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Warrior Wishes Come True Thanks To The Stars!

After making Warrior Wishes come true in Denver for Army SGT Nicholas Dighans at the AFC championship game, my dad made his way back to the Denver airport for the 2nd night in a row.  


He took a 7am flight to Dallas for $36 to make warrior wishes come true at the Dallas Stars game.  


As soon as his flight landed in Dallas he jumped on a bus to Arlington to meet up with a few Warriors at AT&T stadium for a VIP tour of “Jerry’s house”.  


Army Warrior Marchus Burleson & his father along with Marine Jared Deruby joined my dad touring the most amazing stadium in the world. From the press box, to the luxury suites to the locker room & the field, it was incredible!

DSC02001 DSC02008 DSC02003

The best part of the tour is the last stop where everyone got to take a picture on the Star at the 50 yard line!  


Once the tour wrapped up, everyone made their way downtown Dallas to eat & meet up with the rest of the warriors.  Joining the group was Marines Chris Rowe & Julio Marin, Army Warriors, Amber & Mike Wells, Navy Warrior Jeremy McConnell & Air Force Warrior JR Boddy.  We would like to thank the worlds largest Hooters restaurantfor filling everyone up on wings & giving us a place to get to know each other before the game.


Amber Wells & The Dallas Stars went above & beyond to help us make Warrior Wishes come true in a “suite” way!  Amber helped us organize this event & the Stars provided a luxurious suite for the Warriors to watch the game in.  


The Warriors went wild watching their Stars beat the Flames 2-1!

IMG_0821 IMG_0816 IMG_0819 IMG_0796 IMG_0818

We would like to thank the Dallas Stars & Amber Wells for the opportunity to Make these warrior wishes come true!  We also would like to thank AT&T stadium & the Cowboys for providing the VIP tour & Hooters for providing lunch!  


After the game, my dad thanked the Warriors one last time for their service & sacrifices before making his way back to the airport for his 3rd straight night. Luckily he found a comfortable chair to sleep on & woke up in time to catch his 5am flight back home.


We will be spending all week to plan for Super Bowl events.  If you or anyone you know has tickets to the big game that would be willing to sell them at face value or donate them, please let us know ASAP so we can make more warrior wishes come true at the big game!

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Game 43 – Warrior Wishes Come True at the AFC Championship Game!

Not many people can say that their first NFL game ever is a thrilling AFC Championship game in which your favorite team wins and goes to the Super Bowl.  However, Operation Warrior Wishes is extremely proud to have provided that very experience for 82nd Airborne Army SFC Nicholas Dighans and his wife, Holli. 


We started this experience on Thursday Night when we surprised this 14 year, 5 deployment wounded veteran -with the help of Holli & his favorite restaurant, Outback Steakhouse.


We set up a dinner with their friends in their hometown  Bozeman, Montana. At dinner, Nick got a phone call from “a radio station” (us) to win free dinner.  Not only did he win dinner but when told he was going to Broncos game Sunday, replied “Is this a joke ?”

Well it was no joke.  Saturday morning SFC Dighans & his wife made the 8 hour drive to Denver & got a good night sleep, thanks to our friends at the luxurious Westin Westminster hotel, before their big day.


I was able to score $19 airfare from Chicago to Denver 3 weeks ago with the hopes that Denver would make it to the AFC Championship game.  And thankfully they did.  So for less than $20 my dad flew to Denver Saturday nightto make SFC Dighans warrior wish come true.  


Of course, he slept at the airport upon arrival in Denver to rest up for the day. Sunday morning, my dad met up with SFC Dighans for a delicious brunch thanks to  Elways restaurant. 


From there they headed to Sports Authority Field aka “Mile High” to tailgate before watching the Broncos & Patriots face off for a conference championship & a trip to San Francisco to play in the Super Bowl!  


Not many people gave the Broncos a chance against Tom Brady & the Pats.  The Patriots were the clear favorite and the aging Peyton Manning had clearly lost a step over the years.  But in the NFL anything can happen on any given Sunday.

As SFC Dighans & his wife made their way in the stadium, my dad made friends with tailgaters in the parking lot to watch the game. 


The battle between Manning & Brady was underway.  Manning & the Broncos controlled the game.  The Broncos Defense kept Brady in check much of the game.  

The Broncos were up by 8 late in the 4th quarter.  Brady connected with Gronkowski on a 4th & long to keep their season alive.  Just a few plays later connected with him again, this time in the end zone!  Down 2, because of an early missed extra point, the Pats were forced into going for a dramatic 2 point conversion attempt.  

Brady took the snap & fired a pass over the middle to Edelman.  The ball was tipped into the air & intercepted!  Mile High stadium erupted into cheers and was literally rocking!  SFC Dighans & Broncos fans worldwide celebrated the victory as their team was headed to Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco!!! 


After the game my dad met back up with Nick & his wife outside the stadium by the players tunnel to celebrate the victory with the team.  Von Miller ran out & high fived all the fans!  


The Dighans thanked us for the once in a lifetime experience & made their way back to the hotel.  My dad made his way back to the airport.  He had to catch a 7am flight to Dallas, that I booked for $36, to make warrior wishes come true at Monday nights Dallas Stars game!

We would like to thank The Westin Westminster hotel for providing SFC Dighans with luxurious accommodations, Elway’s Downtown for providing a delicious lunch before the game, Outback Steakhouse for helping us surprise Nick with this opportunity & New Era Cap for providing Broncos caps!  Most importantly, thanks to SFC Dighans for your service & sacrifices to our country! 


Next stop Super Bowl 50!!!



SFC (Ret.) Nick Dighans from Belgrade, Montana served in the U.S Army for 14.5 years before being medically retired. He left for basic training right after graduating high school to follow in his father’s footsteps of serving our country. During his time in service he completed 5 combat tours ( 3 to Iraq, 2 to Afghanistan) & earned numerous awards including 2 bronze stars. He always believed that he would do a full 20 year + career in the army because that is where he belonged but unfortunately his numerous combat tours took their toll resulting in his early medical retirement. He now lives in Bozeman, Montana with his wife and two daughters spending his time fly fishing and enjoying his family.


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Game 42 – Warrior Wishes Come True In DC!






Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski joined the Marine Corps in 1976 and served 16 years on Active Duty. Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski was honorably retired in 1999 as a Gunnery Sergeant E-7. While serving on active duty Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski served in 35 different countries while serving mainly with 8th Marines. While serving with 8th Marines, Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski served in the Mediterranean Sea during the tensions of Beirut, Grenada and Lebanon in the early 1980’s which included a tour in Puerto Rico during the Cuban and Haitian refugees.
While serving in the Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski earned a Navy Commendation Medal, 3 Naval Achievement Medals, and a Humanitarian Service Medal to include numerous other awards.

Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski is a huge Green Bay Packer Fan. Gunnery Sergeant Wierzchowski goes by the name Ski. Ski moved from Wisconsin to Florida over the summer of 2015 to retire and have a healthier and happier life with his wife of 19 years and counting



Timothy Bosch joined the army in March of 2002 in order to be able to help and protect his brother who had joined before him. He served on multiple tours of duty including a deployment to Iraq in 2003 part of the main invasion. Tim is now medically retired at 100% disability with PTSD, tbi, degenerative disc in his back and other injuries. Tim has 4 kids and a wife and even though he is disabled he will put anyone else’s needs before his own. If he met a veteran in need of a cane he would give them the cane he is walking with.

Sgt Bosch is a die hard Redskins fan. No matter if they win or lose he is a true fan. He has always wanted to go to a game but has never had an opportunity to go until we made this Warriors wish come true!



Michael Cain is from Berlin Wisconsin. Michael joined the United States Army in June of 2000 and served at his first duty station in Vicenza Italy with the 173rd Airborne Infantry Division. After 2 years in Vicenza, Michael was reassigned to the 299th Engineer Battalion, 4th Infantry Division. On August 10, 2003 Michael’s vehicle rolled over a double stack anti-tank land mine that blew up directly underneath him. Michael lost his right leg below the knee and had severe damage to his left leg and hip and jaw.

On Oct 7, 2013, Michael had to have his left leg amputated because of severe nerve damage. In November 2013, Michael was using a wheel chair. By 1 February 2014, Michael had been two prosthetic limbs, suited up and played with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team in New York City at Super Bowl 48. He is pain free and is feeling much better about his mobility and his future.

11114777_996814160358901_1262080416976856198_n 1935425_1129143490459300_7852241914926656481_n 227082_854736171233368_8581943142782540282_n

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Game 41 – Warrior Wishes Come True In Cincinatti!

After traveling over 35,000 miles since September 12th & making warrior wishes come true at 40 Regular season games, it was time for my dad to focus his efforts on the playoffs!
image1 (1)
Yea, we’re talkin bout playoffs!

It’s always a little more challenging to make warrior wishes come true during the playoffs because you typically don’t know which teams are making it to the postseason  & the NFL doesn’t release the playoff schedule until the week before the games.  So with less than a week to book travel, confirm Warriors and secure tickets, it’s a challenge!

We are very conscious on how money is spent on our mission.  The less money paid for travel means more wishes come true, so thankfully the Bengals had a home playoff game

So instead of paying hundreds of dollars in airfare to go to Washington DC or Houston.  We had to choose between freezing our butts off in sub-zero temperatures in Minnesota or hosting heroes in Cincinnati.  We decided to make warrior wishes come true at the Bengals game.
Our friend Bill offered to donate his time & gas money, so he & my dad drove 5 hours to Cincy early Saturday morning.

Once in Cincinnati, they met up with Marine CPL Joshua Sust to make his warrior wish come true!


As always, the guys tailgated with WhodeyBaby, Big John and the Bengal Bomb Squad.  The Bengal Bomb Squad tailgate is a gathering of Bengal fans like no other!  With games, food galore, great people, superfans, and of course their traditional Bengal Bombs … it’s a Who Dey gameday experience everyone loves!  The Bengals ultimate tailgate took time to recognize CPL Sust and his friend, fellow Marine Kevin Dickerson for their military service.

DSC01612 IMG_0548 (2) IMG_0555

Our other guest, Army SSG Paul Brondhaver, actually works for the Bengals setting up military programs, so he joined CPL Sust inside Paul Brown stadium on the field for Pre Game warm ups.  Not only did they get an up close look from the sidelines, they also greeted and “high fived” the players in the tunnel as they entered the field for start of game .

DSC01657 DSC01642 DSC01621

The game itself was one of the best games you will ever see – unless you are a Bengals fan . The Bengals had the game in hand – leading 16-15 and intercepted Ben Rothlisberger pass with just 1:36 left in the game.  Plus they were already in field goal range.  The game should have been over. However, on the Bengals first play of the drive, Jeremy Hill fumbled the ball giving the Steelers one last chance.

DSC01686 DSC01690 DSC01688

The clearly injured Rothlisberger completed a couple short passes, followed by two huge personal foul penalties, allowing Steelers to score a game winning field goal as time expired.  It was a tough loss for Cincinnati.

But thanks to Bengals Tight End, Tyler Eifert and his parents, our night wasn’t going to end with the loss.  The Eifert family invited the warriors to join them to meet Tyler & some of the players after the game.


Despite the loss many of the Bengals players, including Tyler Eifert, AJ Hawk & Andy Dalton, stopped by to thank the warriors for their service.  in fact, we think they were as excited to meet our warriors, as our warriors were to meet them.


Corporal Sust had some of the Bengals players sign his new prosthetic – he just had his foot amputated four months ago and has adjusted to it very quickly.


We want to Thank the Eifert family for the post game passes & all theBengals players who stopped to thank the guys for thier service and sign some autographs. We also want to thank Bob at the Bengals for the field pass, New Era for the Bengals Caps, Whodey, Big John & the Bengal bomb Squad for an ultimate tailgate experience & most importantly, THANK YOU to Paul, Josh, Rob and Kevin for your service to our country!!!



Tomorrow, Warrior Wishes come true in DC!  However, my dad will not be there to host them because he & Bill will be driving back home overnight in order to get back in time to celebrate X man’s 2nd birthday!




Joshua Sust was born in January 20,1987 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Colerain High School in June 2006. 2 weeks after his graduation he was on a bus to the one and only Parris Island MCRD. After 13 grueling weeks he finally accomplished his greatest achievement becoming a United States Marine. Upon completion of boot camp PVT Sust was headed to SOI East at camp Gieger, NC. After another grueling 3 months PFC Sust graduated SOI and was headed to the Fleet Marine Force with 2nd battalion 4th marines at Camp Pendleton, CA


Cpl Sust spent a total of 6yrs with 2/4 and 3 deployments with them. His first two were the 31st and 11th MEU on his last and finally deployment CPL Sust was deployed to Helmand Provence, Afghanistan in September 2011. On a day he will never forget which has come to be known as many others a his alive day. Nov 12, 2011 at around 0830 Cpl Sust was on a mounted patrol when his Vic hit an IED causing his door to be blown off and ejected. His injuries are: shattered tib/fib left foot and open fractures to both bones in his left arm. After years of therapy and 9 surgeries later Cpl Sust was medically retired from the Marine Corps in Aug 2013.

Now as a retired Marine Joshua Sust finds the best therapy for him is being around his combat brothers and hunting and fishing and also riding his motorcycle. For him nothing is better than being outdoors at a lake or in the woods. He feels at peace were everything kind of slows down and he can relax and enjoy his life. He is also a board member of The wounded Marine Fund that helps other wounded vets.

Cpl Sust awards are: Purple Heart, Combat action ribbon, Good Conduct Medal x2, Afghanistan Campaign medal, sea service deployment ribbon x3, meritorious mass, letter of appreciation x2, certificate of appreciation, and cercom.


Josh is a die hard Bengals fan and it was an honor to make this Warrior Wish come true!!!



Staff Sergeant (SSG) Paul Brondhaver is a native of New Richmond, Ohio, a small town located 20 miles east of Cincinnati on the banks of the Ohio River. Paul joined the United States Army at age 17, before graduating from New Richmond High School in May 1986.  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Science from the University of Cincinnati. Paul has earned his Master’s in Business Administration in 2013 from Indiana Wesleyan University. Paul has been a Red Cross volunteer and instructor for 31 years.  Paul retired from the United States Army in 2007 with 21 years of service. 


SSG Paul Brondhaver has traveled all over the world through his military service to places such as Honduras, Germany, Panama, Kuwait, and Iraq.  His state and country called on him to serve on active duty for 19 different missions and operations.  He served with the 216th Combat Engineer Unit and the 1st Infantry Division in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003 through 2005. SSG Brondhaver’s tour ended early when his combat patrol was attacked with small arms fire and a rocket propelled grenade that exploded near his Humvee in Summara, North of Baghdad, Iraq in July 2004.  Paul’s body was riddled with over 300 pieces of metal shrapnel in the attack, while a fellow soldier and friend was killed in the explosion. Paul has hearing loss severe nerve damage, a traumatic brain injury, and severe post traumatic stress disorder.  Paul credits the Lord, prayer, his fellow soldiers, the military and his American Red Cross training for saving his life. 


SSG Paul Brondhaver’s military awards include:  

Paul’s family currently reside in Cincinnati.  Paul enjoys spending time with his three beautiful children: Tanner, Morgan and Conner.  Paul knows firsthand the needs military families have after returning home from deployment, so he started his own 501 (C) 3, non-profit foundation.  The “Paul Brondhaver Foundation for Military Families” rescue dogs, trains them, and provides veterans with companion service dogs.  His foundation also assists local military families with dental, counseling, home repairs, food and other important expenses that cause the military family undue hardship.  He feels it is a true honor to serve his country, the United States of America.


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Warrior Wishes Come True Thanks To The Dallas Mavericks!

Immediately following an unforgettable Cowboys stadium tour, my Dad & the warriors made their way across town to the American Airlines arena for the 3rd part of our Texas Swing.

IMG_0239 IMG_0246 DSC01811

The 3rd part of our Texas Swing was an incredible Warrior Wishes VIP Mavs Experience thanks to Katie and the Dallas Mavericks.  Our VIP guests for the evening were 7 year Air Force Veteran Gregory Moore and Marine Cpl Johnny Turner joined us again . But this time bringing his 15 year old son Tyler and 16 year old daughter

All of our guests were extremely excited for a couple of reasons – first they got to sit Courtside for PreGame warmups, watching their favorite players up close.  Then they also got to go down in the tunnel and High Five all the Maverick players as they entered the court.

IMG_0273 DSC01859

Adding to the warriors,and their family’s. excitement was great seats they had for the game and to top off their VIP experience, they saw an incredible game with Deron Williams making the game winning buzzer beater in double overtime for a 117-116 Mavs win !!!

Thank you to Katie and Ashley at the Dallas Mavs for helping us make Warrior Wishes come true!


My dad hopped on a train just after the first quarter and headed to the airport culminating a very successful 3 day swing in Texas honoring Warriors and their families.

Thank You to all of our guests for their service and sacrifices to our country !!!




Johnny honorably served in the US Marine Corps from 2000-2008.  He was deployed to Iraq in 2005 & was medically retired from the Marine Corps with service connected disability rating of 100% due to PTSD and TBI.

Today Johnny is a licensed Minister in Fort Worth, Texas and enjoys spending time with family, going to church and attending sporting events.

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Game 40 – Warrior Wishes Come True In Dallas!


After a fantastic year in 2015 hosting and honoring about 500 warriors at over 100 events, we are kicking off 2016 with a bang!!!

Not wasting any time, we teamed up with the Ohio State alumni to send retired Veteran and MLB hopeful
“Doc” Jacobs to this years Fiesta Bowl to watch his beloved Ohio State Buckeyes dominate Notre Dame 44-28.


Daniel “Doc” Jacobs said he always had two dreams: One, to fight for freedom in a war like his ancestors have done. And two, to play in the big leagues one day.  Doc accomplished his first goal by serving in the Navy for over 8 years.  In September of 2005, while serving in Iraq, Doc’s truck was hit by an IED.  He lost his left leg below the knee as well as 2 toes on his right foot & 3 fingers on his left hand.  Doc spent 2 full years recovering from the blast, but never gave up on his country or his second dream.  in fact, Doc returned to the fleet Marine force & became the first amputee ever to be assigned to an infantry unit & today he continues to tryout with major league baseball teams with the dream of one day signing a big league contract.  Doc Even has his own Upper Deck Baseball card!


Doc is one of the biggest Ohio State fans we have ever met.  Earlier this year he was one of our guests to the ESPY Awards in Los Angeles.  Doc’s face lit up when he got to meet up with some of Ohio States Current players & try on Cardale Jones National Championship ring!  It was an amazing experience!

DSC09137 DSC09136 DSC09134

We would like to thank the to Ohio State Alumni for giving us the opportunity to make warrior wishes come true for the 2nd straight year at the Ohio State’s Bowl game – last year we sent Sgt Drew Mullee & his wife to the BCS Championship Game.

That was just Day 1 of 2016!  My dad certainly enjoyed his 10 straight days of being home for the holidays – and so did X-man – but it was time to get back in action.  Xander and I dropped off G-Pa at the airport for a 3 day Texas tour, hosting warriors at Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavs games, as well as Cowboy Stadium Tour.


We chose to do an extra Cowboys game due to the large number of nominations we had to see “America’s team.”  My dad & I do our best every year to accomodate every request that we get, but its not always easy.  and for those of you that we did not get to this year, we have not forgotten about you, we have you on our list for future events.

Today we had the opportunity to host Navy Warrior Chris Bradley, Air Force Warrior Nicholas Navarro, SFC Rocky Johnson & his wife Karisa, who is the Gold Star sister of fallern hero SSG Michael Murphrey at the Dallas Cowboys game.

We met 2 of our families at Whole Foods Arlington for breakfast at 8:00 AM due to the noon kickoff . Navy warrior Chris Bradley, his wife Kayla, their 3 year old son Robert and Chris’ service dog Sadie arrived early.  They had just met our other guest SFC Rocky Johnson and his wife Krisa.  We would like to thank Eric and Melinda at Whole Foods for providing a nice relaxing introductory breakfast, before we headed down the street a few blocks to the stadium .


As we always do in Dallas, we tailgated with Julio”Prime”Marin, a member of the PFUFA.  He & his awesome tailgate group have always welcomed us with open arms. Today was no different.  Great food and good fun was had by all.  We are thankful to call Julio & his crew friends. Before making their way into the stadium, my dad grabbed a microphone from the next tailgate over to recognize the warriors for their service and had a moment of silence to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice Sgt Murphrey made for our country.

IMG_0169 DSC01724 DSC01726

Air Force active duty Nick Navarro , who has been following our mission for awhile & his fellow Air Force warrior Luis Covarrubias were unable to make it in time to tailgate with us, but enjoyed the game in their camo uniforms from the party deck.


Unfortunately for the warriors, the Cowboys didnt give them much to cheer about as the Redskins took a commanding  24-0 lead to start the game.  After Washington had benched a majority of their starting players, the Cowboys made a little come back, but fell short 34-23.


The loss certainly didn’t keep our guests from having a great time.  It was an honor to host these heroes and give them an experience that they will never forget at their first Cowboys game ever!

Again we want to thank Whole Foods for breakfast , Julio for tailgate and transportation and New Era for the awesome Cowboys caps. But most importantly our warriors for their service and sacrifice to our country .


After the game, my dad slept at the Airport for his 2nd night in a row… I offered to get him a hotel, but he said he would rather save the money and make more warrior wishes come true.  So thats what he did.  On Tuesday morning he woke up, jumped on a bus to Arlington & made his way back to AT&T stadium to do just that.


For anyone who has not been to Dallas and toured AT&T Stadium, it should be on your bucket list, it was amazing!

 We had the honor of hosting, 8 year Marine Corporal Johnny Turner & kept the legacy of Kimi Agar alive by hosting her mom & brother in her honor.


The tour began rather routine by making a stop in the team pro shop and browsing the main concourse, but as it progressed it became better & better.  Stops on the Cowboys  Stadium tour included visits to Jerry Jones suite, the cheerleaders locker room, the players locker room and the best part of all, the warriors got to make their way out of the tunnel & onto the field to take pictures & do their own Romo to Bryant touchdown impersonation.

IMG_0244 IMG_0239 IMG_0233

Chris and Johnny played a little 2 on 2 with a couple others on the tour , while Margy kicked a couple punts.


Of course, my dad had to catch a couple passes on the field too, but he eventually took a nap on the star.


Everyone made unforgettable once in a lifetime memories on the tour & our day was just getting started! After about an hour on the field, we headed downtown to American Airlines Arena for our 3rd leg of our Dallas Warrior Wishes Experience – Dallas Mavs game.

 THANK YOU to the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Stadium for donating tickets to their awesome tour.




Christopher Bradley joined the Navy Reserves on August 6th, 2003.  Among his duties, he assisted with the clean up with Hurricane Katrina.

In September of 2006, Chris was deployed to Kuwait as part of the Navy batallion Romeo.  He also flew several missions into Iraq.  While on deployment, his unit came under attack & Chris was knocked unconscious.

Bradley married his wife Kayla on September 21st 2007.  Chris was medboarded at 100% disabled in 2009 due to health issues.  He & his family now live in Amarillo Texas with their 3 kids.



SSG Michael Murphrey, joined the Army out of high school. He served 6 years and three tours of duty before giving his life on September 6 2009. Michael was trying to help a humvee up a steep hill when he stepped on an PPIED triggering the IED. Michael was stationed with the 82nd airborne out of Bragg and his final deployment was with the 501st airborne out of ft. Richardson, Alaska.

He was born a hero in his family. He played football, baseball, and ran track in high school and excelled at everything he did. There was no mediocracy with michael. His hobbies included fishing and hunting and with thanks to our dad he could fix anything with a motor on it (or at least was supposed to have a motor). Michael adored family.

He and his wife Ashley had two children a son, jaden and a daughter, Cameron. He had an especially tight bond with his dad and used that to create the same bond with his son, Jaden and his daughter, Cameron. He is missed and loved dearly every single day.


krisa and rocky uniform and dress

SFC Rocky Johnson has served 12 years in the United States Army he has completed 3 deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kuwait. Right now he is stationed at Camp Shelby at the first  Army Academy as an OC/T instructor. His original job is in field artillery as a 13 bravo. He joined the military to make a difference in the world. His biggest challenge is raising his three daughters. There isn’t a regulation on guiding teenagers on the right path, he says. He enjoys being with family, fishing, dove hunting, and woodworking. He is huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns.



Johnny honorably served in the US Marine Corps from 2000-2008.  He was deployed to Iraq in 2005 & was medically retired from the Marine Corps with service connected disability rating of 100% due to PTSD and TBI.

Today Johnny is a licensed Minister in Fort Worth, Texas and enjoys spending time with family, going to church and attending sporting events.