stadium Express Bus to go down the street to Chavez Ravine, the site of Dodger Stadium

Today we were honored to be hosting SGT Jessie Cervantes & Marine Moises Guzman as well as their families at the Dodgers game.

IMG_4490 IMG_4492

My dad met up with Sgt Cervantes and his wife Julie first , as they were there right at 11:30. The Guzmans called and said they were running late so My dad sent SGT Cervantes & his wife go inside the stadium while he waited for the Guzman’s outside.


While he waited, my dad put together little gift bags for The kids and a toy company that has set up for kids day, donated a bubble machine. Unfortunately when My dad went to meet them, and gave mom and dad their New Era caps, he turned back around and someone had stolen all their toys and even the bubble machine! My dad felt really bad because he didn’t have anything for the kids. He told all the kids That he would send them all some stuff.

Despite this little snafu, everyone had a great time. Jessie and his wife were huge Dodger fans. Moises was nominated to us by his wife & This was his & his family’s first ever game! They all had a great time watching the Dodgers beat the Padres from the 2nd row!

IMG_4495 IMG_4493

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank New Era Cap for the Caps. Most importantly, we would like to thank Marine Moises Guzman And Army Sgt Jessie Cervantes for their selfless service to our country.



New Era

My dad will be on a morning bus to San Diego to hopefully make Warrior Wishes come true at the MLB Home Run Derby! Stay tuned for more details!

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Warrior Wishes Come True In San Francisco!

Well it wasn’t the Westin,but the couches at San Francisco airport are better than sleeping on a bus- so my dad was pretty refreshed and ready to go for Day 2 hosting warriors at AT&T Park . 


Today’s game was a 1:10 start my dad is hosting Army Sgt JR Lugo, who served 12 years and 2 tours of duty. My dad headed over to MoMos – our meeting place for 2nd straight day, to set up brunch . Unfortunately, due to construction and traffic , Sgt Lugo and his friend Carla arrived a little late, so we just grabbed some nachos to carry us over until after the game. 


My dad gave them their New Era Giants Caps and walked over to the stadium to take a few pics & escorted Sgt Lugo & his friend into the stadium.  Everyone in San Francisco was trying to get their hands on first place Giants tickets. The cheapest ticket to get in the stadium today was $71.  so my dad did not get a ticket for himself. Instead he walked around and took some “scenic” photos, including “his view” of the game out by the bay 

IMG_4498 IMG_4501

Inside the stadium, Junior and Carla were having a great time. They even sat next to a Navy Desert Storm vet. 


Sgt Lugo & all the Giants fans were treated to a great game and an exciting 4-2 victory over the DBacks, with a huge go ahead home run in the 4th inning by Grant Green.


My dad met back up with Sgt Lugo & his friend after the game and they had a delicious dinner thanks to Lucky Strike across the street.  It gave my dad the opportunity to get to know Sgt Lugo and personally thank him for his service & sacrifices.  My dad also learned Sgt Lugo uses MMA fighting to battle his PTSD & He is a ranked fighter in California!  We look forward to attending one of his fights in the future. 


JR posted “I love meeting new people and making friends! Met a fellow veteran and friends from the valley.   Shoutout to @WarriorWishes for the food(thanks to Lucky Strike), tickets & Caps (Thanks to New Era)!!!  Definitely a great experience & reminds me why I am so proud to be called a veteran!!!  Craig is the man!!!  Thank you Warrior Wishes!”

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank New Era Cap for their continued support every game in providing our heroes with their favorite team’s caps and to Lucky Strike for Postgame dinner.  But most importantly thanks to Army Sgt Junior Lugo – for his 12 years of service and sacrifices.  


thNew Era

As our guests headed back to Salinas, my dad walked down the Embarcadero (along the bay) and did some sightseeing at Fishermans Wharf before he hopped on his 10:30 overnight bus to LA.  Stay tuned for details.  



My name is JR Lugo. I am a 34 yr old army combat veteran and a single father of a 12 yr old princess. I served in the army from 1999 to 2012. Mixed time between Active duty and reserves. Served in Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Served two tours in middle east.


I graduated from Hartnell College with honors with an AS in administration of justice and an AA in social sciences. I start my jr yr of college in the fall at Cal State University Monterey Bay where I will be majoring in Psychology. Due to my PTSD I would get into a lot of trouble when I first got back but I found a way to let my stress and anger out in the form of Mixed Martial Arts or better known as MMA. I was the #1 ranked Heavyweight in 2012 with a 5-0-1 record and currently have a Professional record of 7-3 with six finishes, four of them coming in the first round.


I work with at risk teens in my community in the Salinas Valley. My goal is to make my community a safer place and teach our kids that their is an alternative way to let out your aggression. I thank God for allowing me to live my dream and I am proud to have worn the uniform and to have served my country proudly!!!!

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The San Francisco Giants Make Warrior Wishes Come True!


My dad spent his entire week back home working on planning & coordinating our upcoming golf outing & planning for his upcoming trip to the west coast.  

3rd Annual Warrior Wishes Scramble (5)

This week he will be making Warrior Wishes come true in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Anaheim, Oakland & Seattle.  Including hosting Warriors at the MLB Home Run Derby & The ESPYs!!!


So for the first time this summer, my dad was on a plane instead of a bus.  Needless to say he was excited to fly.  Unfortunately, his flight was delayed due to fog in San Fran….  We’ve had fog issues in San Fran before.  You may remember in 2012, we got stranded in San Fran for 36 hours.


The delay made things interesting as my dad’s plane landed at 3:15.  Thankfully this isn’t my dad’s first rodeo & he has been to San Fran enough to know how to get to the stadium.  My dad took the BART downtown and checked his bag with concierge at Hyatt so didn’t have to  carry it around all day.


He called Army Sgt Josh Castro, as he walked down the Embarcadero, to let them know we would be few minutes late and met up with him outside the stadium


Sgt Castro served our great country from 2006 to 2010. He was deployed once but was hit 5 times.  Sgt Castro was nominated to us by Army Ranger Mikhail Venikov, who runs a non profit, Ranger Road in Sacramento.  Mikhail has become a great resource since my dad met him at Wounded Flag Football game at this year’s Super Bowl . He has also nominated heroes for other west coast events.

We had told Mikhail not to tell Josh about dinner or Field Passes so he thought he was just coming for tickets – SURPRISE !!! The reaction from Sgt Castro and his friend Amanda was priceless when my dad told them.  He said “we didn’t know what to expect”


Since my dad & Sgt Castro were running a little late, they decided to eat after the game so they didn’t miss any of the PreGame batting practice.


Thanks to Andrew and Bertha from the Giants everyone was escorted through the tunnel and down onto the field.  Sgt Castro met a couple players and was just soaking it all in, from a visual perspective that not many get to enjoy.


This was Sgt Castro’s First Ever Game and so my dad made sure to go to Guest Services to get a “FirstGame “Certificate. Sgt Castro thought this was funny. “cuz it is usually the kids that get this” – but he appreciated it.


The game itself was a good one but after the first pitch of the game was hit into the left field bleachers by the DBacks Segura. it didn’t look like Giants night.  However, Brandon Crawford had a monster night going 3 for 3 with a HR and 3 RBI’s – as the Giants rolled to a 6-2 victory.

After the game my dad & Sgt Castro headed across the street to Pedro’s Cantina for Nachos and a drink.  Another Mission Accomplished !!!

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank MoMo’s Restaurant, New Era Cap for providing Giants caps, Mikhail for nominating Sgt Castro and to the San Francisco Giants for providing tickets & an amazing experience.  But of course, most importantly, THANK YOU to both Sgt Castro and Army Ranger Venikov for their service to our country. 



San Francisco is one of my dad’s favorite cities.  From the Golden Gate Bridge, to Alcatraz, fisherman’s wharf to the great friends we have made over the years.  All those things are great, but one of my dad’s favorite things to do in San Fran is to sleep on the red couches at the airport.  


 So after saying his goodbyes to Sgt Castro & his friend, My dad headed to the airport to get a good night sleep.  But instead of sleeping on his normal red couch, found a quieter place with some comfortable “blue couches” instead . He will be up bright and early tomorrow to host 2 more Army Warriors at the Giants game again. Stay tuned for more details.  


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