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Best of Battlefields To Ballfields

Our mission to honor over 200 warriors across the country at 50 games in 50 days!

To follow our Best of Battlefields to Ballfields journey, check out our Facebook page here

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Warrior Wishes to Provide Lunch for the USA Warriors Hockey team

OperationWarriorWishes is extremely proud to be providing lunch again this year for the USA Warriors Hockey teams.

The USA Warriors mission is to organize and administer an ice hockey program that provides a recreational, therapeutic experience and education for those wounded in defense of the United States.Their program educates, trains, motivates, and encourages the formation of “USA Warrior Hockey Programs” locally and nationally while encouraging individuals who have physical disabilities incurred during service to the United States to participate in the sport of ice hockey in an environment that is adapted to the level of their ability.

The USA Warriors Hockey team is split up into two teams, a stand up team & a sled team.  They are here in Chicago from Washington DC on their annual trip to play Chicago Blackhawks alumni on Mar 27-28.

This is the 2nd straight year that WarriorWishes has provided lunch for the warriors, and anyone that follows our mission knows it is not just about buying lunch.  This is another opportunity to show these warriors our appreciation for their service and sacrifices and hang out with some heroes and friends we have made over the past 2 years .

Some of the USA WARRIORS have already been recipients of one of our VIP WarriorWishes experiences, while all others have open invitations waiting for them to be honored as  our guest at a future event.

We hope all of the guys have a great weekend of hockey and enjoy their lunch – Operation Warrior Wishes would like to send out a big Thank You to Rob and McKenna at Chick Fil A on State St for helping out this year!

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Battlefields To Ballfields Mission Accomplished!


Attending 50 professional sporting events in 50 days seems impossible, not only did my dad make it possible, but he honored over 200 military heroes in the process!

My dad is a 57 year old grandfather who has dedicated himself to honoring the service and sacrifices of the brave men and women who have served our country.  He gets paid absolutely nothing, sacrifices time away from family & often sleeps in the most random public places because he would rather save money on hotels to give back to more warriors.  These soldiers have sacrificed much more to give us our freedom, and my dad has chosen to use his freedom to put smiles on their faces by giving them a day of fun at a ball game.  He wants them & their families to know that their service and sacrifices did not go unnoticed and that they are appreciated.  My dad does everything he can to make each warriors experience special.

Over the past 2 and a half years my Dad and I have been honored to host over 1000 soldiers (Active Duty,Veterans, Wounded Warriors & Gold Star Families) at more than 250 sporting events nationwide.  Over the past 50 days he has been on the road making Warrior Wishes come true on our Battlefields to Ballfields mission.

Battlefields to Ballfields was our mission to honor warriors at Baseball, Basketball & Hockey games from the beginning of April Throughout Memorial Day 2015.

Throughout the mission, my dad honored over 200 Warriors & Gold Star families traveling over 11,000 miles, mostly by bus thru Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Buffalo, New York, Boston, DC, Pittsburgh, Philly, Baltimore, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Memphis, Dallas, houston, St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver, Phoenix, Anaheim, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland & San Francisco.

Thanks to early planning & the generosity of so many teams, businesses & people, Operation Warrior Wishes spent less than $5000 to honor & host all the warriors and their family members (more than 350 total guests & 8 service dogs) including travel to make it all possible!


My Dad will be home for the summer before hitting the road this fall to make Warrior Wishes come true at all 32 NFL stadiums in 1 seson for our 4th consecutive “All32in17” mission!  you can nominate your hero for an upcoming event here.

Here are some random facts from the Battlefields to Ballfields Mission.

*we honored more than 200 soldiers at a total of 51 games,

      *40 Gold Star Families

      * 8 service dogs

*We saw the home team win 23 times & lose 27 times.

*42 Baseball Games

*5 Basketball Games (Celtics won 3 of them)

*4 Hockey Games (all 3 ended with the home team losing by the score of 2-1)

*We never saw these teams lose- Cardinals, White Sox, Tigers, Reds, Yankees, Rays, Angels, Bulls Celtics, Wild, NY Rangers

*We never saw these teams win- Mariners, Braves, Blue Jays, Twins, Brewers, Cubs, Raptors, Nets, Cavs, Pistons, Penguins & Blackhawks

*We saw the Nationals score a total of 67 runs at 9 games (2nd most was Red Sox with 28 Runs in 5 games, 3rd most Rockies 26 runs in 6 games)

*We saw a total of 350 runs, 962 points & 9 goals scored,

*My dad travelled over 11,000 miles

      *spent over 150 hours on a bus

      *spent 15 nights sleeping on the bus

      *took a total of 4 flights

      *Slept in only 7 hotels in 49 days

      *went a full week without sleeping in a bed

The Itinerary….  (Click on any Team in red to see Warrior Wishes coming true!)

3/31 – Bus to St. Louis ($20) BLUES

4/1 – Bus to Chicago ($20)

4/2 – Train R/T to Chicago ($15) BLACKHAWKS

4/3-  Train R/T to Chicago ($15) BULLS

4/5-  Train R/T to Chicago ($15) CUBS (Opening Day)

4/6- 2 hour bus to Milwaukee ($20) BREWERS (Opening Day)

4/7- Drive to Chicago ($15 gas) BLACKHAWKS 6 hour overnight Bus to Detroit ($1)

4/8- TIGERS (day game) PISTONS (night game) 5 hour overnight bus to Cincinnati ($28.50)

4/9-  REDS (day game) 5 hour overnight bus to Cleveland ($1)

4/10- INDIANS (Opening Day) CAVS (night game) 4 hour overnight bus to Buffalo ($15)

4/11- 7.5 hour overnight bus to NYC ($15)

4/12- YANKEES (hotel $95.95)

4/13- NETS 4 hour overnight bus to Boston ($1)

4/14- RED SOX & CELTICS (donated hotel)

4/15- RED SOX 10 hour overnight bus to DC ($1)

4/16- NATIONALS slept at bus station

4/17- NATIONALS 7 hour overnight bus to Pittsburgh ($10)

4/18- PIRATES slept in rental car parked in the parking garage of the casino

4/19- PIRATES (hotel $84.61)

4/20- PENGUINS 7 hour overnight bus to Philadelphia ($1)

4/21- PHILLIES slept at bus station

4/22- PHILLIES 2 hour bus to DC ($1) slept at bus station

4/23- NATIONALS slept at bus station

4/24- 1 hour bus to Baltimore ($1) ORIOLES Stayed up all night working at hotel not staying at

4/25- ORIOLES (RIOT GAME) 1 hour bus to DC ($1) slept at airport

4/26- Flight to Tampa ($80.10) RAYS 5 hour overnight bus to Miami ($1)

4/27- MARLINS (hotel $72.51)

4/28- MARLINS 6 hour overnight bus to Orlando ($2) (missed connecting bus to ATL due to delay)

4/29- 8.5 hour bus to Atlanta ($2) BRAVES slept at airport

4/30- BRAVES 6.5 hour bus to Memphis ($20) 8 hour bus to Dallas ($20)

5/1- RANGERS (hotel $49.40)

5/2- RANGERS 4.5 hour overnight bus to Houston ($1)

5/3- ASTROS slept at friends house in Houston

5/4- ASTROS flew home to Chicago to surprise family for the day thanks to friends in Houston

5/5- 5 hour bus to St. Louis ($21.50) CARDINALS 4 hour overnight bus to KC ($23.12)

5/6- ROYALS slept at airport

5/7- ROYALS slept at airport

5/8- Flight to Denver ($62.10) ROCKIES donated hotel

5/9- ROCKIES (RAINED/SNOWED OUT) hotel thanks to our friend Joey

5/10- Flight to Phoenix ($38.09) (delayed due to snow storm) D’BACKS slept at warriors house

5/11- D’BACKS 6 hour overnight bus to LA ($18.50)

5/12- Bus to Anaheim ($2) ANGELS Bus to LA ($2) slept at airport

5/13- Bus to Anaheim ($2) ANGELS 4 hour overnight bus to San Diego ($25.50)

5/14- PADRES (RAIN DELAY) slept on park bench outside the bus station

5/15- PADRES stayed up all night working at hotel not staying at

5/16- 4 hour bus to Los Angeles ($25.50) DODGERS 10 hour overnight bus to Oakland ($10)

5/17- ATHELETICS Train to San Fran ($5) slept at airport

5/18- DAY OFF!!! (hotel thanks to our friend joey)

5/19- GIANTS slept at airport

5/20- GIANTS Flight home to Chicago ($88.09)


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank the following teams

for helping us make our #BattlefieldsToBallfields mission a big success

St. Louis Blues provided tickets in the owners suite

Chicago Blackhawks provided tickets & post game locker room passes

Chicago Bulls provided gift bags

Milwaukee Brewers provided tickets & pregame batting practice field passes

Detroit Tigers provided tickets

Detroit Pistons provided dinner, transportation & a suite for 12 

Cincinnati Reds provided tickets & honored warriors during the game

Cleveland Cavaliers provided a suite a giftbags for 12

New York Yankees provided tickets and a tour of the stadium before the game

Boston Celtics provided tickets 

Boston Red Sox provided tickets

Washington Nationals provided tickets to multiple games

Philadelphia Phillies provided tickets to multiple games

Pittsburgh Penguins provided playoff tickets

Baltimore Orioles provided tickets and pregame batting practice field passes

Tampa Rays provided tickets 

Miami Marlins provided tickets, t-shirts, pregame field passes & honored warriors at 2 games

Atlanta Braves provided tickets and pregame field passes at multiple games

Texas Rangers teamed up with Globe Life to provide a suite, jerseys & scoreboard message

Houston Astros provided tickets and honored warriors at multiple games

St Louis Cardinals provided tickets

Kansas City Royals provided tickets

Colorado Rockies provided tickets and honored warriors on the field

Arizona Diamondbacks provided tickets and pregame field passes 

San Diego Padres provided tickets, Camoflage jerseys & honored warriors at multiple games

Los Angeles Dodgers provided tickets & scoreboard salute

Oakland A’s provided tickets, gift bags and a scoreboard salute

San Francisco Giants provided tickets 

Operation Warrior Wishes would also like to thank these people & businesses

for helping us make these Warrior Wishes Come True

on our Battlefields to Ballfields mission!

New Era Caps

Billy Goat Tavern & Grill – Chicago

Whole Foods – Chicago

Honor America’s Valor – Chicago

Hockeytown – Detroit

Westin Book Cadillac – Detroit

Hard Rock Cafe – Cleveland

Hard Rock Cafe Yankee Stadium – New York

Whole Foods – Boston

The Constitution Inn – Boston

Gordon Biersch – DC

Atrias – Pittsburgh

McFaddens – Philadelphia

Onesti Entertainment – Chicago

Westin BWI – Baltimore

Dempsey’s – Baltimore

Sliders Bar & Grill – Baltimore

Burg’s Sports bar – Tampa

Hampton Inn – Miami

Whole Foods – Atlanta

Globe Life Insurance – Texas

TGI Friday’s – Texas

Hampton Inn – Houston

Colin & Vanessa Hulme

Joey Ossey

Cardinals Nation – St. Louis

Outback Steakhouse – Kansas City

Stewartsville School

Elways Restaurant

Denver Chop House

Whole Foods – Arizona

Game 7 Grill – Arizona

Bubba Gump Shrimp – Anaheim

Whole Foods San Diego 

Cloudeez – San Diego

Whole Foods – San Francisco

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The San Francisco Giants Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

After honoring Army Warrior Brian Bullock at the Giants game on Tuesday night, my dad picked up his luggage that was checked in at the Hyatt hotel & made his way back to Oakland where he spent the night on a grey couch in the airport.  He was completely exhausted, but felt accomplished.  Over the span of the last 50 days, he had successfully traveled over 11,000 miles to honor over 200 Military heroes at 50 professional sporting events across the country & he was finally coming home to be with his family!  However, the mission is not complete.

My dad took an early morning flight from Oakland to Chicago.  Meanwhile in San Francisco the Gold Star family of 2LT Terrence Murphy, was getting ready to enjoy a game at AT&T Park thanks to the San Francisco Giants!


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank the San Francisco Giants for helping us honor the Legacy of Army 2LT Terrence Murphy by hosting surviving family members in his honor.  The Giants went above and beyond by providing tickets & pregame field passes.

While the family enjoyed their experience at the game, my dad was happy to be back home and enjoying hanging out with his grandson.

My Dad will be taking a few days off to be with family before he continues our Battlefields to Ballfields mission and honors warriors at White Sox, Cubs and Twins games before we can officially say Mission Accomplished!

Learn more about our mission, nominate your hero for a game, follow our blog, get involved, make a donation & buy Warrior Wishes gear at

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Warrior Wishes Come True By The Bay

After my Dad Honored a warrior in Oakland thanks to the A’s, he made his way across the bay and slept ovenight on the big red couches at San Francisco’s Airport (its not the first time he has slept on them… haha)

 Yesterday, for the first time since we began our Battlefields to Ballfields mission on April 2nd my dad had a “Day Off”.  My Dad has now honored over 200 warriors at 47 games in as many days.  My dad spent the day hanging out working at the airport before making his way down to the Wharf.  Thanks to our friend Joey for donating points to get my dad a hotel, he was able to sleep in a bed last night for the first time in a week when he was in Colorado!

Today we had the honor of hosting Army Warrior Brian Bullock at the Giants game.  Brian was nominated to us by Robert Hall, a soldier who served with him in Afghanistan.  Robert said that Brian has always been there for him especially after he was injured.

“He was a great infantryman and I was proud to serve with him” Says Hall


Brian bullock served in the us army from oct. 2010 – feb 2014 as an infantryman. He was Stationed at ft.stewart Ga. Deployed to Afghanistan in support of operation enduring freedom. Brian love thes outdoors, his family and his country.

It was an honor to host Brian and his girlfriend, who also served in the Army, at tonights Giants game and thank them for their service & sacrifices.

 Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank the San Francisco Giants for providing tickets,Whole foods Market for providing the pregame meal & New Era for providing Giants caps..


After spending the last 2 months on the road making Warrior Wishes come true on our Batlefields to Ballfields mission, my dad will finally be coming home tomorrow!  We still have a few games left on our schedule, but I know he is excited to be coming home and cant wait to sleep in his own bed.  I know X-man will be happy to see him too!

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The Oakland A’s Make Warrior Wishes Come True!

After honoring the legacy of Army Sgt Dwight Burn last night at the Dodgers game in LA, my dad made his way to bus stop and took a $1 overnight bus ride from LA to Oakland.  After hosting heroes at 46 games in 45 days on our Battlefields to Ballfields mission, my dad was pretty exhausted and slept the entire ride.

Today he is in Oakland hosting Army Sgt Daniel Valentyne & his kids thanks to the Oakland A’s.


SGT Valentyne served in the United states Army from April 2006 to June 2014. He deployed with third infantry division out of fort benning GA in March 2007 in support of the surge into Iraq. He was in Baghdad, Iraq for 15 months, & was assigned to a military transition team, where he trained the Iraq army and would also provide quick reforce force for all other units in southern Baghdad.

Operation Warrior wishes was honored to host Sgt Valentyne and his family at the A’s game today.

We would like to thank the Oakland Athletics for providing tickets and helping make this experience special by putting a special message thanking SGT valentyne for his service on the scoreboard.  We would also like to thank New Era for providing A’s caps.

My dad will be taking a day off tomorrow, only because there is no professional sporting events going on in the bay area.  He will be back in action on Tuesday honoring warriors at the San Francisco Giants game.

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#BattlefieldsToBallfields Week 5 Recap

My Dad has been on the road making Making Warrior Wishes come true for the past few weeks on our “Battlefields To Ballfields” Mission.  In Total he has hosted over 100 warriors at 44 games in 43 days!  This week Warrior Wishes came true in Colorado, Arizona, Anaheim & San Diego.

(Click on any photo to see full details from the game)

5/9/15 – Game 40 (RAINED OUT) – Colorado Rockies


Honoring Cpl Long, Sgt Hagan, SPC O’Niell & the Gold Star family of Army CW2 Joshua Silverman

5/10/15 – Game 40 – Arizona D’Backs

Honoring Army Sgt Josh Goddard, Army E4 Cpl Joel Steinmann

5/11/15 – Game 41 – Arizona D’Backs

Army Sgt Joaquin Torres & the legacy of Army Sgt Jonathan Walls

5/12/15 – Game 42 – Anaheim Angels

Honoring Army Warrior Chris Koning & the legacy of Army SGT James De La Cruz.

5/13/15 – Game 43 – Anaheim Angels

Honoring the legacy of Army SGT Armando Hernandez

5/14/15 – Game 44 – San Diego Padres

Honoring Sgt Josue Barron, Sgt Nick Kimmel, Sgt Celeste Mitchell, Cpl Patrick Burke, Lcpl Enrique Dominguez, Sgt Matt Montebello & Sgt Hector Valera.  We also honored the legacies of Army SPC Javier Sanchez, Army Sgt. Eric Holke & Army Captain Jennifer Moreno

My Dad is in San Diego honoring a Gold Star Family at the Padres game again tonight as long as it stops raining.  He will be finishing up our Battlefields to Ballfields Mission this week after stops in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Chicago & Minnesota.

Learn more about our MissionNominate Your Hero for an upcoming game,

 Follow Our BlogGet involvedMake a Donation to help us honor heroes

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The Dodgers Help Us Honor The Legacy Of A Fallen Army Warrior

My Dad has now been on the road honoring heroes since April 2nd, 2015.  He began our Battlefields To Ballfields mission in Chicago & has hosted over 150 warriors at 45 professional sporting events in the past 44 days!

Needless to say, he is exhausted, but nothing will stop him from continuing our mission in the city of Angels honoring the legacy of one at the Dodgers game today.

We are honored to be hosting surviving family members of Army Sgt Dwight Burn today at the Dodgers game in his honor.  Dwight made the ultimate sacrifice when a helicopter crashed during a training mission.


 Dwight lived in his native Belize before his family moved to Barstow, CA when he was four years old. He graduated from Barstow High School in 2005 and began taking business courses at Barstow Community College. He enlisted in the Army in May 2010 as a CH-47 helicopter mechanic.

After graduating Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC, in July of 2010, Dwight attended Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Eustis, Virginia. He graduated AIT in December 2010 as a CH-47 Repairer and Maintainer, and received the coveted Aviator Basic Crewman Badge. He quickly progressed to a fully qualified crew chief and deployed to Afghanistan from September 2011 to September 2012. During that time, he accumulated over 600 combat flight hours. After redeployment, Dwight rapidly achieved his goal of becoming a CH-47 Flight Engineer and was promoted to Sergeant on November 1, 2013.

Dwight’s former wife, Cintia Vasquez, remembers that Dwight liked to make people smile and he could light up a room with how funny he was. Dwight and Cintia have two daughters, Violet and Vivian. “He was a great father,” Cintia said. “Anyone who came in, he showed them the pictures of his two daughters in his wallet. They were his pride and joy. Dwight was a great man and the best father my daughters could have asked for.”

Dwight’s awards and decorations include the Meritorious Unit Citation, Air Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Campaign Star, Global War on Terrorism Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Overseas Ribbon, NATO Medal, and the Certificate of Achievement.

He always seemed to like the military. The first thing he did when he got his green card was join the military. He was fascinated with the Army. Dwight made the ultimate sacrifice when a helicopter that he was aboard, serving as crew chief, crashed while on a training exercise near Orogrande, NM in May of 2014. He was assigned to the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, NC

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank the Los Angeles Dodgers for providing tickets to the game and helping us make the experience special by honoring SGT Burn on the jumbotron between innings.  We would also like to thank New Era for Providing Dodgers Caps for the family.

My Dad will be on an overnight bus from LA to San Francisco where he will immediately jump on the “BART” Train to Oakland to make Warrior Wishes come true at the A’s game tomorrow

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Making Warrior Wishes Come True & “Staying Classy” In San Diego!

The San Diego Padres have been rained out at home only 1 time in their 46 year existence as a baseball team.  Since building Petco Park in 2004, they have only experienced 5 rain delays ever!  My Dad was lucky enough to host a large group of heroes who were to be honored at the game last night, but due to very rare 2 hour rain delay, they had to take a “Rain Check”.  

For the 2nd straight day its a rare soggy rainy day in San Diego.  Today we are proud to be honoring the legacy of Army Sgt Alejandro Dominguez and hosting surviving family members in his honor thanks to the San Diego Padres


For a man who never spoke of joining the Army, a soldier’s life came naturally to Alejandro Dominguez.

He spent hours poring over his tank manual. He quit his favorite pastime of racing all-terrain vehicles in the desert because he did not want to get hurt. And when formal occasions called for shiny shoes and a full dress uniform, the stylish 24-year-old would say with pride, “Look at me, Mom.”

“I would tell him, ‘You look very handsome, my boy,’ ” said his mother, Elia Dominguez.

It was a passion Dominguez’s family respected, albeit reluctantly. They recognized that it made the husband and father of two from San Diego mature and prompted him to map out his future — a home, more children and a lifetime career in the Army.

Those plans ended June 25 when Sgt. Alejandro Dominguez was killed when his vehicle struck a roadside bomb in Mosul, Iraq, north of Baghdad. Also killed were Army Spc. Joel Taylor, 20, of Pinetown, N.C., and Army Spc. James Yohn, 25, of Highspire, Pa. All three were assigned to the 1st Squadron, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Ft. Hood, Texas.

Read the full story here

It was an honor to host Sgt Dominguez’ family at the Padres game today in his honor.

Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank the San Diego Padres for going above and beyond for 2 straight days to help us honor heroes & make Warrior Wishes come true.  We would also like to thank Cloudeez for providing an awesome Ice Cream Experience & New Era for providing Padres Caps for the Dominguez family.

 My Dad plans to stay up all night and work on tying up all the loose ends on our #BattlefieldsToBallfields mission before Catching a bus back to LA to honor the legacy of a fallen hero at the Dodgers game tomorrow night at our 46th game in 45 days!!!

Learn More about our mission, Nominate your hero, follow our blog, Get Involved, Make a Donation & buy Warrior Wishes gear at

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Rain Rain Go Away, The San Diego Padres Made Warrior Wishes Come True Today!

After spending 2 days in Anaheim making warrior wishes come true at the Angels games, my dad made his way down the coast on an overnight bus to San Diego.

 Today we had the opportunity to honor an amazing group of warriors and gold star families thanks to the San Diego Padres!

 Luckily the rain held off long enough for us to host & meet up with Marines; Sgt Josue Barron, Sgt Nick Kimmel, Sgt Celeste Mitchell, Cpl Patrick Burke, Lcpl Enrique Dominguez, Sgt Matt Montebello & Sgt Hector Valera.  We also honored the legacies of Army SPC Javier Sanchez, Army Sgt. Eric Holke & Army Captain Jennifer Moreno by hosting surviving family members in their honor at the Padres game and won the game!


Marine Cpl Josue Barron was on his second deployment to Afghanistan when he steped on an IED. He was assigned to 3rd battalion 5th marines out of camp Pendleton. Josue Barron lost his left leg above the knee and was left blind on his left eye.  Barron recovered at the Navel Hospital were he learned how to walk on his prosthetic leg. He Now lives in Temecula with his wife Debbie and his new born baby Leon Barron. His goals are to Graduate from school with a business degree.  Purple Heart recipient


Sgt nick Kimmel. Served 5.5 years in USMC as combat engineer. Deployed twice to Afghanistan, 2009-2010 and 2011. On December 1st, 2011 Nick was struck by 40lb ied in sangin valley.  Nick lost both legs above the knee and an arm in the attack.

(Watch Nick Throw out first pitch at theWorld Series!)


Sgt Mitchell enlisted in the United States Marine Corps after graduation. She was Meritoriously promoted to the rank of Sergeant on November 2, 2014. Sgt Mitchell is currently working as the Staff Non Commissioned Officer In Charge of the Supply Personnel and Administration Division as well as a Non Commissioned Officer for the Audit Branch within the Supply Management Division.


After graduating high school, Patrick R. Burke joined the United States Marine Corps in December 2012. Upon completion of MOS school, he was assigned to Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11, MCAS Miramar. There he was assigned to the Repairables Management Division where he began as a storage clerk and was later moved into the Repairables Control Branch. In August of 2015 he is scheduled to PCS to Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12 in Iwakuni, Japan.


LCpl Dominguez enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in July 1, 2014 subsequently attending the Marine Recruit Training on August 25, 2014. On November 21, 2014 he would graduate, out of 440 Marines in his company, as the Series Honorman, which earned him a Meritorious promotion to his current rank of Lance Corporal. LCpl Dominguez joined the Marine Corps because he wanted a challenge for himself and to join a brotherhood only a few could be part of.


LCpl Montebello enlisted in the USMC after graduating high school.  LCpl Montebello joined the Marines in order to build a solid future for the rest of his life. He is working as an Aviation Supply Clerk for the Consumables Management Division of MALS-11 aboard MCAS Miramar.


Hector Varela served in the US Navy for 24 years.  Varela retired in 2012 and is currently attending Cal State San Marcos pursuing a degree in Kinesiology.


SPC Sanchez made the ultimate sacrifice on June 23rd 2013 when his unit was attacked with an improvised explosive device while on mounted patrol.

(Learn more about his legacy here)


SGT Holke made the ultimate sacrifice on July 15th 2007

Eric had served two previous tours, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Eric had been discharged after his second tour due to an injury he had received after returning from Iraq. Eric dedicated himself to get medically cleared to reenlist again in the California National Guard. He insisted that he needed to provide a good life for his new family and to serve his country.

(Learn more about his legacy here)


In her last moments of life, Army nurse Capt. Jennifer Moreno heard two orders.

One was a call to help a wounded soldier struck by a blast in a booby-trapped killing field at an Afghanistan bomb-making compound.  The other was a command to stay put lest she strike another mine in the bomb belt.  The nurse from Madigan Army Medical Center

chose to help the wounded soldier, and gave her life trying.

(Learn more about her legacy here)

The Padres gave each warrior a camoflauge jersey, let them take pictures on the field & in the dugout before the game and planned to recognize the warriors during the game.  In the Padres 46 year history, they have only been rained out 1 time at home.  Mother nature threatened to rain out their 2nd game in history, but after a 2 hour rain delay, the game finally resumed & the padres scored 7 runs in the first 2 innings!

We would like to thank the San Diego Padres who donated tickets, provided jerseys and went above and beyond to help us honor these brave soldiers!  We would also like to thank Whole Foods Hillcrest for hosting us for dinner before the game.

 My dad spent the night at the airport in San Diego and will host heroes at the Padres game again tonight before heading back to LA to host heroes at the Dodgers game.  This was our 44th game in the last 43 days of making Warrior Wishes come true on our Battlefields To Ballfields Mission!

Learn more about our MissionNominate Your Hero for an upcoming game,

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