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After honoring Army Warrior Brian Bullock at the Giants game on Tuesday night, my dad picked up his luggage that was checked in at the Hyatt hotel & made his way back to Oakland where he spent the night on a grey couch in the airport.  He was completely exhausted, but felt accomplished.  Over the span of the last 50 days, he had successfully traveled over 11,000 miles to honor over 200 Military heroes at 50 professional sporting events across the country & he was finally coming home to be with his family!  However, the mission is not complete.

My dad took an early morning flight from Oakland to Chicago.  Meanwhile in San Francisco the Gold Star family of 2LT Terrence Murphy, was getting ready to enjoy a game at AT&T Park thanks to the San Francisco Giants!


Operation Warrior Wishes would like to thank the San Francisco Giants for helping us honor the Legacy of Army 2LT Terrence Murphy by hosting surviving family members in his honor.  The Giants went above and beyond by providing tickets & pregame field passes.

While the family enjoyed their experience at the game, my dad was happy to be back home and enjoying hanging out with his grandson.

My Dad will be taking a few days off to be with family before he continues our Battlefields to Ballfields mission and honors warriors at White Sox, Cubs and Twins games before we can officially say Mission Accomplished!

Learn more about our mission, nominate your hero for a game, follow our blog, get involved, make a donation & buy Warrior Wishes gear at

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